Apple Genius Steve Jobs Was an Acid Freak

Steve Jobs died this week after fighting a long battle with cancer. The technological visionary who founded Apple and brought us the personal computer and the iPod was called a hippy by his close friends, and reportedly said taking LSD was “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life”.

Jobs, who died an untimely death at age 56, was known for his revolutionary ideas and unorthodox style of management. Some are now speculating whether Jobs’ drug use in the 1970s helped make him more creative.

A video from the History Channel shows Jobs’ Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discussing their hippy roots:

Jobs spoke of the importance of LSD in the book “What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry” by John Markoff. He was also quoted in a Playboy article as saying Microsoft’s Bill Gates would “be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once”.

Interestingly, Jobs’ reputation for enjoying the drug sparked LSD-inventor Albert Hofman to send him a letter asking him to help fund psychedelic research.

Jobs didn’t agree to any funding, but reportedly discussed the issue with Rick Doblin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in a 30-minute telephone call. “He was still thinking, ‘Let’s put it in the water supply and turn everybody on,'” Doblin said.

If that doesn’t convince you that he was an acid freak, there’s more evidence in the 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley, about the early days of Jobs and Gates and the establishment of Apple and Microsoft. One scene in the movie show Jobs tripping on LSD for the first time. Watch:

In a sad revelation posted yesterday on Celeb Stoner, pot activist Steve Kubby revealed that he had communicated with Jobs about using medical marijuana as treatment for his pancreatic cancer:

“One of Jobs’ closest friends, Daniel Kottke, talked with Jobs about using our medical marijuana lozenges to treat his illness. We provided Jobs with peer-reviewed study on the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis, for which I am, literally, living proof.

“Unfortunately, Jobs was told if it didn’t work and he tested positive for cannabis, he would be denied a liver transplant, which his physicians told him was his only other option. Steve Jobs decided against using medical cannabis to treat his cancer, not based on science or medicine, but upon the consequences for him if he used this legal medicine, because of Prohibition and a federal government that puts policy above lives.

“The loss of this visionary pioneer is a loss for the entire planet. Tragically, it appears it might have been prevented.”

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    The first video is no longer available. Where can I find it?

  2. Anonymous on

    It is not a pharma-product. It is the pure psychotropic chemical derived from the chemical ergotamine which is in the NATURAL FUNGUS ergot. You just need a synthetic binding agent, which does little to no harm to the body. It has not been shown to do any physical damage to the body. It is one of the least harmful. It is purely psychological and I understand your disdain after a bad trip. I have had two myself, but they are purely coincidental.

  3. GunsNfknRoses on

    He seems like a ruthless, power hungry bastard to me. Sure he had his good points and successes, but that doesn’t take away how poor of a human being he had been his whole life. Of course he has friends. When I become a billionaire, even if i’m in jail i’ll have lots of friends.

    Steve Jobs is different from you and me because he literally stops at nothing to achieve his goals and glory, including the usage of drugs. Just because he dropped acid or smoked a joint before doesn’t make him a role model for the stoner community. For all his achievements and merits he is still a bastard.

  4. Contribute To The World on

    Fuck you, you ignorant dumb ass. Take a second and look at who the fuck you are calling stupid. The man smoked pot and let LSD break barriers in his mind to keep things in perspective & “Think Different” he is a visionary one of the most important men to have ever walked this Earth him and all of those who worked with him to spawn the digital age and also a whole new era of music and the way it is shared, damn you for being such a fool. It is nothing more but a devastating tragedy that Steve Jobs was taken out of this world well before he should have. But personally from what I’ve seen from Steve I’m sure within the next couple years with upcoming Apple products Steve had already had planned decades before will slowly come into existence in our daily lives. Steve Jobs will live on through all of us who use his amazing devices to share our own creativity and work and also socialize and connect with a world that is losing connection with any sort of important consciousness rather more caught up in power and restraining the human mind to brainwashing them to think all that life is, is to seek material goods and wealth. We are living in a world that has the tools to live easily in unison and progressing our travels into the universe much more rapidly then we are if only we could set aside petty differences and disagreements on beliefs in which we have no answer to and not even the slightest clue. It truly pains me to see how some of you can come on here and comment when you are clueless to so much information and did zero in-depth studying to disrespect someone who revolutionized the way we live today. WE NEED TO GUIDE THIS WORLD TO A NEW AGE! Peace and Unity are not impossibilities, simply just what is widely accepted in todays zeitgeist of thinking.

    “Stay foolish, stay hungry” -Steve Jobs

  5. Anonymous on

    LSD – Clean LSD = great – NO BUZZ, complete visuals, clean & lightweight, overdose = too much! effects disappear.
    Mid grade – UUgggh – Getting yucky, fair visuals, sweaty
    Low grade – Dirty crap! – Sticky sweat inducing schizophrenic triggering puking headaches! Permanent long term body flush required.

    Mushrooms – laugh attack, lightweight & visuals mild but anxious, annoying if too much, taste like garbage!

    PCP = UUUggghhhh – Too strong, speckly even more static like visuals
    Sticky sweat inducing schizophrenic triggering puking headaches! Permanent long term body flush required.

    Peyote – Strong
    Mescaline – weak, must compete with MDA & LSD!

    MDA – different version of MDMA effects without body buzz, like Mescaline

    MDMA – liquid jelly and empathy guilt trip with mild visuals! For faggots who like to cry!


    CRANK- AHHHHHH – Insanity!!!!! The Extreme!
    Sticky sweat inducing schizophrenic triggering puking headaches! Long term body flush required.
    Bad habit inducer – bite tongue, scrape teeth…. real addicts = AIDS loving skin picker!!! Ewwww!

    The remaining …… DMT, etc… whatever… more is still more!

    Heroin = GO TO HELL!

    Applied to psychedelic stimulus, strobe lights, audio, visuals…. atmosphere!

  6. Anonymous on

    LSD is good… you are a fool. The Double Helix was discovered by a researcher on acid along with many other innovations. Just because you might of had a bad trip on it doesn’t make it bad. I took over a hundred trips on acid and shrooms throughout high school and college and graduated with honors in Computer Science.

  7. Mind0p3ner on

    I am sorry that you feel that way about LSD. Scientific studies have shown and proven, that taking LSD is more harmful than good. How is it, that someone who supports Marijuana enough, to post something on here, has the audacity to say LSD is good? It is not. It harms the psyche and body and has lasting permanent, damaging affects on the body. Mushrooms on the other hand are a different story. They are clean and they are natural; studies have shown that they have no damaging effects to the body and are harmless. The same as peyote. I am not saying that everyone should do psychatropics. They are most certaintly not for everyone and can cause very bad hallucinations and change an individual who does not have a strong mind and consciousness. If you are going to take them, I recommend being with a guide and someone who you can trust to not take advantage of you when you are in the spirit realm. I am sorry people feel LSD is a good thing when it is not. It is a pharma product derived using chemicals. However the natural alternatives are much more potent and healthier.
    I say this speaking from experience and knowledge that I have amassed over the pass 14 years of experiments and stand alone independent research. You have every right to argue with me if you feel the need but most experienced and knowledgable individuals will disagree with LSD.
    Which brings me to my next point. All you really need is weed; most certaintly and indeed. Marijuana is known to have mild forms of psychatropic properties which can be used to generate a sense of well being and positive mind sets as well as calming people who tend to be more high strung. Steve Jobs probably liked to smoke pot because it helped him relax and “mellow out” from a stress filled day. Marijuana should be legalized not criminalized.

  8. Anonymous on

    …and that’s all he was for me… an acid freak

  9. Anonymous on

    I thought it was from drinking because that’s the usual reason for getting pancreatic cancer, like Michael Landon, or liver transplants. There was also an eerie silence about the cancer in the media. Keeping details private makes it look suspicious. If he didn’t drink then my assumption was incorrect. It was, however, not illogical. Few people are evil all the time to all people. Maybe he tired of the evil after the first several decades, I don’t know. The weird thing is that he couldn’t get an artificial body made in China to have his head attached to. That would have been way cool. Where’s the Apple I-Body? Maybe he should have worked on that instead of the umpteenth version of the I-Phone. I was lucky, I didn’t even buy the first one. That way I didn’t have to say “[email protected], I have to buy a new version for the 5th time?” That would have ticked me off, repeatedly.

  10. John Sawyer on

    Jobs was often ruthless and obnoxious, though that gradually tapered off over the years, and for at least the last ten years of his life, or more, many many people met him and worked with him, and found him to be quite a nice guy–very personally generous, encouraging, etc. But even during his obnoxious years, many people found him to be someone worth knowing, and not just because he was famous or rich, or their boss.

    As for no tributes–nobody with any positive stories to tell–are you serious? They’re all over the Internet. Besides, Jobs wasn’t one to share his personal life very much. I’ve read a number of comments posted by his neighbors who would sometimes meet him on the street, at his kids’ school, etc., and he was often warm and helpful.

    As for drinking, he didn’t. It’s odd you’d automatically assume that. His liver went bad as a result of side effects from the treatment of his pancreatic cancer. You make an amazing assumption by categorically stating, without knowing him, that “he was never really happy and was filled with self-loathing”. Jobs had an enormous number of friends, many of which will be at his memorial at Apple Oct 19.

  11. gotdabs? on

    Maybe if he used cannabis he would have lived longer? And they wouldn’t tell him when he needs to test for drugs?? Sad loss for sure. I believe he loves Lucy. I Love Lucy. We all love Lucy. Molly, Mary, and Lucy. 😀

    Dabs away. RIP Steve. Cheers.

  12. Anonymous on

    That was a good link about the real Steve Jobs. As I suspected, you don’t get rich in business without being ruthless, and Steve Jobs did exactly that, much like Bill Gates. Child labor in China? Jobs was all-in. Belittling his employees? Always a good pastime for people like him. I think Harper has the same type of personality. These people are usually very successful financially, but at what price? His 7 billion dollars couldn’t buy him one more day of life.

    There was no tribute. They couldn’t find anybody with any positive stories to tell about him. You would have been able to hear crickets chirping. He drank himself out of a liver and a pancreas (I’m guessing it was alcohol abuse) because he was never really happy and was filled with self loathing. Let the tale of Steve Jobs be a lesson to you all. When you claw your way to the top, you’re all by yourself up there. Just you and a bottle of rotgut. Maybe you can call Warren Buffet and discuss your golf game but that gets old real fast.

  13. generators for home use on

    Oh my is this true? or just part of intrigues ?

    generators for home use

  14. RK on

    This is a bad title coming from the editor. The word freak has negative connotations. It implies taking acid makes one a freak. Freaks are not generally the most upright people, at least in most circles, or thought of in a positive light. People who take acid should be held in high esteem not labeled freaks.

  15. Anonymous on

    For posting that link.
    You can tell that he was a mean, hardass and the info about him bullying & belittling company workers is no surprise.

    Plus “Jobs had his share of personal shortcomings, too. He has no public record of giving to charity over the years, despite the fact he became wealthy after Apple’s 1980 IPO and had accumulated an estimated $7 billion net worth by the time of his death. After closing Apple’s philanthropic programs on his return to Apple in 1997, he never reinstated them, despite the company’s gusher of profits.

    It’s possible Jobs has given to charity anonymously, or that he will posthumously, but he has hardly embraced or encouraged philanthropy in the manner of, say, Bill Gates, who pledged $60 billion to charity and who joined with Warren Buffet to push fellow billionaires to give even more.”

  16. Anonymous on

    at least know the difference between “you’re” and “your”

    However, there is a certain irony of some moron accusing Steve Jobs of not knowing how to use a computer…

  17. Anonymous on

    Even dead Steve Jobs is smarter than the guy who wrote this comment.

  18. Anonymous on

    Stupid people don’t read.

  19. uberbuddha on

    Read this part :

    “Unfortunately, Jobs was told if it didn’t work and he tested positive for cannabis, he would be denied a liver transplant, which his physicians told him was his only other option. Steve Jobs decided against using medical cannabis to treat his cancer, not based on science or medicine, but upon the consequences for him if he used this legal medicine, because of Prohibition and a federal government that puts policy above lives.”

    He refused cannabis not because he was against it, but because he would be denied a transplant if he tested positive

  20. Anonymous on

    Some thing doesn’t seem correct here, a tripper that turned down cannabis. What this, he didn’t know how to use a computer and learn about the ability of cannabinoids! Doesn’t sound like much of a tripper to me, or at least any of the trippers I have know over the many decades.

    Even gets to communicate with the man himself and brushes it off, what kind of door knob says no from friends and trusts the doctors instead. That’s why you dead at such a young age, trust a doctor – stupid man. Hoffman lived to what 104! stupid Steve, just stupid…