Marijuana Man: The War for Drugs

If you’ve ever wondered why it doesn’t make any sense for marijuana to be illegal, Marijuana Man tries to clear the smoke to reveal a web of sinister drug dealing and world wide destruction in the war for cocaine and heroin.

Take a look into the history of prohibition in Part 1:

Watch The War For Drugs with Marijuana Man – Part 1

In Part 2, Marijuana Man continues looking at how world politics drugs and war fuel the War on Cannabis and keeps the plant illegal.

Watch The War For Drugs with Marijuana Man – Part 2

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  1. NW Ontario on

    What a great explanation of the US after WW2. You’ve given a lot of perspective and answered quite a few questions I’ve had. Fantastic examination of the drug activities of the past decades.

  2. Anonymous on

    Thank you marijuana man for enlightening me on the (seemingly) unexplainable rapid growth of the US post world war 2. One small mistake: US marihuana tax act 1937, reefer madness 1934. Awesome show, very informative, please keep up the good work.


    The collective consciousness of many educated citizens are aware of the biological war executed on North America and the world. Marijuana prohibition by the nature of plant structure and circumstance is an act of war. Therefore every actor who is involved with prohibition has committed war crimes and can be held to account. War is due process for actions which created death and support enemy benefit. You will have to actually fight for your life to have any health or future hope.

    The IBM commercial diagnosing Lyme Disease aired on the local station 21 during the Cowboys first home game. Big note to remember that Lyme Disease is a Bio-weapon made by former Nazi doctors as detailed clearly by Jesse Ventura the former governor of Minnesota. Powerful antibiotics are used to treat Lyme Disease. We are in Judgment as a collective society.

    Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria. Scientists Say Substances Derived From Cannabis Could Outdo Conventional Antibiotics In Killing Some Bacteria

    Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa: A Structure?Activity Study