Cops Accused Of Eating Man’s Pot Brownies, Bragging About It

Two Houston police officers could be asking “dude, where’s my credibility?” after a suspect accused them of eating his pot brownies.

Nicholas Hill, 19, claims that Houston cops took his brownies, that they knew were laced with marijuana, and munched away after arresting the teen for pot possession.

ABC 13 found something more substantial than just Hill’s claim. The station reports that it has obtained messages typed by the officers on their in-car computers after confiscating and consuming the baked goods.

“So HIGH… Good munchies,” one officer supposedly wrote. “Everything should be open when we get done,” the other responded.

One of Hill’s defense attorneys, Daniel Cahill, told The Huffington Post that, if his client’s accusations prove to be true, they could have very serious consequences.

“If what is alleged is true then it really calls into question everything that went on that day,” Cahill said. “If we have police destroying evidence or maybe not following the rules that they need to be following, that brings into question the integrity of the system and everything these guys have done, possibly.”

Houston Police Department spokesperson John Cannon told HuffPost that the department would not speculate on what penalties the officers would face if the accusations are found to be accurate.

“HPD is looking into the matter and will conduct a thorough investigation,” Cannon said.

The officers remain on active duty while the investigation takes place, according to Cannon.

Cahill said that, until the investigation is finished, it’s unclear what will happen with his client’s case.

“We’re waiting on the investigation before we can really move,” he said. “We’re stuck in a holding pattern.”


– Article from The Huffington Post.



  1. David762 on

    I am liking your idea, but I would take it a step further — not just a Piss Test, a Public Piss Test.

    IMHO, each and every Public Official, each and every LEO, each and every Politician, AND each and every Corporate Officer of a publicly traded Corporation should be forced to regularly, irregularly, or otherwise to furnish a clean piss test report from their organization AND to an independent third-party citizen watchdog group. Fair is fair, and to do otherwise is Not Fair. Their jobs should depend on pissing ‘clean’, as well.

    LEAP and NORML both might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly all drugs are again made legal, not just cannabis. It’s way past time to remove Big Brother from our bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dens, etcetera. Personal drug use of any sort should be an issue only between the patient and doctor, Not Law Enforcement!

  2. Ozlanthos on

    PISS TEST!!! If it is a good enough to keep cannabis smokers from becoming gainfully employed, it should be good enough to find out whether these cops should have jobs!!! Better yet, lets put that ol hair test to use! This cop’s words seem to allude to the fact that this incident may be part of a much larger pattern of behavior, and could be indicative of his having an addictive association to mind altering substances.