Canadian Justice Weasel Rob Nicholson Evades Questions About Costs of Conservative Crime Bill

Canadian Justice Minister Weasel Rob Nicholson went to pathetic lengths today to duck tough questions about the cost of the Conservative’s omnibus crime bill from CTV journalist Seamus O’Regan.

In this video from CTV News, Nicholson repeatedly wiggles out of direct questions about the cost of the Safe Streets and Communities Act, the massive Conservative crime bill that includes nine smaller bills the party was unable to pass with a minority government.

After the Minister evaded the same question a few times, CTV News host Seamus O’Regan seemed to have had enough.

“Minister, I’m not even going to get into whether or not crime is at a 40-year low in Canada and whether prevention or rehabilitation is better than incarceration – you don’t have a cost on this bill,” O’Regan pressed adamantly. “You don’t have a cost on this bill. I’m a taxpayer, I just want to know what the cost is; you can’t give me a cost.”

“I can tell you that the costs are sustainable,” the slippery Minister responded. He then rattled off a few phoney “statistical trends” before admitting, “we don’t govern on the basis of statistics”.

Watch the video from CTV:

No one knows for sure how many billions of dollars the new crime legislation will cost if made law, but it’s estimated that Canadians pay over $100,000 a year per inmate. Just one part of the new bill – the one that relates to drugs and includes mandatory minimum prison sentences for minor marijuana offences – is expected to quickly add 3,000 – 5,000 inmates to Canada’s overpopulated prison system. Add the other eight sections of the bill and the price of building new prisons and you end up with a stack of cash almost too big to flush down the toilet. Sadly, the Conservatives seem to have a unique talent for using Canadian taxpayer’s hard-earned dollar bills as toilet paper.

And if you think using the word “weasel” seems a little unfair in describing our Justice Minister, consider that the word comes from the Anglo-Saxon root “weatsop”, meaning “a vicious bloodthirsty animal”. That seems about right to me.

Find out more about how the Conservative government is destroying our beloved country in this article about the Safe Streets and Communities Act.

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Riverod on

    Unfortunately the brightest minds in our country don’t enter politics.
    Doesn’t a justice minister have a moral responsibility to uphold justice for all Canadians.
    Canadian pot smokers, recreational & medicinal have less rights than some of the lowest forms of life,
    & will be dealt longer mandatory sentences under new laws which will be forced upon us.
    It makes me angry when I see a pot grower & user even mentioned in the same breath as a pedophile.
    Justice. Not in Canada under the PC’s.
    Get a grip.

  2. Bud Grinder on

    They are a GANG — a conspiracy of religiously deluded, ignorant, mercenary raptureista thugs. Their God told them in their delusions that in order to make him happy they must inflict more and better punishment on citizens who run afoul of their edicts. That’s the government you folks voted for and that’s the government you’ve now got. Enjoy it while you can. None of it will matter after the Armageddon in 2012 when Jesus returns and all the good Harper ass-kissers will be raised to heaven and all the others can go burn in hell for eternity.

  3. Anonymous on

    they have been bought and paid for by the private prison lobby

  4. Anonymous on

    Indeed, now that the governments of Canada and the US have successfully conspired to keep Marc Emery locked up far away from Canada for 5 years, the country has fallen into chaos and disarray. This is when the hero is supposed to step in and set thing right. Too bad there aren’t any in Canada now that Marc has been silenced by his enemies, the forces of greed and deluded religion based ideologies. Where is Superman? There won’t be any heros, will there. This is the harsh reality of living in Canada. It’s the blind leading the blind. Can’t Marc at least write some kind of press release, as the founder of the Marijuana Party or something? I guess it would just be ignored, like all the magazine articles posted on this site. We sure can’t depend on the Senate to do the right thing. Most of them owe their sweet positions to Harper. He literally bought the Senate, with our money.

  5. Dan Wicker on

    What a COWARD.
    I would PERSONALLY love to meet up with this MUPPET, and kick his chicken shit ass.
    And I’m a “gimp” with M.S. put ’em up BITCH, you AND “ADOLPH HARPER” @ THE SAME TIME….Let’s go! On live t.v.

  6. Anonymous on

    Please don’t generalize communism with Stalinism policy. We are the second oldest Party in Canada.

  7. beatnuk on

    As Nicholson believes in and is promoting (1) big government, (2) market interventionism, and (3) increased police and numbers of citizens in jail, I believe he deserves to be called a Communist. This is not Conservatism.

  8. Anonymous on

    Nicholson; “we don’t govern on the basis of statistics”. Then what DO you govern based on? Without statistics and facts, the only remaining basis is arbitrary dictate. In other words, the Harper government does things just because they feel like it and know that they can, now that the Canadian sheeple have given them a blank cheque. It’s well known that mandatory minimums have been a disaster for California’s economy and now Nicholson wants to follow that example to damnation. Not only does he not govern by statistics, he doesn’t even govern by common sense, like simply looking at the results of similar policies in the US. He is simply ignoring all available facts and doing the exact opposite of what they indicate he should if he cares at all about taxpayers’ money, which of course he doesn’t. When a politician demonstrates a complete disregard for the value of a tax dollar, the taxpayers have to reign him in, by calling for his ouster. So where are the leaders of the other Parties, whoever they may be? Nobody really knows if there are any other Parties anymore, you never hear from them. Why aren’t they up in arms over Nicholson literally robbing the taxpayers to fund his personal agenda, based on god knows what. Could be the Vril Society, could be simple insanity, nobody knows. All we know for sure is that he doesn’t care in the slightest about how it will be paid for.

    In a few years, this whole crime legislation is going to be seen as one of the biggest political blunders in the history of Canada. That will be when the bills start rolling in and the provinces start to notice that it is THEY who are paying for Nicholson’s lunacy. Nicholson plays very free and easy with the provinces’ money.

  9. Anonymous on

    Check out the constant hand to head contact at certain times. This is a sure sign of deception.

  10. the duke of pot on

    Marc would make a great justice minister and free the weed and severley punish the real perverts that molest each and every one of us everyday.

  11. Classyathome on

    Evade and obfuscate – bullshit the peons, load the jail with harmless non-criminals, and let your big biz cronies run for profit prisons…

    Dammit – the blue hairs voted these assholes in, and the corporates are paying them to dick us around.

  12. Anonymous on

    Actually that is a rather soft word for him. I would be much more malicious