Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Legal Grey Area

An acquaintance approached me a few weeks ago and told me that he has been growing in partnership with a “buddy” who he had known for quite a few years.

His buddy’s recently kicked him off the land (owned by the buddy) after he had spent the entire summer working on a big grow.

He asked me what he could do about it and I’m stumped. Using legal means such as the courts is out of the question because of the illegal and ambiguous stance of cannabis even in states where cannabis is legal. Even then the courts would have no jurisdiction because there was no written contract.

What would you do in this situation? I would love to hear the community’s thoughts on this question.

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  1. Anonymous on

    It appears to be an emotionally volatile subject, and I can just hear the emotions go into torrents, where as injustice can drive weaker people to reckless passions, which can be very destructive, both to higher causes, such as purposing a more peaceful existence without senseless persecution, and even to our more immediate goals. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the patience of the ages, especially when we are vexed with a mere human, and even worse, mortal perspective. I could go on and on, but sometimes, because of the lesser nature of others, being bridled and girdled with greed, someone has to assume the greater nature, to make up for that disparity, by bearing a painful and humiliating cross all the way to fulfillment. It is most difficult to do, but has a much more fruitful conclusion than a knee jerk reaction to a bad situation. Dispassion is very difficult, if not impossible sometimes, but only the strongest of human beings are able to achieve it I surmise. Are words like reconciliation, “come, let us reason together”, even viable here? Or do you need a very large and powerful dog to argue philosophy with this individual where as you may even be incapable of putting forth assertions this individual could ascertain as being reasonable? Perhaps if you brought this to the attention of enough people such as you have done now, then perhaps someone would be capable to interact in the cause of reason on your behalf, and to make your adversary here see reason. One thing I would not do is be brash, or think you have the answer if you are still mad. Sometimes we just have to forgive, move on, and find better people to deal with. I wish I had a lot more dispassion than I do. Passions are OK when they serve you, but never serve your passions. “That just makes my blood boil”.

  2. Anonymous on

    Do you have a pay phone near by, call the local authorities and let them know what’s growing on over at your EX-buddies

  3. joyz on

    You need do nothing. Karma will do it for you.

  4. Anonymous on

    If he can establish he was, in fact, an employee or partner, he has a great case. I’m not an Attorney, but that’s my personal opinion.

    Your mileage may vary.

    I had the same thing happen to me and I’m suing.
    Check your email and text messages for ‘proof’.

    In California, the Labor Board just might help, too.

  5. Anonymous on

    There were risks involved from the start. That the “buddy” would turn on the acquaintance and kick him off the “buddy’s” property was one of the risks. I say the acquaintance should take the high road and walk away. It won’t do our movement any good if something bad takes place. Something like going back and ripping the “buddy” off, or turning the “buddy” into the cops. My advice would be for the acquaintance to take his dignity and walk away. Next time don’t get into this type of situation. When dealing with things that aren’t legal, the usual protections of the law aren’t going to apply. It’s always risky getting involved with other people when doing things outside of the law. Retaliation or retribution would only serve to drag us down. We have to rise above the negativity if we have any hope of seeing legalization or decriminalization.

  6. Anonymous on

    Get a strapped crew and roll through in the night and get what your hard work deserves, some sweet green relief.

  7. ill billy on

    fuck his wife…

  8. Kind Woman on

    See how the illegal market, not pot itself, leads to violence?

    My answer: Work for legalization. Then if the grower had a contract, he could take his grievance to court. No arson or thievery necessary.

    What do we want legalization to look like?

  9. Anonymous on

    Let his “buddy” do the rest of the work, then steal that shit back!

  10. Anonymous on

    That’s exactly what an illegal market leads to and thats why it needs to be legal all around. That’s the only way since you can’t get no justice through the courts, blow his car up!

  11. Classyathome on

    Buddy has burned him their weed, dude should burn buddys house to the ground…

    Karma is a bitch