America Wages Eternal War on Drugs, Empowering the Very Enemies It Seeks to Destroy

America is waging an eternal war wherein our efforts directly empower the enemies we seek to destroy. Our mandate to the world ensures planet-wide corruption via the hundreds of billions of dollars that flow each year into the hands of barbarians.

Shall we forever entice criminals to seek these enormous profits so easily generated by defying laws against a select few plant products? We must work to disprove the postulation of former director of Central Intelligence William Colby who once said, “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.”

Given that US banks have been convicted of laundering hundreds of billions of dollars for the cartels and considering the escalating number of instances of governmental and organizational corruption entwined with drug war, the concept is not inconceivable.

The easiest way to take these hundreds of billions out of the hands of barbarous criminals is to move cocaine, heroin, cannabis, LSD and amphetamines to Schedule III of the US Controlled Substances Act. Adults would then, with the advice of their doctors, avoid dangerous contaminants and overdose. With the black market then micro-sized, we would have enormous prison space available for anyone who would dare sell drugs to our children. The US is the dominant force of the drug war — and when our nation backs down from its eternal pipe dream, the rest of the world is certain to follow.

Within the last year, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the US Conference of Mayors and both the National Black and Latino Police Associations along with the NAACP and many other international organizations and individuals have called for an end to the current mechanism of drug war. Yet, few individual mayors, police chiefs or other authorities have dared to speak to their constituents of this need for change, let alone act to make it so.

Should we not heed the words of esteemed individuals and organizations who say it’s time to tax, regulate, control, decriminalize, legalize or otherwise deal more sensibly with the problem of the ludicrously named “controlled substances”? Let us quench our thirst for justice and open this dialogue not just on the editorial pages or the occasional broadcast of two-studio banter, but rather we must have an open, national debate on the subject of drug war.

What is the benefit of drug war? What have we derived that offsets all this horrible blowback? I challenge the intellect, the rationale for waging this drug war on a daily basis via my radio shows. For more than a decade I have requested interviews with the ongoing series of directors of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, to absolutely no avail. They have proven themselves unwilling to set a date and time to simply pick up the phone for an interview. I can come to no other conclusion but that they are riding a dead horse, for as long as doing so will pay the bills.

That there is not one high echelon proponent of drug war willing to discuss this subject on my radio shows or in any open, public venue.

Drug war proponents much prefer the bully pulpit, unsavory snitches, long-term incarcerations, thwarting new science and always standing forth with a high-powered weapon at the ready.

Dean Becker produces 10 radio segments per week for more than 90 broadcast affiliates in the US and Canada. Based at Houston’s Pacifica station KPFT, the Drug Truth Network live broadcasts can be heard on Sundays at 6:30pm CDT.

– Article from Alternet.