The Jodie Emery Show: Marc Starts His Own Prison Band

CANNABIS CULTURE – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. In this episode: Marc has now started his own band in prison called “Yazoo”, and Jodie gives the details including some of the songs he’ll be playing.

Jodie also shows a beautiful card that arrived from Marc and discusses some of the latest political changes in Canada.

Jack Layton, leader of the NDP (the new official opposition to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives), has passed away from cancer, leaving many questions as to the safety of the cannabis culture in Canada.

Happening October 21-23 on Vancouver Island: The first annual Michelle Rainey Legacy event – see and for info.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I would like to say something about Ron Paul in response to that host on livestream slamming him over his views on abortion etc.

    First let me say if Ron Paul were president it is unlikely Marc would be in the can right now. Second as a practicing baby doctor I think he is allowed to have an anti-abortion view. However, out of ALL the candidate he is the ONLY ONE who wants to return power to the Congress (and therefore the people). He is the most UNLIKELY candidate who would use executive orders to override that congress and the courts.

    The other candidates are LIARS pure and simple. Obama lied about getting us out of was and he has done NOTHING to eliminate anything Bush put in place, not to mention not caring enough to prove his eligibility for office. First he provided a short form COLB (which was supposed to be all there was). Then he provides a bad multi-layered pdf file that was an obvious fake. Of course when McCain’s eligibility was in question there was no one labelled as a ‘birthter’ or any of that other ad-hominem crap — just a real investigation that ended up with congress agreeing he was OK. Which was fine. McCain did NOT seal his records like the illegal alien did. BTW I am no McCain fan.

    Perry has so much against him like mandating a vaccine that maimed sixth grade girls earning him the name “gardasil Perry” He also attended bilderberg in 2007 (as reported by the MSM) shortly after. I guess they like the way he worked. He also worked on Al Gore’s campaign so how can he be a republican? He just wants the job because he is on a power trip.

    Romney is a mormon. I have nothing against mormons (or Muslims or Hare Krishnas) but when a candidates beliefs stray that far from mine, I don’t want them as president. He also as much as authored obamacare so again, how can he be a republican?

    Bachmann is an IRS enforcer –not an office worker, but an agent who does things like the SWAT team raid on Gibson Guitars.

    The host also mentioned he did not like Ron Pauls economics. Well I’ll tell you the present unconstitutional fiat monopoly money economy is crumbling before our eyes so if you guys want freedom and power given back to congress and our brave soldiers brought home there is only ONE WAY TO VOTE.

    I HATE IT that Marc is in jail and am sorry as an american that this ever happened

    RON PAUL 2012

  2. Anonymous on

    There are three kinds of people on earth.

    People of Religion, who spend a lifetime living only for the purpose of GOD!

    People of Earth, who worship everything they see, touch, hear or think/imaginate.

    People of Satan, yes they exist. But their information, existance is classified by the american government. They also don’t want you to know aliens are man made. Just ask area 51 or look on youtube.

    And the whole north america doesn’t want you to know, all they drilling, digging into earth for oil, gold, tunneling. Has made the land ten times weaker.

    But the government know if they can invert into the minds of children and adults these dake movie schemes/ cartoons.

    They can also make your uninformed mind think 2012 is real.

  3. Anonymous on

    I check up on this site on a regular basis to see progress.

    Instead the blogs are always kind simular.

    And ontario is boring as is, give us more fun to read about.

    Expescially for the majority who don’t want to get married, think love is a crappy game I would never buy.

    And I would rather spend a month with pot instead of any girl you can pick up in club or bar. Or side of the street in downtown toronto.

    These days men look like women and women look like men….. LOL