Calgary Cops Say Fake Marijuana An Ongoing Issue

Roughly seven months after police raided seven Calgary stores and seized hundreds of synthetic marijuana packets, similar products remain on city shelves.

Employees at nearly half of the dozen head shops contacted by Metro yesterday confirmed they still sell some form of the product, including two involved in the original January bust.

Acting drug unit Staff Sgt. Mike Bossley said his officers’ hands are often tied while waiting for the Criminal Code of Canada to catch up with constantly evolving chemical compounds found in synthetic products.

“We certainly don’t close a blind eye to this, this is an issue for us,” he said. “We still can be very active in educating people … making them understand why this is so dangerous.”

Many of the products in question are sold as incense, but then inhaled by purchasers to achieve a high, Bossley said.

Local head shop owner Fred, who asked his last name be withheld, sells some of the products in question but believes police resources could be better spent elsewhere.

“I would hope they are out getting real criminals and things like cocaine and heroine off the street rather than harmless herbs that are doing way less harm to people,” he said.

Bossley hopes Calgarians will think twice before experimenting with synthetic brands.

“The message is it’s not good for you,” he said.

– Article from Metro Calgary.



  1. Dirty Harry on

    It is a given that cocaine and heroine users, along with meth heads are twitchy and violent as hell at times.
    Us pot users are mellow, casual type of people who don’t want to fight anyone.
    If your a cop with a family and are going after someone, who would you pick? The peaceful ones, or the ones who are more likely to put up a fight?
    I don’t think I need to say no more…

  2. Anonymous on

    Why would they go after cocaine and heroin when they can make their quota by busting peace loving “herb” smokers who will not shoot back.

    And the bullshit continues.

    I just spent a week in the police state of Alberta (Little America) and Calgary is by far the worst of the two major cities.

    Cops everywhere you look and most are in combat uniforms.