Tribunal Swallows Piston’s Dope-in-Sweet Tale

Former Waikato Pistons basketball import Sylvester Seay has been cleared of any fault and avoided a penalty despite testing positive for cannabis. Seay failed a drug test following his second match for the Pistons, against the Nelson Giants in Nelson on April 15.

The American forward, who was released by the Pistons after just four games, gave evidence that he ate a cellophane-wrapped sweet offered by a friend in California the night before he flew out to play in New Zealand, 12 days before his test.

Seay said he was later informed that the sweets came from a medical marijuana store and were laced with cannabis.

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand said it it was unable to rule out the sweet as the source of the cannabis and found Seay to be credible.

The tribunal then adjudged that the case for a penalty boiled down to whether Seay was at fault or negligent and concluded he wasn’t.

Pistons boss John Davey said Seay’s test wasn’t the reason for his quick departure.

“I wasn’t aware of the result until a couple of weeks after we had released him from his contract,” Davey said.

“I wasn’t even aware he’d been drug-tested.”

Davey said Seay simply wasn’t providing what coach Dean Vickerman expected and when star shooting guard Jason Crowe became available Seay was ditched.

However, Davey admitted to being “staggered” and “very surprised” by the tribunal’s decision.

“It’s fair to say that when an athlete tests positive and gets let off they can count themselves very lucky.”

– Article Originally from Stuff.