Fallin Voices Opposition to Legal Marijuana in Oklahoma During Online GOP Forum

Gov. Mary Fallin shot down the idea of legalizing medicinal marijuana in Oklahoma during an online town hall forum on Thursday aired on the Oklahoma GOP’s Facebook page.

Fallin, who is still hobbled by recent hip surgery, fielded questions posted to the page, many of which centered around the legalization of marijuana and the medicinal use of cannabis.

“I just cannot support legalizing marijuana in the state of Oklahoma,” Fallin said. “I think it has too many risks associated with other substances.”

Earlier this year, Fallin signed a bill that allows a sentence of up to life in prison for a first-time offense of cooking marijuana into hashish. She said she reviews hundreds of pardon and parole requests each month and estimated 90 percent of those criminals have struggled with substance abuse. She said many of those started by smoking marijuana.

“I see substance abuse as a major, major issue,” she said.

A bill introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature earlier this year to allow for medicinal marijuana was never granted a hearing.

Fallin touted the legislative accomplishments of the most recent session, including pro-business changes to the workers’ compensation and civil justice systems, shoring up the state’s underfunded pension systems and making it easier to fire ineffective teachers.

She also said she would like to see further reductions to the state’s income tax, but cautioned that any cuts would result in decreases of vital state services.

“I’d personally love to eliminate the personal income tax,” said Fallin. “You can’t just do that. We have other needs in the state.”

– Article Originally from The Greenfield Daily Reporter.