Legal Marijuana Grower Matt Mernagh Webcasts Grow-Op

Yes, I’ve become a webcam model! No, I’m not showing off in my zebra print tidy whiteys or getting nekkid in my grow room. I’ll do an underwear show (or shows) for $350. Though I’ve been told naked is the best way to grow. Heavy breathing is also good for plant growth too.

The x-rated material, from the perspective of PM Stephen Harper and the Harperites, are my gorgeous flowering medical marijuana plants, not me. With a mandatory grow-op bill coming in the fall, webcasting live from inside a grow room couldn’t be a better idea to counter prohibitionist zeal.

Read more about Matt Mernagh and his legal grow-op and the court case that changed the country’s pot laws, R v. Mernagh.

However, not a whole lot of planning went into it, like most things HashMob. The idea to webcast my secret med ganja garden struck me on a slow, but online socializing, Sunday night. Plants need daily tending too, but I didn’t want to get up from my recliner. Motivation struck me! I zipped off a Tweet asking if anyone wanted to see my grow room live. The response was awesome. It was like having a party of potheads in my grow space without them getting in my way.

The pilot webcast of Mernagh Legal Marijuana Grow Show was such an awesome time, I decided to go weekly. People participated in the chat. Asked questions, offered their own grow suggestions, and really got into it. I’m no Urban Grower, Ed Rosenthal, or Dr. Greenthumb, but I love my plants and feed them properly mixed organic nutrient.

There’s been plenty of opportunity to pack my room with plants; however, I kept it small and manageable to get started. Lowering the potential problems that could arise or at least make problems that do arise manageable. Slowly it’s filling up from plants taken out of the veg space into flowering.

The extra space is excellent for a webcam show because it allows me to sit amongst my plants. I have plans to bring in a budbabe camera operator who will also do some on-camera appearances bending and pointing to spots on the plants I’m talking about. Pre-show I’ve been webcasting just a steady web cam shot with no talking and that is attracting huge number of viewers. Like The Mernahuana Show we’re constantly changing or adding to improve the viewer experience.

Plenty of my plants are drool-worthy.

The Montreal Chemo is just about finished flowering. Unfortunately it gave me some grief as it just didn’t grow during veg. Refused to grow! I think it was a language barrier.

Jean Guy must be bi-lingual because it too is from Montreal, but turning out amazing. It’s a Skunk 1 x White Widow cross that is fab at managing my fibromyalgia pain. Growing her has been an awesome experience. Glistens with trichromes and will make excellent bubble hash. The autoflowers, 60 Day Wonder (DNA Genetics), Syrup (Buddha Seeds) and Il Diavolvo (Delicious Seeds) are just starting to show female pistels. Il Diavolo is a Critical x Ruderalis that is really bushing out. Both 60 Day Wonder (Williams Wonder x Ruderalis) and Syrup (unknown) are excellent in compact spaces.

Marijuana growers are hermits. Not many show their faces on camera for obvious reasons. Soon there’ll be even more reason to hide. Losing ground on simple possession, prohibitionists have declared grow-ops the new scourge of society. Even going after legal medical marijuana growers! They’ve even frightened casual tokers about grow-ops in their neighborhood.

That’s because few potheads and people have seen where weed comes from. They’ve been told where their weed comes from. They’ve seen grows on websites, books and magazines, but not in person. Now they’re one step even closer with a guy in a grow room interacting with them. My goal is to change perspectives. To show stoners and society where weed comes from and to combat prohibitionists grow-op propaganda by directly webcasting from inside one.

See you Sunday nights!

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