Canadian Chill

In a three-story townhouse in downtown Toronto, CALM presides. CALM is Toronto’s first medical-marijuana “club,” established in 1996 and second in size only to the B.C. Compassion Club of Vancouver. The acronym stands for “Cannabis As Living Medicine” – something to which the 3,000-plus members can readily attest. CALM provides a variety of Canada’s best medicinal strains to those in need. Nothing about the CALM facility would suggest a shred of illegal dealing – but, unfortunately, every move it makes on behalf of Canadian citizens who need medical cannabis is fraught with peril these days.

Ten years ago, Canada became the first nation on Earth to allow the legal possession of medicinal marijuana. Health Canada, the federal agency in charge of the health-care system, oversees and regulates the medical-marijuana program and approves each license to possess cannabis. Licensed users can have their prescription filled by growing their own small supply of marijuana, finding a designated grower (also licensed by the government) or buying their cannabis directly from Health Canada, which grows it in government gardens. However, in the 10 years that Health Canada has been in charge of the system, Canadians’ access to medical marijuana has been subject to a bungling and opaque bureaucracy.

According to Health Canada’s January statistics, 4,884 citizens of Canada had secured licenses to possess medical cannabis. For those applying for a license, the wait can be as long as six months; the backlog of applications is mountainous, and applications are commonly lost. Furthermore, Canadian doctors have consistently been reluctant to put their names on the dotted line when a patient asks for a med-pot recommendation. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies have both discouraged doctors from endorsing cannabis medicine, as have some medical organizations themselves – such the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, which last year advised doctors not to prescribe marijuana. To make matters worse, patients who have been able to find doctors willing to recommend cannabis are often charged fees exceeding $1,000. So in the entire province, only 79 Canadians are licensed to possess medical pot. In Manitoba, which has a population of 1.2 million, a grand total of 63 people are licensed.

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  8. Anonymous on

    Really, because event though they may not open every package that goes through the mail, it seems as though those canadian mail order companies always seem to rip me off. If it wasnt the government getting in the way, it was others dishonesty. I have finally found a supplier from california, who seems to come through. [email protected]. There were a few other like and, but this seems to be the last one who hasnt closed up shop

  9. Anonymous on

    Intelligent Canadians ?
    How dare you speak of intelligent Canadians when we now have a majority conservative governement elected by Canadians in Ottawa

  10. Highonfailure on

    Weed/seeds are sent through the mail through most countries. In the US the Govt post office don’t open packages, besides the random openings at customs. You just need to stay away from UPS/DHS they open any package that has a slight tear in it.

    You guy’s in Canada realize you are becoming just a smaller United States, through Harper and his conservative ways? Conservatives brought us private prisons, draconian marijuana laws here in the states, and soon you`ll be happy to have it to.

    Prepare to start losing manufacturing/call center jobs to private prison labor. They only pay 20c and if you refuse you get thrown in the hole.

    The intelligent Canadians need to stop Harper’s take over, before you guys get your own Right-wing Tea-Partiers and they have an equal say in what happens in govt and sequentially your life.

  11. Bud Grinder on

    If you really think that a piece of paper is going to make you safer from cop bullets, you’re deluded. What the cops do is shoot or taze first and then, if it turns out later that they were out of line, they say “sorry” and go right back out to do some more of it.

    Its going to get worse. You can forget about mail-order weed after Harper has enacted new Health Canada marijuana regulations. The only legal weed then will be weed that comes from Harper’s licensed suppliers. The rest will be contraband and Harper will send out more gun-toting thugs to hunt down the law-breakers who deal in it.

  12. Anonymous on

    Thank goodness the Canadian government hasn’t made it so that the cops can open peoples’ mail and search it. Because of Canada postal laws people can get weed by mail quickly, safely and efficiently. The postal strike was nasty, peoples’ meds were being delayed because of Layton but they fortunately postal strikes only happen about once in 15 years so I guess we can live with it. Canada, the land of mail-order weed, gotta love it. We don’t actually need a license, just a stamp. You can choose either a lengthy process of getting a license or you can do it the easy way, order it, wait a few days, smoke it in your own home and don’t invite any cops over, you’re good. Not saying you shouldn’t be able to get a license if you want one, just to be safer from cop bullets, but it’s not technically necessary.