No Ballot for I-1149 Legalization Bill in Washington State

Seattle, WashingtonSeattle, WashingtonIt is with heavy hearts but undiminished resolve that we report that we did not reach our signature gathering goal for I-1149. Simply put, we did not have enough boots on the ground to make it happen.

The political reality is that putting an initiative on the ballot with an all-volunteer effort is practically unheard of, let alone in an off-off-year election when political interest is at its lowest. Asking volunteers to collect signatures in Washington’s coldest, rainiest spring on record is a tall order, no matter how noble the cause.

We cannot escape the need for at least some level of paid signature gathering. As in 2010, we could very easily have garnered the necessary support from the public—if only we’d had the money.

Fundraising needs to be our top priority in the coming months. A full postmortem on the 2011 campaign will be conducted soon, but this much is already obvious.

Also obvious? We have the most amazing campaign volunteers in the state. We see the hard work and sacrifices being made every day in the name of cannabis legalization, and we are humbled by it. This organization is bound by a simple notion, and we know that the work isn’t done until Prohibition is repealed.

That is why you will see us at the Seattle Hempfest. That is why we will continue pushing for a public vote on our state’s cannabis policy. Recruitment begins now. We need you to tell your story, to agitate for change, and to move hearts and minds. As you do, you will continue to inspire states like Colorado, Oregon, and now Missouri, to push for full legalization.

The idea is spreading like wildfire across this hemp-starved nation. Will you help us plant the seed?

– Article from Sensible Washington.

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  1. Safer_Guy on

    Sensible Washington normally collects signatures between January and July. In Washington state this is the time of year in which one would need to collect signatures should they want their initiative to go straight to a vote of the people. Washington state has another time of year during which one can collect signatures, however initiatives for which enough signatures are collected during this other period are sent to the legislature and could have some different effects. There is a petition out there now that has copied Sensible Washington’s language and should it get enough signatures it will go to the legislature. Many signatures were collected for this other petition during Seattle Hempfest. This is initiative 505 also known as YEP (Yes End Penalties). YEP will be going against NAW (New Approach Washington). YEP seeks to remove all civil and criminal penalties for all individuals over the age of 18 years old who possess, consume, cultivate, distribute, or sell marijuana. NAW seeks to introduce new roadside blood tests for driving under the influence of marijuana.

  2. Ray Christl THC Ministry Asia on

    I’m so very sorry to renege on a volunteer commitment to get ballot status in Sensible Washington…do to injury & finances I had to stay in Asia:nonetheless,a budget with statewide coordinators is the only way to proceed. Money for professional signature gatherers is crucial to get it on the ballot. People will vote for it if it gets status,but alas the effort to get over that hurdle of 242,000 sigs in 5 months is undoable without a committed budget.
    Bless Jared Allaway and all the many workers. At the Seattle Hempfest get the secret BIG money to step up in 2012.

  3. Anonymous on

    That’s it, they should just go to hemp fest and get all their signatures there, shouldn’t be a problem, be easy to.

  4. Subcool-online on

    Theres always close to 100,000 people at Hemp fest it amazes me the people in WA can’t pull off a signature patition drive?