Marc Emery on Contracting Superbug: ‘Concerned’ but Feeling Fine

Marc Emery has a dangerous superbug called MRSA (pictured here magnified) but is feeling healthy.Marc Emery has a dangerous superbug called MRSA (pictured here magnified) but is feeling healthy.CANNABIS CULTURE – Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery, imprisoned in the United States for selling cannabis seeds and using the money to fund projects like Cannabis Culture, has contracted the antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA. Emery discusses his current health status in this exclusive interview with CC.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is a type of bacteria that can cause hard-to-treat infections in humans and even be fatal if not looked after properly, though many contract the bug and have few or no serious problems.

“I’m in good health and the MRSA only becomes a problem really during surgery if I were to have it,” Emery told CC in an interview via the Corrlinks electronic mail system. “Even then, there are antibiotics that work with MRSA. However, I did contract it with the brown recluse spider-bite, which has left scarring and discoloration on my left buttock.”

Emery, who has three years left before his prison release date, said getting the bug is “definitely a concern”, but that he is currently healthy and feeling fine.

“The medical staff here have always looked at my ailments promptly,” he said. “Alas, there’s nothing I can do about it, it will recur over time, but it is only a problem if an infection gets into the organs, bloodstream, or that sort of thing.”

The bacteria was found after a sample was taken from a boil Emery suffered from sitting on hard surfaces while being bussed between prison locations last April.

“They took a culture from it then and that came back positive for MRSA,” he said. “But the swollen boil did subside over a two-week period.”

According to Emery’s wife Jodie, activist and current publisher of CC, a former inmate of Marc’s contracted the bug and had a leg amputated. He died shortly afterward.

“[He] had an amputation of his leg and he just died of complications, so that terrifies me to think that Marc was there at the same time and it could be the same sort of strain,” she told CBC News.

Marc says he is watching his health closely, but doesn’t expect things to change much.

“It isn’t expected to affect my daily life but I do have to work my utmost to stay healthy,” he said. “The prison diet is lacking in vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals to maintain optimum health. That said, I eat very little junk food, drink only water as a fluid, try to eat any healthy food here as often as possible.”

MRSA is common in US prisons and can spread quickly because of the close-quarters and poor health conditions of inmates.

“Prisoners get MRSA in high numbers, as do people in any contained institution like hospitals, schools, and prisons,” Marc said.

There have been a flurry of news reports since Jodie Emery announced the news to the public, with some commentators pointing to the irony that the “highly contagious MRSA bacteria has already caused more health problems for Marc Emery than dozens of years smoking pot“.

But the irony seems to be piling on, as cannabis has been found to be one of the best antibacterial agents capable of fighting the superbug. Recent studies show that cannabinoids “could soon outshine conventional antibiotics in the escalating battle against drug-resistant bacteria” including MRSA. Read more from the Journal of Natural Products (PDF).

“Marc suffering this sort of dangerous infection after being extradited and imprisoned in the U.S. — after harming nobody at all — proves the insanity of war on marijuana,” Jodie told Postmedia News.

Watch Jodie on CBC News in this video:

Go to for more information on political prisoner Marc Emery.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I would not be surprised if the feds are trying to murder him, for selling seeds, it would not be the first time, I pray god’s watching over you Marc Emery, you are dealing with the most murderous mafia in the planet.

  2. Bud Grinder on

    Hey, man, get in touch with a bit of reality if you can. So long as Harper and his deluded gang of raptureista thugs are running the show federally, there isn’t going to be “legalized” marijuana in Canada.

    Rather, Harper and his gang of thugs have announced that they’re going to turn back the clock about fifty years and launch a new pogrom against marijuana consumers and suppliers. If there’s any exceptions from the prohibition for medical necessity, the only marijuana permitted will be that provided by the government’s approved suppliers… who, of course, will be remitting much of funds back to the politicians. Nice business model they’re cooking up for themselves, no?

    For those folks who consume and supply marijuana outside the government’s monopoly, there’s going to be vastly expanded facilities (PRISONS) for them to rounded-up and sent to for some institutionalized abuse.

    Nice scam they’re setting up. They get a monopoly on the medical marijuana business and they get to feed lots of fresh fodder (citizens) into the maw of their enhanced abuse mill where, the vicious, thug operators of the abuse mill get to have jobs where they can express their innate thug natures and be counted on to reliably vote for more thug politicians.

    Sweet deal… for everybody except the decent and right-thinking, freedom-loving patriots of this wonderful and beautiful country that I love.

  3. AnonymousMike on

    I spoke with members of these groups,the people who run them.And i was astonished to here what they said wen i mentioned Mr Emery,,They said who Marc the Narc My Jaw Dropped lets get to the bottom of this

  4. Anonymous on

    I cured this neighbour of mines bug infection. the doctors just tried a variety of antibiotics.
    we used hydrogen peroxide baths. then made him eat garlic and onions. within two weeks it cleared. now fully gone.
    he had open wounds all over him for six months and would have lost his leg. any new scratch would infect.

  5. Anonymous on

    Cannabis will soon be legalized in Canada, and there is no more reason to imprison good people like Marc. This is absolutely insane. Let him return to Canada to have proper medication, cannabis is be the best medicine for him.

  6. Anonymous on

    well dave that’s possible….then again emery could always decline their offer…

  7. Anonymous on

    I am a middle aged fellow who isn’t into this cannibus thing. But I will say one thing, science has proven alcohol is much worse and its legal, taxed and helps our government pay its bills. Lets wake up everyone! Look at the $ we are ignoring. Its going to crimminals right now. If legalized, half our jails would be empty and our national debt would be zero. The majority of Canadians are in favour of this concept. We should reflect on the days of alcohol prohibition and learn from it. Anyway this is a common thought amoung my peers.

  8. Lionel Standish on

    This entire situation makes both countries leaders look like barbarians.

  9. Jerry from Texas on

    Sorry to hear that Marc has contacted the supper bug in prison. It is tough enough for you and your family to be going through the U.S. prison systems b.s. without the added stress of a medical problem thats best treatment is hemp. You can’t write this stuff…Life is somtimes more than we can expect. This makes me more ashamed than before that my goverment is treating you this way for a plant that they will find someday was one of the worst travastys that goverments have done. No one should be locked up for the cultavation and use of a plant that can be of such beenafit to all people. The work you have done,and are doing as we speak,have meant more me and my friends than you can ever know.I feel that our thanks is not enough but as you go through your time in prison I thought that I must let you know how much your work for legalization has meant to the people that I work with for the same goals you have given your life for.FREE THE WEED and again Thank You and Jodie too. Peace and Pot!

  10. Dave on

    They put him in jail because they didn’t like his business model and now they want him to teach business to prisoners for free. If not for free then pretty much for slave wages! Does anyone else see the irony in this? On the other hand, think of all the self funded activists he can motivate for the cause.

    If memory serves me, didn’t they, a few years ago, also steal (seize) his seeds for resale through Health Canada; now they want to steal his knowledge?