RCMP Holding Newfoundland Man’s Medicinal Marijuana

A St. John’s man had a shipment of medical marijuana confiscated when he went to pick up a package at a courier outlet and was met instead by the RCMP.

Richard Oakley, who tested positive for HIV 25 years ago, moved back to the province from British Columbia three months ago to be near family.

He has approval from Health Canada to take medical marijuana.

He said he received the first package since coming home without a problem from his designated grower in B.C.

But last week, when he tried to claim his second delivery of marijuana and marijuana-laced chocolates, Purolator told him to come back Monday. That’s when he was met with the RCMP officer.

Oakley, a longtime volunteer AIDS activist in B.C., said he then got a call saying it was shipped illegally.

“They’re going against my civil rights as a human being. They are taking away my quality of life,” Oakley said, sifting through a stack of papers chronicling his diagnosis and access to treatment, including marijuana.

“I don’t want to cause any trouble. I just want to live my life,” he said.

“It took years and years to get the licence.”

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Boyd Merrill confirmed the RCMP is investigating.

Authorities said they’re trying to determine whether the supplier of the drugs is registered under Health Canada’s guidelines before handing the package over to Oakley.

No charges are being considered at this point, Merrill said.

Oakley said he understood as long as the package doesn’t smell and doesn’t advertise its contents, it should be acceptable.

He said the marijuana eases his nausea from taking a cocktail of medicine, and relieves his pain.

He also has neuropathy, which freezes nerves in his feet. The marijuana helps him go for walks and keep the blood flowing, he said.

Oakley said that since his supply was taken, he hasn’t been able to endure his pills.

“I’m getting sicker by the minute. I can’t take my medication without throwing up,” said Oakley,

He warned that if the symptoms of his disease flare up, it will cost the Newfoundland government a lot of money to take care of him.

Susan Munn, Purolator’s national director of security and loss prevention, said the courier company doesn’t have access to an approved grower’s list and cannot identify whether a package is illegal under federal narcotics laws or legal under medical marijuana regulations.

But she said if it’s suspicious or damaged, the company is obligated to notify police.

According to Health Canada, one company has a contract through the federal government to supply medical marijuana.

Oakley said he doesn’t deal with the federal supplier, but has the designated grower in B.C.

Oakley left home at 13 when his mother died and went to Calgary to live with an older brother.

He eventually ended up in B.C. Now, he said he wants to continue studies he left off years ago at Memorial University in Newfoundland, and be near his family in the province. He has a dozen siblings and they have numerous children and grandchildren between them all.

Oakley said he contracted HIV in the mid-to-late 1980s — the height of the AIDS crisis when a diagnosis was almost a certain death sentence. Oakley said he accidentally got pricked with a needle while helping care for people with the disease.

He said he suffers from survivor’s guilt because of friends who have died.

“I’m after losing 200 people. I am a miracle,” he said, adding he’s had lymph node cancer and pneumonia that nearly killed him. A long scar under his jawline marks the place where the cancer was cut out.

He said doctors and the people at treatment centres have kept him going all these years.

“I’ve never spread it. I’ve always been into prevention and the quality of life of all involved,” Oakley said.

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.




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  2. Canadian Citizen on

    Will this drag on till Oakley dies from lack of legally supplied marijuana, and most packages that Purolater handles are damaged in transit.

  3. Canadian Citizen on

    Will this drag on till Oakley dies from lack of legally supplied marijuana, and most packages that Purolater handles are damaged in transit.

  4. Anonymous which has allowed on

    I am an injured worker who has been subjected to criminal negligence by workers compensation in Saskatchewan; I made many complaints to RCMP who have never investigated; I have evidence “Beyond a shadow of doubt”

    This proves that RCMP and Government work hand in hand to oppress Canadian Citizens;

    I have been returned to work driving a semi-truck on morphine / oxycontin / baclofen / amytriptyline, with diagnosed but not accepted or treated spinal injuries;

    Due to this i was further injured and again denied medical care requested by physicans, ortho specialists, neurosurgeons;

    I was denied pain centre, and prescribed a fentanyl patch, without even being properly diagnosed;

    In 2006 while searching on the internet for information to try to alleviate my severe pain, i found a website that described my symptoms to a “T”.

    I took all this information to many physicans and sent it to wcb who blatantly disregarded and failed to properly conduct any investigation or physical examination to investigate my complaint ;

    In 2009, I was diagnosed with exactly what I was saying and have since been denied medical care for this spinal work injury;

    I have caught WCB, (workers compensation Sask) in lie after lie;

    In 2011, I paid out of pocket, (I am on Canada Disability $650 month) for treatment’s which the WCB consultant stated I need just to be able to perform physiotherapy;

    WCB has been sending out false medical information to treating physicans regarding my injuries so no treatment is forthcoming;

    They have breached privacy law, like it didn’t even exist, and the Sask Privacy commissioner didn’t even investigate my complaint which has allowed
    WCB to keep divulging my private medical and financial information, imagine this- I went to a practitioner for medical help who I had never seen before;

    What awaited me was falsified medical information on his computer, that WCB sent, just to prevent the truth from being known; I did not give WCB the authority to release my private medical information or financial information to this practitioner, so you guess why they did it!

    Much the same as the individual above;

    Neglect is a passive form of abuse in which the perpetrator is responsible to provide care for a victim who is unable to care for oneself, but fails to provide adequate care to meet the victim’s needs, thereby resulting in the victim’s demise.

    Neglect may include failing to provide sufficient supervision, nourishment, medical care or other needs for which the victim is helpless to provide for him/her/itself. The victim may be a child, physically or mentally disabled adult.

  5. Anonymous on

    Firstly, Purolator is the last people you would want to ship drugs through because they are known to cooperate with the police. Secondly, it appears from the Purolator statement that the package was damaged and some weed was visible so they had to report it. The police also had to do their job. You have to actually use some common sense when shipping weed. Using some durable packaging might be a good start. He had it sent all the way from BC to Nfld with apparently careless packaging. I guess he had to use Purolator because of the postal strike. See how much trouble those greedy [email protected]@rds caused? Now they have a slightly worse deal than they would have had if they accepted the last offer AND they have to dig out of their own mess of piled up mail with only one hour of overtime. Gee, that worked out well, huh posties?

  6. Anonymous on

    RCMP knows full well that marijuana helps sick people, and its obvious the dude has HIV. Thanks a lot for protecting our sick and dying citizens of society you douche bag RCMP.