Feds Remind States: Marijuana is Illegal

On Wednesday, the Justice Department issued a shot across the bow to states wrestling with how to regulate the growing and distribution of medical marijuana.

Not only are these actions still illegal under federal law, but the Justice Department can also prosecute “those who knowingly facilitate such activities,” including state and local officials.

In The Pot Republic, a joint investigation with the Center for Investigative Reporting airing July 26, we’ll look at how we got to this point. Today more than a third of all states are experimenting with some form of legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, with several California counties attempting to openly regulate pot production. The city of Oakland, Calif. went so far as to propose licensing four massive indoor pot-growing facilities — each the size of two football fields.

But can the federal government roll back the market that medical marijuana laws have opened up? Stay tuned…

– Article originally from Frontline.