New Democrats Against the Drug War: End Prohibition at the NDP National Convention

CANNABIS CULTURE – A group of New Democrats called “End Prohibition” will be out in full force at the NDP Convention this weekend, according to the organization’s founder Dana Larsen.

“We have over 1000 NDP members and supporters across Canada who have signed up to join our group,” said Larsen, who recently ran for the leadership of the BC NDP. “We have a table booked at convention and we are promoting a resolution on marijuana and drug policy reform.”

One prominent End Prohibition member in attendance as an NDP delegate is Matt Mernagh, the Toronto medicinal marijuana patient and advocate who recently won a major court decision which found the federal government’s medicinal marijuana program to be unconstitutional. The Mernagh decision will result in possession and production of marijuana being legal for all Canadians on July 11, barring a successful appeal or delay by the federal government.

“I am pleased to belong to a party which has consistently stood up for my rights as a medicinal marijuana user,” said Mernagh, who has been an NDP member for eight years.

“Our organization has played a prominent role in shaping NDP drug policy at the provincial level,” continued Larsen. “Over the past 7 years We have helped to write and pass resolutions on marijuana and drug policy reform in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Yukon. We have also worked closely with Deputy Leader Libby Davies, who also serves as the party’s drug policy spokesperson.”