Days of Homegrown Medicinal Pot Could be Numbered

The federal government is expected to announce new rules for growing medical marijuana which would make it so only licensed growers would be permitted to cultivate and distribute it.

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The move would eliminate individual and private growers from the current system, whereby eligible people apply to Health Canada which then issues the licence.

People in the dispensing community who have been hearing about the impending change say it’s unwelcome, and will do more harm than good.

“By privatizing the industry, they’ll effectively be removing the rights of medical cannabis patients to produce their own cannabis,” said Adam Greenblatt, a spokesman for the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. “That’s problematic because you have patients who spend many years trying to find the variety that works for them, and also because some patients have invested a lot of money in growing supplies.”

A spokesman for the health minister said they will begin consulting on new rules in the “near future.” Steve Outhouse wouldn’t give specifics about any changes, but said the rules “will balance patient access to medical marijuana while strengthening public safety.”

Recently, mayors and councillors across the country have been complaining, saying the current system poses dangers when growers don’t follow local electrical, health and safety bylaws.

At the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference earlier this month, delegates approved a resolution to ask that Health Canada issue licences only to growers who have already received a licence from their respective municipality.

In March, the mayors of two towns in southern British Columbia wrote to Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, saying too many licences are floating around, making it impossible for municipalities to know who is licensed and whether those growers are operating safely. The mayors of Langley, B.C. and the Township of Langley, B.C. also wrote that they knew “based on actual cases, that there is significant misuse of many licences and the volume of product produced often exceeds an individual’s personal requirement.”

Late last month, RCMP drug investigators in B.C. arrested three men and seized a helicopter after raiding a Maple Ridge property growing almost seven times more pot than its two medical marijuana licences permitted. The Federal Drug Enforcement Branch found 1,490 plants instead of the 220 permitted by two licences provided by Health Canada to grow medical pot.

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.



  1. Anonymous on

    I know people love to hate, but it was the left Liberals who gave us this stupid Policy instead of legalizing it when they had the opportunity. ALL parties support prohibition, don;t be fooled … ALL political parties are liars.

  2. Dave_s Not Here on

    Harper and his gang of thugs believe that the earth is six thousand years old and that man walked with the dinosaurs. They’re on a mission from GOD to punish everyone who doesn’t believe and behave as they do. Does any right-thinking, freedom-loving Canadian think deluded thugs like that can be made to listen to reason and facts? Not a snowball’s chance in Hell!

    We’re stuck with this gang of deluded thugs for the next four years at least. That’s unless enough of his lackeys have their consciousness raised somehow and cross the aisle to the NDP. Don’t count on it.

    If Harper and his gang of thugs remain in place until the next election, there may not be a next election after they’ve consolidated their control over everything.

    For sure there’s a scandal or two or three in Harper’s closet and maybe someday one will be revealed sufficient to drive him off the political scene forever. I hope and pray.

  3. Dave_s Not Here on

    A new age has dawned in Canada. A gang of deluded, ignorant, mercenary, Christian fundamentalist, rapturista thugs has taken over Canada’s government and now all the decent, right-thinking, freedom-loving Canadian patriots like ourselves are in for a rough ride for a while.

    We’ve been through this before, at least we older folks have, and we survived it. We will survive it again although some, unfortunately, will be making sacrifices for our cause.

    I heep alive the hope that someday the decent and right-thinking, freedom-loving Canadians, like myself, will manage to take our country pack from the usurping thugs. Then I’d like to see them all get what’s coming to them and what they so richly and justly deserve.

  4. Anonymous on

    Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed/Pot/Hemp has been and still is a threat to the profits of Pharma Corps. Control the health of a person, control there personal freedoms.
    We’re living in 2011, you’d think we’d be beyond all the prohibition shit by now. But yet it continues and governments still persist to implement law and policies against the plant.

  5. Anonymous on

    as stakeholders in the industry you must absolutely disagree with not being able to grow your own.
    you want to take the plant that is granted to you one earth as a relatively safe and natural herb and grow it for almost free so you know what went into it. if they want to complain about electrical safety then it should be no different that plugging in any other equipment. your wiring should be suitable. it is no reason for tromping on someones right to grow their own medicinal plants because it might be unsafe to plug in gear. they would face the risk and the penalty for going overload. that is the penalty. not growing medicine because some people do it incorrectly with regards to power. lets say they make a rule based off some people using too many amps on the one line..but you yourself only use one lamp and do not break that code..then they should not bust you with a penalty made about for other peoples wrongdoings with regard to power. same as safety in terms of people stealing do not have to worry about safety one it is dry or safety once you take your medication home or their would be need to bey secure vaults for other medicine that can be used incorrectly by others.
    do not take this. what you do is say you as a stakeholder will not agree to the new rules if that is the terms and if the stakeholders do not agree then the objectives will not be reached because there will be almost zero compliance. it works for every other industry as it should.

  6. serge joncas on

    you are a smart man i wish more people would see it also. i have been smoking cannabis for a long time no bad effects im working have 2 house and i think the bad drugs are from big pharma i have a few friends on ocxicontin that are paranoid like i have never seen any drugs do before big pharma = goverment they decide what drugs to give us

  7. Anonymous on

    Well Canadian voted majority for conservative government. So now the conservatives are building new prisons to solve the canadian housing problem
    and will put all growers behind bars and keep on telloing them what to do with their houses, what sexual practices are acceptable in the Canadian bedrooms and so on and so on. The charter of rights will always be like it is a pure dream of freedom and liberties. Fuck!

  8. Anonymous on

    This is a policy developed by Stephen Harper for Canada? You thought you guys had it bad with Bush. Bush at least said it straight out that he hated pot smokers. Harper smiles and looks at you with pity.

    Like your a lower being.

  9. Anonymous on

    Be good slaves and ask your oppressors for permission and this is what you get! LOL! OBUSHMA is pimpin’ all you fools that believe that the religious right or left are the problem. The whole Fed Reserve/IRS scam from the top down through NATO/UN world government countries, multi national corporate interests control those who play by there rules. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
    RON PAUL 2012

  10. Anonymous on

    They are just going to make things worse. No one is going to listen and allow large scale private producers. These people are morons. They already have a company producing it and no one wants their cannabis. The people they hire to grow it know nothing about cannabis. They grow one strain that is garbage that no one wants. All I can say is good luck trying to implement this because all the medicinal users are just going to continue growing their own.



    The people in the present authority who deny your god given right to cure have to be prosecuted by the citizens of the world — like yesterday please.

    Jesse Ventura brings to consciousness for everyone the truth of the biological war creating a living holocaust on North America. Under Our Skin the Lyme disease awareness movie brings the devastating consequences of the biological weapon to the audiences of the world.

    Marijuana prohibition is what made the Lyme weapon so very powerful. The womb of the mother must be defended by every living citizen that cares about having any chance to be reborn healthy.


  12. Anonymous on

    implementing this, implementing that. The whole prohibition on cannabis is like a merry go round. Around and around we go.. when will it stop nobody knows. The Conservative party does “not care” what anyone thinks. They do as they please. We can wake up one morning and hear about new crazy policies about MM.
    Harper does NOT care about whats right. He does NOT care whats real and true regarding marijuana and what it can do for people. Steve does NOT care about your feelings or what you have to say about Marijuana. BUT he does care about what the DEA has to say. He does care about Pharma Corps giving his party $$$ to hold back the Marijuana legalization movement. He does care about secret deals behind the scenes.
    Whether we like it or not, Harpers government will continue to dish out lies, deceit, and debacles. Hes done it before and will continue to do it again and again. He does NOT stand for what the people want, because he does NOT CARE, period. there im done my rant for this evening.

  13. Anonymous on

    All of these problems are the result of a useless federal medical marijuana plan that has no true follow through. If paperwork was being done right on Health Canada’s end then they would know exactly how many growers there are and where they are. That information should also be handed over to the municipalities so they know exactly what is what. Also random inspections of your abode if your a legal grower would be a way to curb overgrowing though that brings its own issues.

  14. Anonymous on

    It will be destroyed beyond usefulness. The new political reality in Canada is, smoking marijuana is against Harper’s religion. To all those who blindly voted for the Conservative Party. Beware, for you know not of what you have done!