Things Go better With Coke!

Do things really go better with coke? According to this video they don’t go at all unless the world financial nerve system is constantly stimulated by it.

This certainly doesn’t make us confident about the future of world capitalism. Now we know exactly where the bankers and the mob meet.

What a great Christmas card this will make. The white flakes of coke gently falling on the main office of Wachovia Bank, only to be shoveled into the vault.



  1. bud shakespeare.the bard upon pot on

    this is what RON PAUL has been saying all along. if, god forbid, obama is re-elected,he should appoint the drug lords to be in charge of the DEA. oh, i forgot,they already are.

  2. Lee Eisenstein on

    Daniel Hopsicker’s site has covered this beat for years. Yes, our largest banks and corporations launder hundreds of billions of dollars in illegal drug money, every year. No wonder Uncle Sam loves the drug war!

    Daniel Hopsicker

    btw, some of the 9/11 players were working the same territory in Florida, before the attacks, as he documents.

  3. Tony Aroma on

    Yet another reason the war on drugs cannot end: Illegal drug money drives the world economy.

  4. Anonymous on

    So if all the coke heads quit snorting then the economy would be finished. Maybe those scum bags have some use after all.

  5. Unsurprised on

    Let’s see if I understand this – ‘war on drugs’ started to increase cost of the product – create a ‘criminal middle-man’ to handle production/sales and allow for the illusion that the government wasn’t actually in charge. The ‘criminality’ required earnings to be further ‘laundered’ thru banks – another way to siphon off cash – with the governments take now thoroughly scrubbed. ‘War on drugs’ eventually led to the ‘error’ of pushing banks to lessen the laundering ( the obviousness at least). This led the ‘drug cartels’ to withdraw cash leading to banks failing and economy crashing.

    Governments world wide are now reconsidering the ‘war on drugs’. It seems the only thing new they are actually considering is getting rid of one of their middlemen.