Michael Bloomberg: New York’s Sociopathic Mayor

I recently visited New York and had a great time. Even with the unemployment on Wall Street, it was alive and booming. Manhattan’s prosperity is spreading to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and beyond.

Bloomberg has done a great job for New York, leading it to a glamour not seen for fifty years. Bloomberg seems to love New Yorkers too. For the most part he has improved the quality of life in the city.

I have just one complaint. His policies have caused the death of thousands of people and misery for hundreds of thousands more. As he pursues these policies he knows their effect, so he is knowingly culpable.

New York State laws allow police to ticket people with less than an ounce. Bloomberg has everyone caught with pot arrested, even just a joint. New York City police make almost 50,000 marijuana arrests per year. How does this translate to Bloomberg being a sociopath?

Before Guilliani was mayor, authorities took a rather benevolent attitude towards pot. They didn’t quite tolerate it, but it wasn’t a major concern and it wasn’t emphasized. As far as a non legalized place it was a fairly good place to be a weed aficionado. Light enforcement and fair availability.

Gulliani, a former federal prosecutor, changed that policy more than 16 years ago. Marijuana became top priority and NYC started to rise to the top of the list of the most prohibitionist cities.

Guiliani has an excuse for his policies. He is ignorant and unteachable. Bloomberg has no such excuse. He himself has said in reference to whether or not he has used marijuana, “you bet I did and I enjoyed it.” He must know that it is much more benign than recreational drugs. He knows that the damage of marijuana to the individual and the society is slight as compared with alcohol, amphetamine or other pop drugs.

Lets talk about damage to the individual. The bars are packed in New York and the culture encourages drinking. A fair percentage of these people who pick up the habit in their late teens or early 20’s will become alcoholics. Some people will become addicted to powders or pills. If marijuana were legal, or at least available without much risk, a fair percentage of those people would have displayed harm reduction behavior and would have changed their consciousness using marijuana instead.

New York is a big city. It is home to more than 8,000,000 people. Any policy affects a lot of people. A slight turn to the right may exclude thousands. Mayor Bloomberg’s pothibitionist policy has doomed hundreds of thousands to a life fighting alcoholism and condemned tens of thousands to death early death from it. Other’s use of prescription drugs and powders is leading them to a fast slam into a brick wall.

A simple policy change, placing more emphasis on harm reduction, such as lowering the violent crime and spousal abuse rates rather than spending $25,000,000 a year on marijuana enforcement would affect hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers for the better.

So, in spite of Bloomberg’s accomplishments, he holds a prominent space in the list of marijuana drug war criminals. Over his 10 years in office he has been responsible for a minimum of 20,000 premature deaths from alcoholism and other drugs of abuse.

This is truly a shame. He had the potential to be a real reformer but he turned to the dark side.

As I write this my friend Carmen is sitting here. He just said, “If Bloomberg is a Drug War Criminal what about Obama? He knows better, marijuana was influential in his life and he now suffers from MDS. But he is the biggest Drug War Criminal in U.S. history. There are now more busts than ever and they are coordinated by the Dept. of Justice. He (the government) is going after medical marijuana users more than any other president and he refuses to listen to his constituents, experts, sociologists or anyone but cops. He is also a Drug War Criminal.”

Martin’s reply, “Like you, Ed, I will never vote for someone who wants to put me in jail, even for just a little while.”



  1. Frank C on

    Simply put, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Why not vote for the true alternative to the “two-party” no choice system. Vote for a Constitutionalist. Someone who believes in the same principles as our Founding Fathers, who managed to construct a document that has held relevant for the last 235 years.

    I find it incredible the number of people who will vote for a candidate without ever knowing the truth behind that person’s voting record and real stance on the issues that matter.

    Anyone who would have investigated Obama’s record before 2008 would have known he wasn’t a true “Liberal” in that the majority of his voting was to help the Special Interests, and the largest taxpaying corporations in his State.

    If you want a real alternative, you need to vote for Ron Paul. His stance on Cannabis has always been more favorable. In fact, look up House Resolution 2306 from 2011, and you will see that Congressmen Paul Co-sponsored this bill to end Federal Marijuana Prohibition. This would finally return the law to the hands of the individuals that should be making these decisions, the State.

    For those of you who haven’t passed basic Civics, the Federal Government was created by the States. Not the other way around. The only authority that the Federal Government has, is that granted it by the States. This is intended to prevent the Federal Government from overstepping it’s bounds and becoming tyrannical.

    We need a Constitutionalist in the White House, because he will restore this Republic to it’s great roots. The foundations of Liberty that made this country the greatest Nation for all those wishing to be free.

    Don’t forget the real difference between the two “Wings” of political parties. The Left (Democrats) believe in more government to solve the people’s problems. The Right (Republicans) believe that less government is the solution. That the People know what’s best for them.

    However, don’t get caught up in the Left vs. Right Paradigm, it’s mostly an illusion, the majority of the candidates on either side just want bigger government, more funding, and more power.

    Look for the people that do what they say they will, and Ron Paul is one of those people. Along with his son Senator Rand Paul, the Freshmen US Senator from Kentucky, these men do what they say, and vote how they feel. They will stand up for the will of the people, and stop letting the Banks and Special Interests dominate the proceedings of Congress, and the White House.

  2. Anonymous on

    But, if you don’t vote for someone (President Obama) who will ‘put you into prison for a little while’ then you will potentially allow someone even more conservative to take office & ‘put you into prison for a longer while’.

    -if you do not choose the lesser of two evils, as you should, then you are virtually handing over the nation to the worse of two evils: compromise is required for progress, especially in an election. Taking inaction is sometimes worse than taking action you don’t completely agree with.

    If cannabis rights supporters (ethics fans) do not vote for President Obama in November 2012, then they will be allowing votes for a far worse drug war criminal to take office… Republicans are more fervently in favor of the war against certain drugs, that is beyond reasonable doubt. The claim that President Obama is going after cannabis users more than any other president is probably leaving out how much the cannabis industry in the US is growing; it’s growing, rightfully, and the US is abusing more people as a result.

    -the GOP will go after cannabis users even more, clearly, they’re not shy about saying exactly that… the red states are the worst for abuse of rights, and votes for the GOP candidate, be it Romney or Pawlenty, should be cancelled out by votes for the more Left & cannabis-friendly candidate plus some.
    This is not an issue to be pacifistic about… we do should not vote for the candidate we agree with completely, but should vote for the best candidate who is likely to win! It’s not rocket science! It’s politics!