Cannabis Culture News LIVE Will Return Next Week

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. CCN LIVE will not be aired this week, but will return next week with a new episode.

We are at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto for the weekend, taking part in Canada’s biggest marijuana trade show. Due to Internet and computer issues, there will be no episode this week, but tune in next FRIDAY, JUNE 10 at 4PM for a new episode hosted by Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Watch CC in coming days for complete coverage of the Treating Yourself Expo.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Anonymous on

    If I build a Bird House for every day that we waited for marijuana legalization of responsible marijuana use for helping the body, and vital organs what become unhealthy over long periods of time.

    Than the Bird’s would have more houses than we do.

  2. Anonymous on

    Four years ago, I watched POT TV online. And marijuana legalization wasn’t as sucessful.
    Now as we enter 2011, and the marijuana deprived world. Film makers are starting to put out movies based on the world coming to an end.

    Do we see the connection here people…?

  3. Anonymous on

    Well being that I have been watching POT TV since it came online.

    After watching these video’s about marijuana in hopes it is true.

    I have managed to convince myself, I will one day wake up to hear Cannabis has been magically legalized. Overnight…

    But unlike Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We may never see a Stephen Harper Cannabis Factory.

  4. Anonymous on

    Cannabis legalization takes years. Years of the same process with no solution.

    Next weeks going to be the same with Emery not here to speed legalization up.

    And we can’t do acts of desperation, like put crazy blogs about how crazy this world really gets, high or not. To speed things up.

    Is it just me who see’s all the news soon as it drops, and thinks these stories are nice. But there is more important stuff in daily life to complete.

    The canadian election is coming up. Well being a canadian citizen, it’s like the vote is a big bunny hop race and the finsh line is a jump over the wall.

    And we don’t even get a Marijuana vote as a bonus for voting, a marijuana vote for the purpose of finding results in how many people in canada are in favor for marijuana.

  5. Miranda on

    God, Jeremy. How am I gonna get my CCTV fix this week? 😛