Princess of Pot: Jodie Emery Takes Over the Fight to Legalize Marijuana

Jodie Emery photo by Lindsay Dianne ( Emery photo by Lindsay Dianne ( years Jodie Emery was a constant at the side of her husband Marc Emery at Vancouver press conferences and marijuana rallies as he fought his extradition to the United States for selling cannabis seeds across the border. While Marc worked to inform Canadians that their government had arrested him in 2005 on behalf of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as part of its controversial ‘War on Drugs’, Jodie’s presence seemed to remind people what his loss of freedom would mean on a personal level.

However, since Marc started serving his five-year sentence in the U.S. last year, Jodie has become the face and voice of the marijuana legalization movement in Canada. While taking over the mantle from Vancouver’s ‘Prince of Pot’ may have seemed daunting, Jodie has quickly proven to be a natural leader and has picked up where her husband left off. Along with being the editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, Jodie ran for the BC Green Party in the 2009 provincial election and continues to fight for marijuana legalization and to bring Marc back across the border to serve out his sentence.

A few days before the federal election, Megaphone sat down with Jodie at the Cannabis Culture head office and talked about Marc’s case, what a Conservative majority will mean for marijuana users and about how she feels about becoming Canada’s ‘Princess of Pot’.




  1. James on

    You are posting hate to the publisher of the site you posted on, anonymously. You are a joke; it is sad that the just people of our societies have to deal with jokes like you, especially when it comes to the prohibition of marijuana.

    BE FREE!

    I proudly support this movement and Jodie Emery’s cause.

  2. Shawn S on

    Great news to hear, Jodie!
    Please do a good job of representing all us atlantic canadians down here.
    Peace and pot :]

  3. Jared on

    You do know that Jodie can read that, When it comes to Marijuana we are all leaders in the fight “brother.”

    RON PAUL 2012!

  4. Calyx on

    If there could be ANY silver lining to what has happened to Marc,maybe it is that others have found the strength and ability to take the reigns and keep the mission that Marc, Jack Herer, and others created moving forward. Jodie is a young vibrant voice that captivates people and inspires them to move. We need more young strong voices to implement the plan of succession. Shit happens such as with Marc and Jack so we need more ready. It is a war from what the dirbags say so we need multiple areas of strength. I personally owe Ed Rosenthal, Marc, and Canada for showing this small town American how to find his voice. (And Green Thumb!) Thanks for the inspiration and I am behind you Jodie. And for those hating? Jodie has held it down under the worst of circumstance. Keep it up girl. Would like to see Jill from the Green Avengers become more vocal as well. Well thats it.

  5. BC_Budman on

    In case you missed it Jodie has been doing a marvelous job the past year.

  6. Anonymous on

    Lmfao.. Jodie couldn’t lead a fart from an asshole…. Jodie = Iggy
    Time for a leadership change.. Maybe Dana?