Legal Grow-op Bust Could Lead to RCMP Lawsuit

A Kootenay woman says she plans to sue the RCMP for busting her licenced medical marijuana grow-op, after federal prosecutors confirmed she won’t be facing any charges herself.

Velma Mullaney, 62, and her partner have licenses from Health Canada to grow 98 marijuana plants on her property between Nelson and Castlegar.

But she says in March police raided her place with guns drawn, kicked in doors and tore out her plants.

Mullaney told the officers the grow op was licenced but said officers refused to look at her permit or count the plants. Instead she was taken to jail and later released.

RCMP wanted her charged with cultivation, but on Monday the federal Crown prosecutors office said no charges would be laid. The office did not comment on why, but Mullaney says she now plans to sue.

‘We’re going to do a civil suit for everything they have done everything that has happened to the family. It’s been a hard time for everybody,” she said.

Mullaney’s lawyer Don Skogstad says RCMP should have just counted her plants and walked away.

– Article from CBC News.