Legal Grow-op Bust Could Lead to RCMP Lawsuit

A Kootenay woman says she plans to sue the RCMP for busting her licenced medical marijuana grow-op, after federal prosecutors confirmed she won’t be facing any charges herself.

Velma Mullaney, 62, and her partner have licenses from Health Canada to grow 98 marijuana plants on her property between Nelson and Castlegar.

But she says in March police raided her place with guns drawn, kicked in doors and tore out her plants.

Mullaney told the officers the grow op was licenced but said officers refused to look at her permit or count the plants. Instead she was taken to jail and later released.

RCMP wanted her charged with cultivation, but on Monday the federal Crown prosecutors office said no charges would be laid. The office did not comment on why, but Mullaney says she now plans to sue.

‘We’re going to do a civil suit for everything they have done everything that has happened to the family. It’s been a hard time for everybody,” she said.

Mullaney’s lawyer Don Skogstad says RCMP should have just counted her plants and walked away.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. Abolitionist on

    Cops know exactly what they are doing!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    although people generally dont like this hot headed point of view YOU ARE 100% RIGHT and that is EXACTLY why those rcmp fucks got killed out west and the same reason officers are attacked every year. maybe if we were proud of our natural and rightful reaction to authorities abuse of power the govt would actually do something about it….look at almost every violent protest in history of mankind for example. i find this lvl of corruption no less evil than moammar gadhafi and who would not support a violent fight to relieve the oppression of those people?
    we fight for our marijuana culture and individual rights like a bunch of limp-dick pushovers…just cuz sompeople are too stoned to fight for thier right doenst mean we all are. fuck the pigs – they are the good people who stand by and let evil prevail…there is no greater wrong. fuck the pigs

  3. fellow canadian on

    i hope you are rightfully compensated for the harm our govt’ has done to you and your family…is there a facebook page where i can follow the story? we need to shed as much light on these situations as possible! hang in there and good luck!

  4. Anonymous on

    Medical grower,awaiting licence,got raided by female pig.Destroyed crop and equipment.No charges though…..What the F… is the point of that????? Now relying on outpatients with increased painand Dr.’s visits to keep me sane.Depressed with increased pain. How do I start over? where do I get the money to start over if I’m in too much pain to work?????? Pigs should focus on crime and leave the cripples and pain sufferers the hell alone. Get a real F>>> job,we’re the ones paying your pay check PRICKS!!!!!!!!!! Any info to help get back on track would be helpful

  5. Anonymous on

    Worse to grow legally?…. If you had a grow op…. WHO t F would want to show the POLICE their garden once a week?
    Thats a Home invasion every week…. what the F is good about legal growing? You’re in a cell called your home if you do it! house arrest, you might as well put a ankle bracelet to keep track of every move…… WHO T F wants that to help their health!!!!!!! WHEN THE PLANT WORKS BETTER THAN MOST OFFERS!!!! THE LAWS DEFEAT THE PURPOSE!!!!!

  6. dbcooper on

    we non violent people have every right to defend ourselves against people whos only goals are to cause us harm.

    we didnt put pot smokers/ ourselves in a violent light.

  7. MultiBaller on

    Health Canada used to answer every call that came in to check the status of card holders. Police would learn the identity of the card holder and perform weekly checks on their status. Once they got an expiry, they’d follow-up on the property and bust the people inside.

    Once this became an epidemic, Health Canada became rightfully afraid that they were accidentally violating the confidentiality of card holders and stopped co-operating with police in that area.

    As for violently attacking police officers, the problem isn’t the police, and every death is tragic. But this is the side effect of the law, and this is why we must actively work to change those laws. Attack the problem at its root, and it will go away.

  8. Anonymous on

    Seriously I like your enthusiasm, but not your approach. The correct thing to do would be to install a door that cannot be broken down and refuse to open it not resort to violence you turd. It’s the violence that causes the problems so don’t use it. There is always a peaceful option.

  9. Anonymous on

    Way to put the cannabis community in a violent light, doofus.

  10. Anonymous on

    Those pigs just violated her civil rights. They raided her home when there was obviously no evidence of any illegal activity whatsoever. How hard is it for the pigs to check with Health Canada before doing an armed home invasion/robbery? If they’re not doing that checking then they are not doing a proper investigation before a search. Hey pigs, I know you’re reading this, this is why we hate your guts. This is why those Mounties got exactly what they deserved in Mayerthorpe. That’s exactly what they should have got when they smashed through that lady’s door. If I ever set up a grow-op the pigs will have to earn their pay the day they try to come through that door. The place would have cameras and motion detectors all over the place I’ll have methane tanks ready to open to fill the house. Methane is odorless. The pigs won’t even know there’s gas in there. Then I just go down in the basement and wait until I see that they are all inside and then hit the switch. Might sound extreme but it looks like we have to protect our own rights because the government won’t do it for us. If a bunch of armed men burst into your house and you know that you haven’t done anything to deserve that then I guess you have every right to light ’em up.

  11. Worm on

    Serves them right, everyone should file suit every chance they get. The man is getting carried away with violating our rights.

    Peace & Pot