Toronto Global Marijuana March Victory Parade

Fantasy fulfilled! We turned Toronto Global Marijuana March into a historic victory parade. The city hasn’t had much to celebrate. No winning sports teams. Political mess from the mayor to being surrounded by Conservative MPs. However our cannabis community continues to count down days until July 11 when marijuana possessing and personal growing is no longer a crime. A small team of people, including 22 medical marijuana patients, from across Canada made this possible. mernagh weed plantmernagh weed plant
The ruling R v. Mernagh allows me to cultivate and possess because of my team. While waiting for the epic court decision a daring dream about bringing a marijuana plant to GMM began to be hatched. I’d be exempt from the law. It kept my mind off the wait. Long before Apr. 11 ruling we met with Toronto Freedom Festival organizer Gabe Simms. He was informed over coffee the goal was to bring a plant. He said something like, “Matt if you’re exempt from the marijuana laws I’ll let you bring it on stage.” Lo and behold the vision came true.
True to his word, Simms let me go on stage with my lawyer Paul Lewin and my pot plant. The crowd roared for us. It was awesome. Today wasn’t about talking about tomorrow. Let’s live for the victory and think about court of appeal some other day.
Like all HashMob plans the idea started small. Me towing a plant in a red wagon. Then it was amped up to pay-per-view levels. Given the event. Following through on my Stanley Cup feelings a red mini cooper was rented, two hot babes rode in the front, with me strapped on the back waving like a member of the royal family. A six foot cannabis plant beside me was my Lord Stanley Cup. Unreal. The cannabis champion of the world doing Toronto Global Marijuana March styling and profiling.
Plenty of potheads had their photo taken with a plant and donated funds. Many people, including media, had never seen their source of getting stoned before. We answered questions. Performed media interviews. The best experience was meeting excited in-the-know potheads. I was as happy to meet them as they were meeting me. Smoked many great buds with many new friends.
The festival setup a parade organizing stage. Our biggest obstacle was keeping people organized as they left the park. A huge task that everyone in advance believed couldn’t be done. We proved them wrong by being able to stop and start parade participants. Reminding potheads the parade wasn’t a marijuana marathon, but a leisurely stroll. Maybe we’ll do that next year. The running of the bongs.

Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains ( by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.