The Stoner Jesus Show – April Recap

It was a crazy month on The Stoner Jesus Show, and for those who missed what went down, all of the April podcasts and linked below with summaries. Listening to podcasts is hard…The Stoner Jesus Show wants to make it more unhard.

The Stoner Jesus Show – To Catch A Predator [#14]
– We did another awesome show! We played some awesome songs, did a Stoner Jesus Infomercial for Skippy O’Reilly’s Happy Penis Pills, updated you on negotiations with St. Peter, and Stoner Jesus had a run-in with Chris Hansen. Oh, and the crew was very drunk. It was all brought to you by

The Stoner Jesus Show – Stoner Jesus Helps You Get The Poon And/Or Peen [#13]
– Another award-winning (if they gave awards for such things) episode of The Stoner Jesus Show is here! We did “Celebrity News,” discussed the aftermath of 4/20, played some awesome music, and SJ gave you some pickup lines to use on your guy or gal of choice.

The Stoner Jesus Show – The 4/20 Specialtacular Extravaganja [#12]
– Happy 4/20 bitches! In this 4/20 special we updated you on the search for St. Peter, reviewed a bong from (photo below), played some great 4/20 music, and SJ told you the REAL story behind the number 420. Share with our friends and download on iTunes.

The Stoner Jesus Show – Banned From Ustream [#11]
– Another great episode of the best podcast in the world is here! We did “Weed News” from The 420 Times, talked about how Stoner Jesus and St. Peter helped to end slavery, updated the Tattoo Challenge and Butterface Tournament, played some great music from the email, and discussed the banning of our live show from Ustream.

The Stoner Jesus Show – St. Peter’s Herpes Cream [#10]
– We recorded a live podcast tonight with a full crew in studio, and it went pretty well. We will do another live show soon, as we have already found the technology for better transitions between songs and the show. We did updates on the Tattoo Challenge, the Butterface Tournament, the Hate Group Softball League, as well an infomercial for St. Peter’s Herpes Cream.

The Stoner Jesus Show – The Search For St. Peter [#9]
– Another bad-ass show in the books. We discussed world news, did “Stoner Jesus Pickup Lines,” played a prank call, updated the Tattoo Challenge and Butterface Tournament, and began the search for SJ’s old sidekick, St. Peter.

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