The Stoner Jesus Show Is Taking The World By Storm

Loved by millions (or less), assailed on Facebook for being in “poor taste,” The Stoner Jesus Show never fails to get a reaction. You either love it, hate it, or never heard of it, or maybe you don’t even care. But one thing is for sure: it’s a podcast.

Recent examples of Excellence in Podcastery:

The Stoner Jesus Show – Rate The Bait [#6]: Had an awesome show, got wasted with a full studio and did the most awesome and popular bit in Stoner Jesus Show history, “Rate The Bait.” Also played some awesome music and a great prank call.

The Stoner Jesus Show – St. Patrick’s Day Special [#5]: We did an awesome show for all you bitches! We had a full crew in the studio with Stoner Jesus, his girlfriend, Raven, and Stoner Skitzo. We did “Drunks Vs. Stoners,” played some great tunes, and told you the real story about St. Patrick.

The Stoner Jesus Show – The Mel Gibson Interview [#4]: Crazy show, we did “Weed News” from The 420 Times, got updates on The Twitter Tattoo Challenge and 2011 Butterface Tournament, played all underground music, and had a kick-ass interview with the one-and-only Mel Gibson!

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