Marc Emery’s Plea to Vote on May 2nd

Remember the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989? After 38 years, it just came down; no one predicted it. History was made by people making history, peaceful history, defying the powerful despots of East Germany. Then all the other Eastern European commissars and dictators were cast aside into the ‘dustbin of history’ within a year of that momentous but unanticipated event. Who knew the power of removing another brick from a wall?

Tunisia and Egypt recently threw out their tyrants through people power and the internet, and just being brave. The wave of freedom is hard to stop once it starts.

In Canada, we are about to see a historical event happen this Monday May 2nd, days away. We are about to see what could be the New Democratic Party government of Canada, relegating the tyrant Stephen Harper and his evil Conservatives to that same dustbin where other tyrants lay obsolete and despised.

But this history requires you to take action on Monday May 2nd. It requires you to be part of history, part of the wave of freedom. The NDP Members of Parliament supported my repatriation back to Canada in a letter to the US Department of Justice. The US Department of Justice ignored a letter from opposition Members of Parliament on April 6 when they refused my transfer back to Canada. NDP MP Libby Davies has said, speaking at Vancouver’s April 20 15,000-strong rally, that she will never stop trying to bring me back to Canada. She will never stop opposing the drug war. She praises compassion clubs and railed against Bill S-10 (mandatory prison for pot) and promised decriminalization if the NDP is in power.

Well, now, in a historical energy never before massed, the NDP is running even with the Conservatives in some polls and may supersede them in momentum and votes in the days leading up to election day on Monday, May 2nd, only days and hours away. Think about it: your vote on Monday could put a permanent end to the Conservative prison-military proposals, the mandatory minimum jail sentences for as few as six plants. Your vote on Monday could rid Canada of the worst tyrant in the history of our beloved Canada.

In Canada, we don’t make change with guns, rockets, bombs; we do it with ballots. And on Monday, I invite you to make history. Vote like your life really does depend on it. Freedom is in the balance. Legalization vs. Mandatory Minimums. Me being brought home soon by an NDP government vs. me in the US gulag at Harper’s pleasure. It’s all possible if you take a few hours out of your Monday to strike a blow for liberty, freedom, peace and justice. Please vote – my freedom, literally, and yours, hangs in the balance. History, depending on your decision to take action, and those of your friends and neighbours, is ready to be made.

Tunisia, Egypt, and now Canada! An end to tyrants and a restoration of justice! History on Monday! Make it happen! Vote!

Go to for information on where, when, and how to vote!

For advice about who to vote for, go to:

All power to the Canadian Cannabis Culture!
With greatest respect and excitement,
Yours in liberty,
Marc Emery

P.S. I am still as libertarian as I ever have been. The NDP, however, is the most preferable of all the viable political parties to bring about an end to the cannabis prohibition, to legalize medical marijuana and compassion clubs, to reform the RCMP, to run an honest, transparent government, and to reverse the corruption fostered under the Harper Conservatives.

The NDP will scrutinize the wasteful spending on military planes and wars in Libya and Afghanistan. The NDP will bolster our civil liberties while Harper has taken them away. A Layton government will have devoted civil rights advocates in MP’s Libby Davies and Thomas Mulclair. The Layton government will certainly not raise taxes for the middle class, and it’s likely we will see much less corporate welfare. An NDP government will halt the prison building frenzy started by Stephen Harper, and abandon mandatory-minimum jail sentences for cannabis as was vigorously promoted by the Harper government.

I find the contrast between the dictatorial, theocratic Stephen Harper and his sycophantic MPs and Jack Layton’s much wider and vocal intellectual pool of potential MPs far more consistent with the diverse views in Canada’s multi-ethnic, multi-opinionated people. There is not a single area of governance where Stephen Harper is preferable to Jack Layton, and there are many areas of Harper’s agenda and governance that are outright evil, wasteful, and simply wrong for Canada.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    we know he did the dirty on several boys in van

  2. Fellow Canadian on

    Mark you most certainly are a patriotic Canadian.
    But there is a time and place. You are not an ignorant man, have you forgotten where you are as they will “take care of you”.
    Then the fight, all hopes and dreams are over for you your wife and many Canadians.
    In the words of a great patriotic Canadian Dr. Robert Nelson of Montreal “There is a time and place to set forth, now is not the time and you are not in such place”.

    You should study if in any way possible: Lois Riel, Dr. Robert Nelson, John Hancock, John F Kennedy “the secret society”, etc. Once it is understood how to deal with the power of who belittled or berid of these men, you may have a chance.

    For what you have done and for you to be rewarded in this way should be an ultimate sign to you of how you have designed this incorrectly. Why else would you be where you are today. Are you an Evil man? No. Are you a Hurtfull man? No. See what Im getting at here.
    When you are a so called free man in Canada once again, we need to sit and talk with Roger Pion of The Peoples Political Party.
    Until then. Please don’t let the place make YOU insane.

  3. Anonymous on

    Really unfortunate about the election, I’m in the USA, but I was keeping up to see if the tides would turn in Canada….I’m so fucking sorry man, for all of us, but mostly for you right now. Do not fret, we are all steady growing like no tomorrow, and cannabis as medicine is gaining new ground in general acceptance in the USA.

    P.S. Fuck Stephen Harper, the Canadian George Bush.

    P.P.S. Excuse my swearing if this site doesn’t allow it, feel free to replace words of passion with *’s if necessary. But I meant that shit.

  4. Anne ominous on

    well not to stray

    the berlin wall fall and soviet beak up
    [which pope jean paul and reagan worked so hard for]
    was the result of chernobyl

    because the soviets could not cope alone with the disaster
    and were FORCED to ask outsiders to come in
    the security breach was fatal to the secret society
    of ussr

    the result … break up of ussr and fall of the wall

    i remember well the fall of the wall
    author of a book on mind control
    and studying intelligence/counter-intelligence ops for 40 years
    i delight in sharing the unknown truths behind the curtain

    the ”””” wave of freedom ”” the op refers to is not freedom
    but a fraud involving secret societies blood lines and aspects which are contrary to the veil/illusion called freedom

    it is of course a waste to debate such things
    ending in neurotic name-calling and immature conflict
    but reading on these subjects shows freedom to be exactly that


    events in the arab world are orchestrated by intel groups
    even the koran burner was shown to be a contact of hillary long before the burning

    i feel it important to continue to warn ppl the profession of freedom is a trick

    it reveals who and where the voices of dissent lie
    ppl are then tagged for life
    as commies were in mcarthyism

    everyone should be warned
    in advance
    to fight for freedom
    is inprisinment

    it ruins lifes

    of course i spent 22 days in jail without food
    suffered illegal incarceration and torture in canada
    ans was exiled from the usa long before marc’s troubles began

    i speak from both study and experience
    as well as compassion

    this talk of freedom is a trap to idealistic ppl
    i suggest ppl be warned and educated on the trap
    before jumping

    just a friendly word to the wise

  5. Anonymous on

    we are going to need a lawyer to try this concept…..where should we send the donations to start the process….

  6. Anonymous on

    It is time to push for trial of non smoked cannabis. If it works, let the science lead policy.
    Let them not stand behind ” smoked” cannabis is not medicine.

  7. Odduck on

    Just returned from the polls where I gladly threw my support behind the NDP…the lesser of the three evils. Thank You Mark for your personal sacrifices for all of us that still believe in liberty.

  8. beazelbud on

    Im american and I love and use cannabis everyday all day long! Im a medical cannabis user and provider! We are all not bad! just the fuckers that are running our country are bad! We have people outside of where mark was protesting his release and we are americans that care! look at sensible washington and the cannabis defense coalition and are whole movement here in washington state alone!

  9. Anonymous on

    why on god’s green earth would anyone on this ”freckin”planet take advice from an americvan…

  10. You Have No Vote on

    I am sorry to report to you that the voting system in all countries has been corrupt for decades… the USA is amongst the worst as seen in this HBO snippet, “Hacking Democracy”.

    The entire planet is being controlled by a central source.

    Only Marijuana, Hemp, Cannabis can save the world… it IS the rejected cornerstone written of in the bible.

    Marijuana is 100% SAFE!

    Mankind was given this plant by God to use to its fullest potential… only in a place called “hell” would it be banned.

    Marijuana is 100% safe and can provide ALL of mankinds needs, 100% safely.

    Marijuana seeds are the most nutritional food source known for mankind… but we can’t grow our own?

    We are being forced by world corporations to use inferior products and pay cooperations for these inferior and most often poisonous products.

    WE DON’T NEED PETROLEUM POISONOUS OIL, marijuana seed oil does everything petroleum oil does… and does it 100% SAFE!!

    BUT noooo, we are forced to use POISON to put into are cars and into our bodies… makes perfect sense to me… we are in hell.

  11. Anonymous on

    Get out there and vote OUT the Harper creeps. If Canada follows the US, and sends people to prison for every little thing, it will slowly go broke. Debt is caving in the US and the cost of imprisoning everyone for every little thing is just another liability that is destroying our beloved country. Send a powerful message to these brats that they should have more things to do with their lives than sitting around worrying about what another persons doing with theirs, and their ideas will lead to poverty.

  12. Anonymous on

    get this out there for this riding! now!

  13. Anonymous on

    Do not vote NDP or Liberal in Saanich-Gulf Islands. Green candidate Elizabeth May is the only candidate with a chance of unseating Con incumbent Gary Lunn. Here are the April 28 polling results from Project Democracy:

    25547 Con
    24764 Green
    7233 Lib
    5675 NDP
    684 other

    If these polling results are valid, Gary Lunn wins.

    Given that Greens massively lead among non-Con votes, it is unbelievable that there are still so many non-Con voters willing to waste their votes on Libs and NDP. What I have learned from years of watching Gary Lunn come up the middle is that it doesn’t pay to underestimate the ignorance of the electorate. Please vote strategically non-Con.

  14. Dave on

    How’s the new digs? Can we send letters? How about books?

  15. lostinUSA on

    Sierrashelby,not all Americans believe in the death penalty,or war overseas and especially the war on weed,or killing for killings sake as you seem to think.No matter who we vote for the “true powers” seem to get them to do their bidding.It’s already happened to Canada and your present govt is a good example of that.I truly hope that should you all be successful in ousting Harper and the harperettes and electing your man in the ndp that your wonderful country will “get back to normal”.But in truth,I think it’s a much bigger power that will ultimately control all,or so it seems.Peace….

  16. bud shakespeare,the bard upon pot on

    ron paul has got the right idea.

  17. Rev.Peter on

    Please remember that you are your government. The people that get elected by us work for us. We do not work for them. Whoever gets the job in government must do what the people want. If we dont understand and actually believe this basic fact, how can we expect any positive changes. If we all feel helpless at the hands of the polititians we hire, then it is impossible to have positive changes manifesting. Tunisia did not let their government continue and still some of the old guard and the wealthy still exist there. The people must still continue to insist on the positive changes they require. YOU ARE YOUR GOVERNMENT! Peace and Love!

  18. Medicinal Mike on

    Yes, it is up to the US government to let Marc go, but if our government asked for him from the top down, they would let him do his time here. Prime Minister Layton has a ring to it! I am a Green supporter, but as much as I trust Ms. May I know she is not going to be Prime Minister this time around. I trust Layton far more than the other 2 so called leaders. Get rid of the harper dictatorship!

  19. sierrashelby on



  20. sierrashelby on

    the americans motto is “IN GOD WE TRUST” When in actualality it should be WE WORSHIP THE DEVIL. American people feel it is okay to kill people with the death penalty and put lil ole pot smokers in jail and goes to war at a drop of the hat. These are the people who GOD will want a word or two with. If the believe in god so much why are they following the devils works and not gods laws. Thou shall not kill, one big breach of his laws the americans do on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to force whatever govt becomes control in canada to bring marc home. Plain and simple he is canadian and we dont throw pot smokers in jail here. the americans will be forced to send him home due to that one main fact of this is canada and we want a govt that wont kiss the asses of obama and his people. I say stop all trade to the states till they send marc home and pay us what they owe us for our lumber. The american motto should be used against them every chance we get to do so. Our govt sent marc states side our govt best bring marc home. they are responsible for his jail time in the states and best correct what they have done. Bring marc home and the decision lies with all canadians voicing what we want and believe in.

  21. Sungod on

    Our government thinks they can run the world and it sucks because the American people don’t agree with our own government, no matter who gets elected, yet these are the assholes representing us in the world… WTF. There will be big change in the US soon, I hope, it’s just a matter of how long people can stay willfully ignorant of the gov’s actions and the anti-american ways of our big corporations. Capitalism is great on the larger scale, between countries to have some level of interdependence , but on a community level it should be more communal/shared. The problem with both capitalism and communism is that both are extremes in opposite directions while a compromise is what we really need.

  22. Frederic prat on

    Hi Marc
    I agree with you we must fight for legalize this medicine given by God,
    As they fought in Berlin,Tunisia and Egypt
    Please canada show the way to France,we fight too and hope people won’t be hypoicrits no more and with Facebook we can join our forces
    I don’t understand those criminal senators who wants to put people in jail for using medicinal ganja,and the worst thing in jail all life long for making hash
    I grow and use it for 20 years now,and it’s very helpful to me
    Sorry for my bad english,I’m french
    Keep on fighting…

    Best regards

  23. Anonymous on

    US shouldn’t think they run the world, plain and simple.

  24. Anonymous on