Still Trippin’ The Trans Canada Highway

CANNABIS CULTURE – Due to the success of the documentary Trip – the B.C. Bud Chronicles, GS-Joe productions has decided to hit the road for a sequel, Still Trippin’ The Trans Canada Highway.

With the arrival of new state-of-the-art high definition video equipment, as well as a roadworthy R.V. nicknamed the “Pug”, the crew headed out on the highway to interview and chronicle the activities of Western Canadians and to look into all things cannabis.

With Kaj Pedersen and Sarah Williamson providing support from Kelowna, the road crew for the western Canada leg consisted of Director Greg Kedward a.k.a. GS-Joe, his personal assistant Karin Sorenby, activist and budding filmaker Jack Elliman and me, Neil Magnuson. I was one of the activists featured in Trip and will be doing the voiceover and most of the interviews for Still Trippin’. I will also be doing an abbreviated version of the Freedom Tour in conjunction with this project, which you can learn about at

After leaving Kelowna the crew made its way to Lethbridge, Alberta where a dedicated and enthusiastic group awaited our arrival at the B.O.B headquarters downtown, The locals provided hospitality, warmth and some good interveiws to get the trip started on the right foot.

The following morning involved interviewing Tamara Cartright who also cut everyone’s hair before we left to head for Saskatchewan.

We didn’t make it to Saskatchewan as planned that next day. When we stopped to do some filming at a hemp field just outside of Taber, Alberta we ended up getting invited to spend the day at the Rocky Mountain Grain Company to learn about hemp growing in Canada and interview the owner Roger Snow.

He explained the insane restrictions and regulations that hemp growers in Canada are subject to that threaten to strangle the industry out of existence.

The following day the “Pugster” broke down just after crossing into Saskatchewan, but after several hours at the repair shop we made it to Regina, where, thanks to Tim from Head to Head, we came to appreciate the history of hemp growing in early Canada – as well as the present day cannabis activists and farmers who are doing a fine job helping to make Saskatchewan a key player in the movement to re-legalize cannabis in Canada.

They are really growing cannabis “trees” here of highly potent medicine that is equal to anything being grown in Vansterdam. We went on to spend some quality time with Jeff from Skunk Funk in Saskatoon where we also interviewed an exemptee who moved us to tears.

We became quite fond of the Saskatchewan cannabis scene, but the Trip must go on, so it was with hugs and promises to return that we started heading back towards the West Coast.

Next up was Calgary, where we were hosted by the always-accomodating Calgary 420 crew, Keith and Debbie Fagin, Lisa “Mammakind” Kirkman, and Kelly Christie. After treating us to an amazing breakfast we went back to Christie’s house where we conducted interviews on the famous “cannabis couch”. Keith and Debbie then took us to meet several of the locals, including Kelly Kriston the owner of “KDK”, a wholesale outlet for cannabis paraphenalia who is well known for his big heart for, among other things, giving away vaporizers to those in need.

We visited with Dennis Young, a LEAP member and ex-police officer who compared the role of the police to tax collectors, discussed the ludicrous war on cannabis, and spoke of how the police, for the most part, merely mop up after a crime and seldom get to stop it from happening.

It was like a whirlwind in Calgary with so many interviews being done over the course of a few days and it was hard to keep track.

We also attended the 1st annual Vancouver CannaMed Fair in February, where we managed to interview most of the participants and organizers.

We then hit the 4/20 Rally at the Art Gallery in Vancouver, the largest outdoor cannabis market and 4/20 smokeout in the world.

Next, the crew splits up, with Jack and I staying to document the Global Marijuana March in Vancouver, while Greg, Karin, and Kaj head for Toronto, the home of the worlds largest version of the March.

After the March, Jack and I will join the rest of the crew in Halifax for the final and most ambitious leg of the project: crossing Canada in the “Pug” and interviewing as many activists as we can from coast to coast.

The purpose of the the documentary is to chronicle the activity, stories, and attitudes of the activists in Canada who are working to end prohibitions and re-legalize cannabis and hemp.

If you would like to participate in this historic undertaking we would like to hear from you, please contact us through the website