Hunger Strike Threatened Over Marijuana Charges in New Zealand

A Timaru man is threatening to go on a hunger strike if he is jailed for marijuana charges today, claiming the 45 plants he grew were for medicinal purposes.

Peter Davy, 51, is to be sentenced in the Timaru District Court this morning after he admitted to smoking, growing and importing cannabis.

The former IT engineer told 3News he uses the marijuana to ease pain he gets from a tumour in his pituitary gland, and for his partner, Tracey Perrin, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“The only thing that’s ever worked for me is cannabis and I’m not allowed to take it, if I take it I go to prison – those are the choices, suffer or go to prison,” Mr Davy said.

His biggest concern is for his partner, who requires 24-hour care, should he be jailed.

“I told Tracey that I would be there at the end, if anything happens to her I might not be there. If I get sent to prison she will have to go to a rest home,” he said.

Mr Davy said he has never given the drug to anyone other than his partner.

He has the support of cannabis law reformers, who believe New Zealand should follow the lead of Canada, some European countries and US states and allow the medicinal use of cannabis.

Vocal protests have been promised should Mr Davy be imprisoned.

Stephen McIntyre, spokesperson for Greencross Auckland, urged the court not to jail Mr Davy.

“Surely compassion can be shown with Peter spared from incarceration thus saving the couple – who already have enough to cope with – from any further suffering?”

– Original Article from NZ Herald.