“The Prophecy” – Chapter One of Marc’s Autobiography

This is a preview from Marc Emery’s autobiography, which he has been working on while in prison. The introductory chapter, called “The Prophecy”, is a strange but true story, seemingly foretelling Marc’s destiny when he was just 19 years old – even before he knew about marijuana.

Marc first mentioned this in an interview in CC #16, from January 1999. Click here to read “Marc Emery: The Prince of Pot speaks out“.

One Saturday in September 1977 at my City Lights Bookshop in London, Ontario, I arrived early and excitedly to work on a huge collection of books from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. It took two trips in my Chrysler van, completely loaded with at least 750 books in each trip, to bring in this purchase from the estate of a deceased person the night before. I have to say, the best collections were always from people who had just died. Usually the children or heirs had no interest in the books and many other ephemera of an entire life of a collector, and in the era before the internet or eBay, those things were either put in an estate auction or, for most people who were impatiently wanting to settle estate matters more immediately, taken away by a bookseller like me. I would pay a nominal sum, and then haul away everything they wanted disposed of.

In this case it was a lifetime collection of religious books from 1800 to about 1930, with a fair bit of British poetry volumes from 1840 to 1900, and perhaps a few hundred illustrated books from the 1870 to 1945 period, probably the best books in the collection. For the 1,500 books in total, I paid about $1,000. The retail price when I was finished marking each one of them up was going to be $10,000 to $12,000. It was a great business, and I loved the old books, as each one was a treasure that was very profitable over time. On days like this, the next morning after a pick-up, it was the most fun my job could be.

I bought a collection of old, musty, rich smelling leather bound books two or three times weekly in those days, so my store was soaked in the smell of old paper and history and stacked with the 1,500 new arrivals in every available space, on counters, on the floor, rising above the counters three feet high above my head. For me to see anyone that morning I’d have to crane my neck around skyscrapers of old books. Only right by the cash register could I see someone in the aisle way.

Upon arriving at 9:30 in the morning, I put in my classic music tape; I was partial to George Frederick Handel Water Music, or Georg Philipp Telemann Flute Sonatas, gentle soothing period music that was clearly suggestive of old books. I unlocked the front door at 10am and started taking the religious books to their section in the back of the store, as I priced a stack of about 20 or so at a time. My store was 100 feet long, so once I was at the back, all I could hear was the classical music piped into every room, and every section was tight with bookshelves stacked with books and little room to move or maneuver. I would often peer around a corner to see if anyone came through the front door or needed assistance, and tried to stay in an isolated section no more than a few minutes before returning to the front area to do another stack of books and take them to their appropriate section. I was pretty fast, but this collection would take the better of three days to price and distribute throughout the bookshop.

I was so thrilled by this new collection of books that I wasn’t particularly concerned that very few customers came in, at least for the first 90 minutes. Around a quarter to noon, my good friend and regular David Hogg came in and said “Hello,” with a bit more animation than usual. “You didn’t come out to see the woman who collapsed in front of your door?” he immediately wanted to know.

“What?” I said. “A woman collapsed? Where?” I was lost in my world and knew nothing about this.

“Right there,” he pointed outside the very door he had walked through, “on the sidewalk.”

“No; what happened?” I was surprised.

David looked at me askance. “You mean you didn’t see an old woman, her head cracked open, blood all over the sidewalk, right there? That’s hard to believe, Marc. She hit her head quite badly, apparently collapsed as she walked by, just like that.”

“Wow…” I didn’t know what to say. “No one told me.”

“Well, I don’t know how you’d miss it. Jim was following behind her and saw her fall, and called 911 from his store.” Jim Weaver was my neighbor and the owner of Belle Air Music, a guitar and instrument shop two doors over. “That was lucky for her; the ambulance was here within minutes. I showed up just as they were loading her on a gurney to take her to the hospital. Jim got a bucket of hot water and washed the blood off the sidewalk just a few minutes ago. And you didn’t see or notice any of this? Where were you?”

“Geez, I’m sorry, I guess I was in the back, with the music playing… you know how this place is.”

“But you didn’t hear the ambulance when it got here or left? It pulled up just outside your window.” David was almost accusing me of negligence or something, and I felt a bit guilty. We went out and looked at bloodstain on the sidewalk, already old-looking and dried, but clearly it was quite an injury. I did marvel that I was somehow oblivious to what had happened. “Really odd that you missed that, Marc,” David said. “I hope the old lady is going to be okay, but I don’t know, it looked pretty bad.”

I changed the subject and showed David some the old treasures I had hauled in the night before. Twenty minutes later, Jim Weaver came in and walked up to my counter, looking subtly like he had done a good deed, and also to query me. “Did you see the old woman who fell on the sidewalk just outside your door?”

“David told me about it, but I didn’t even notice. Honestly, I had no idea. I must have been in the back, maybe even downstairs in that time.”

“Well, it did all happen pretty fast. I was walking right along behind her just ten feet, on the way to get lunch from Between The Bread,” (that was our neighbourhood sandwich shop three doors over) “and I saw her just drop face forward like a ton of bricks, not a stumble, just straight as a board fell forward. Oh, and the sound of her head splitting, the ‘thunk’ sound, just enough to make you sick. Went up to her for a second and then I ran into my store and called 911. Then I came out and knelt beside her and waited. The ambulance was pretty quick but I didn’t move her and the blood was pouring out. It was terrible! It’s amazing you didn’t hear the ambulance or see any of it, it was right there in front of your doorway. I guess no one came in to tell you.”

“Not until she was gone in the ambulance, then David came in and told me, and by then you’d even washed away the blood,” I said.

“Ian came out with towels,” – Ian was his manager – “and a bucket of soapy water and our first aid kit. I didn’t want to move her though, in case her head was really badly damaged. I hope she’s going to be okay, but she was unconscious, or worse. She didn’t move or anything.”

• • •

Twenty-three days later, on a Monday morning, I was opening my store. I remember the counter was totally clear of books that day. The phone rang.

“Hello, City Lights Bookshop,” I said.

“Mr. Emery?” said an old woman’s voice.

“Yes, speaking.”

“Mr. Marc Emery?”


“Mr. Emery, you don’t know me. We’ve never met. But I know all about you.”

“Er… yes?”

“Mr. Emery, I was walking along Richmond Street three weeks ago Saturday, and I passed in front of your store when a terrible, terrible thing happened to me. As I passed in front of your store, Mr. Emery, right in front of your doorway – and I know you were inside there – in the space of an instant, just a fraction of a second, I felt this most tremendous surge of an energy… of a force… this invasion of my whole brain by YOU, Mr. Emery, a terribly painful invasion by your aura, your essence, everything that radiates from you was forced into my brain, and I collapsed and fell on the sidewalk and split my head open. I understand from the hospital, when they explained what happened, that one of your neighbours called the ambulance.

“Mr. Emery, I was released from hospital yesterday. I was unconscious, in and out of a coma for two weeks. In that time, doctors operated on me, and remarkably, I only fractured my skull, had a very bad concussion and required stitches. They don’t know why I was in a coma for two weeks, but I was on life support. After I was conscious again, I was kept in there for another week for observation, but yesterday they released me, as they think I’ll be all right. But I know why I was in a coma, Mr. Emery. I didn’t tell the doctors the reason I was there, but I’ll tell you. I only know that the entire experience I went through is all about you, Mr. Emery.

“I know all about you now, Mr. Emery, in very strange ways. It’s all I can recall from the moment my brain was attacked with this painful energy that comes from you. I know this doesn’t make any sense, Mr. Emery – how old are you, Sir?”

“I’m 19.” I was disconcerted by how she frequently called me Mr. Emery with both fear and awe, and she sounded like she was blaming me for her horrible accident.

“All the time I was unconscious, all those weeks in the hospital, the second I fell, Mr. Emery, has all been about you. That’s all I’ve been able to think about. I can’t control it. I’m very scared Mr. Emery; I’ve never met you. I knew nothing about you, I’ve never heard of you before. I’ve never been in your store, and now I feel I know too much about you. My husband made me call you to tell you of this, Mr. Emery, he thinks maybe it will stop once I tell you this… what happened to me. Maybe it will mean something one day. But I know you’ve got to leave my brain, I can’t take it anymore. So I’m going to tell you, Mr. Emery, what I saw, and why I believe I fell into unconsciousness in front of you, and your building. I want my life back. My husband and I are so scared and confused, and he thinks if I tell you, it will stop. I don’t know why this happened to me. I’ve never had any psychic experience. I don’t even believe in that sort of thing. I want to tell you this and then I want it desperately to go away.

“Throughout the entire unconscious experience I know I was experiencing your life flashing before me. It was just all about Marc Emery, your name, thousands of times repeated to me, with images, and incredible energy and upheaval, like torrents of electricity and power and violent exchanges of energy, but not violence in any way. It was just your life being forced into my mind, so now I have to tell you these things that are coming, Mr. Emery, coming to you. And you need to be prepared.”

This was so strange. Customers came in as I listened to this woman, and I even whispered to a woman across the counter, “This is the weirdest phone call ever!” but did not stop listening attentively. How could I not?

“Symbols, Mr. Emery, important and great symbols tell me about your future, your life, you significance to people, to the world, a great mass of people. Noisy masses of people. These symbols are the key to your future, Mr. Emery, and there’s more but these symbols are so important.

“I know I’m to tell you that you have a great destiny before you, Mr. Emery. When or how, I don’t know. But you will lead a great multitude of people to sanctuary, to a liberation of some kind. There is great joy and rejoicing, with flags and symbols. And it will be trying Mr. Emery, it will be painful, you will have adversity, and you will have one very great obstacle, Mr . Emery, that you must conquer. You must not give into despair on this journey, you must practice patience and not lash out in anger at the adversity that comes, because it WILL come, and that is not the answer. That will undo everything, if you give in to bitterness. There is great power and influence where you are going, Mr. Emery, but if you give in to despair, you will risk ruining all the good you are working for. This was the largest warning I saw repeatedly. You cannot give into bitterness, anger, despair; those are your enemies, Mr. Emery. I am to warn you about this, because those internal personal adversities will be a great challenge to you, more than any other person or group in your way. You will feel deserving of this anger, Mr. Emery, but you must avoid giving in to it.

“I saw three symbols repeatedly, endlessly in my time unconscious, and they are certainly about your life. I don’t know what they mean. I only know they are very important to what you must do and will do in the time ahead.

“The first symbol is the symbol of the dollar, Mr. Emery. The dollar sign. The dollar sign is very special in your life. You will rule the dollar. The dollar is a power you can control – it doesn’t control you. With this power, you will have no conflict. You will use the dollar to great ends. And it means something very special in your power, different from its use by other men. You have a great gift and ability. It is like magic in your hands, I can’t describe it.

“The second symbol that flashed endlessly was your brain, Mr. Emery, your brain in a steel trap. I think it means your mind holds information like a steel trap. It never escapes your mind. But this symbol changed back and forth. It would sometimes be your mind as the steel cage, and then it was like your mind in a cage. It would flash back and forth, so constantly, mind in a cage, the cage in your mind. I kept thinking it all goes in your brain, both experiences or meanings. This is also where I felt terrible premonitions of despair and sadness inside your brain, and I know I’m to tell you to protect your brain, your great and powerful brain, and to use this mind of yours to accomplish the goal of the next symbol.

“The most dominating symbol of all, the one that was always dominant in my mind the entire time, that never left, is the most mysterious to me because I don’t understand it. It is a symbol of a leaf, Mr. Emery. It’s like a maple leaf, but it’s not a maple leaf – it’s different from a maple leaf, but I also thought the Canadian maple leaf was there too, and I’m confused about this. Because the leaf I saw had several fronds, each part of the leaf was similar in varying sizes, and the leaf has uniform ridged fingers around its stem. I can’t tell you what colour it is, only that this is the most powerful symbol, it is what all the other symbols and messages I received were devoted to. This leaf is in all your banners, all the parades, all the conflicts, the great liberation, the people, whoever they are, are all bound together by this leaf, and you are leading them, to what I don’t know, I just know it’s your destiny and it will happen and you will do it. Does any of this mean anything to you, Mr. Emery?”

I had listened to her desperate and anxious story quietly, hardly interrupting, out of politeness to an old woman who, after all, had nearly died because something about me had laid her out on the concrete sidewalk and put her near death. I felt guilty about that, but I felt she was disturbed, possibly nuts, too.

“I’m sorry, it doesn’t mean anything to me,” I said. “I’m sorry I’m involved in this… terrible thing that’s happened to you.” I thought she was delusional, what else could I think?

She gulped. “Well Mr. Emery, I’m going now. I hope I never think of you again. I hope this all goes away. It’s been the most draining, painful, exasperating thing I’ve experienced in my whole life, and I’m 65. I am so frightened by what happened. I can’t make sense out of it. Why me? All I know is that I saw these things and I know I was meant to tell you, to warn you, to prepare you. But now I want these thoughts gone and my life back. So goodbye, Mr. Emery, and remember, you have a great destiny important to millions of people somewhere, but don’t give in to despair – that word was imprinted in these visions, don’t give into it, Mr. Emery, that is so important. It will be hard but you have to get through the difficulties and then it will all be fine. Goodbye, Mr. Emery.”

I said goodbye, and after she hung up I sighed. I didn’t get her name and I never heard from her again. And then I didn’t think about it for years.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    the events of the prophesy have not truly started to play out yet. Perhaps when they let Mr. Emery out. S is about to HTF and Mr. Emery is sure to be a big player.

  2. Anonymous on

    hi barack this is stephen…listen we got an election coming up and the entire country is watching and listening to emery’s every word….are you kidding me barack you don’t know emery…he’s one part william wallace ,one part nelson mandela and 8 parts alfred e neuman…so any way could you….

  3. Wilton Ave on

    Well, the result of his current move is that Marc’s usual political typography of a Canadian Federal election, would be missing and his commentary will be absent during this year’s 4/20. Result often equals intention.

  4. Anonymous on

    thank you andy…your more incoherent than usual today

  5. andy on

    I bet the Harper Gov. are just showing the people they have a democracy, this “no confidence” stunt-reelection, he’s just proving before he grips Canada with a prison onslaught that people still want him. The re-election is a stunt, Gov. people are greasy, the election’s fixed! Maybe-never really know! Have grown very pessimistic, still like Obama-the only light. Marc Emery is really a hero, really- a good and pure soul like every human being, before they defy their sense of right and wrong to survive and enter the “society” and it’s mechanisms. Marc Emery-brave, courageous, integrity, honor, truth, nonviolent, sophisticated, professional, articulate, compassionate and this quality man has been human trafficked into the meat grinder of the profiteers, the leveraged married, parental, wealthy, connected, college brats that feed on the desperate poor=criminals that the society is ignorant to (stock market, human trafficking penal industry=cheap profitable labor and housing), so to sustain it’s inadequate/pyramidal nature through generational vested interests. Plantation Earth. A thousands year old social system, where things have to add up or you lose everything including your country> Germany WW2? Were the Germans at risk of defaulting on their debt-yes, surrounded by hungry nations-yes, who owned/owns the European Banks, what actions did Germany take in WW2, Germans would be without a state-gypsies. Why did Germany do what it did. Hemp-Thomas Jefferson “grow hemp anywhere it will grow”, Jefferson fleeing Europe and it’s established ways/industries/commodities. Hemp replaces oil, cotton, timber, paper, nutritional, build and heat your house, strong as wood and grow in no time. Hemp a commodity that threatens many others and it grows anywhere, fast. People’s lives ruined by corporate greed and power. Hemp would change the world, it would be utopic, many would lose their power/influece/wealth, a societal mechanism, a disqualifier etc…. Yes very much a Hero-Marc Emery and really King Obama the regulator, doing what he can.

  6. Anonymous on

    “I can see a super hero movie coming. CANNABIS MAN”

    Nah — don’t think so. I’ll vote for the Prince of Pot.

  7. Anonymous on

    Now I’ll be waiting for Marc to finish the book.
    I can see a super hero movie coming.

  8. Anonymous on

    Umm avaam jack if you think about it she was 65 in 1977, Todays April 11th 2011, That would make her 99 years old. If she was alive she probably would be in bad shape (like life support), or her mind (as sad as it is to say) might be gone from aging or being cracked on a sidewalk many years earlier. Head trama can be very harmful years after. Not tryin to be a jerk but come on think before you write. I bet mark has thought about contacting her, If this happend to me I would try But he probably realized as I would, shes gone. But wow GREAT story!!!

    Being an American I am utterly sickened by what my country has done to Marc, Makes me NOT proud to be an American. America was founded on freedom Not bully the rest of the world! America is now just a powerful bully, and thats it. They screw their own people, and the rest of the world all at the same time. Hopefully one day the rest of my fellow American’s will wake up and vote in people that can make a positive change on the country and the rest of the world, NOT just a positive change in there bank account size. Need more people in office like Ron Paul plain and simple!!!

  9. avraam jack dectis on

    It is not outside the realm of possibility that this woman is still alive.

    A decent PI should be able to find out.

  10. Anonymous on

    I have never heard of that much information being transfered like that, and unconscious yet. I have a few stories to tell but never had that heavy of an experience. Mind you finding a bugged house for the first time kind of has that same effect on a person, epically when your only 17-18. Terrible what some fathers will do to find out what there daughter is doing, and she didn’t even know her house was bugged by the RCMP.

  11. kenny_canuck on

    In Marc’s correspondence with me from prison he suggested Freedom Fighter Blues as a topic for a song, so this is what I sent him:


    I looked over here, round City Lights
    I looked over there, something just wasn’t right
    I watched the Man with the Muscle,
    I watched them hustle in their Right to abuse.

    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.
    I’m pushing back, ‘cause it just won’t do.
    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.

    I sold some magazines, ‘bout growing weed.
    Guv’ment can’t tell me, what’s illegal to read.
    When it came to Sunday shoppin’ it was generally agreed
    Our right to choose,

    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.
    I’m pushing back, ‘cause it just won’t do.
    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.

    Took my Nerve to the Left Coast, home of good green
    Soon, me & BCMP became part of the Scene.
    I sold more seeds than any man’s ever seen,
    I paid the Tax and gave it back to save all Human Beings, its true.

    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.
    I’m pushing back, ‘cause it just won’t do.
    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.

    M of J ignored the petitions he got
    To not surrender Canada’s Prince of Pot
    To a DEA gulag for a 5yr jot,
    A home fine of what, a hundred or two? Justice skewed,

    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.
    I’m pushing back, ‘cause it just won’t do.
    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.

    The DEA to the Coats in Red,
    He can serve his time in Canada instead
    He had one charge, but they turned it into three
    Lock up Marc Emery, throw away the key is what they’d choose

    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.
    I’m pushing back, ‘cause it just won’t do.
    I got the Freedom fighter Blues.

    Marc really got a chuckle and he said that he could imagine it being played on an acoustic guitar.

    I’m really glad that Marc is pushing back because it just won’t do! What a great first draft of Chapter One of his autobiography. What an awesome read! Can’t wait to get my signed copy!!

  12. dutchman on

    That was a wonderful story to have happened to a 19 year old businessman so long ago and he never appreciated it.. old woman cracking her head open on his doorway he did not notice being too consumed in his ten fold profits selling old books. Why please was an old woman wandering the slums of London Canada ? She received serious head injury with three weeks in a coma, and perhaps she saw the aura of Marc Emery glowing behind a closed door she is remarkable. It is too bad she did not see the movie of his five years in prison that followed in her mind. Congratulations to her husband for directing her to telephone young marc who she never met. Husband fellow must have become exhausted hearing over and over the wife hospital story of money and mysterious leaves of plants. We are considering today that the old woman died and was re incarnated as young jodie Emery who went on to marry old marc and today carries on work while marc is in prison for the next several years. This would explain their fantastic psychic connection and head injuries however caused for the sake of marijuana liberation. No evil prison will hold Marc Emery longer than five years you may be assured.
    peace and pot
    the Dutchman

  13. mary james on

    the cannabis world owes marc a huge debt for advancing the cause and by standing up and being counted. he is a brave and principled man and i for one am glad he’s on the planet.
    respect too to jody,
    also worthy of respect and not mentioned enough is that scruffy old welshman, howard marks.

    love to you all from england (48 miles west of london)

  14. Jodie on

    I highly recommend you watch that short video I told you about, search “Prince of Pot” on YouTube. It really explains everything.

  15. Anonymous on

    thank you for explaining this to me… i have read mr emery’s enterprise did not seem to bother canadian authoritys…however the american authoritys were a different story… was mr emery aware that he could be prosecuted if he sent seeds to the usa……did he ever receive a warning from the americans ie…cease and desisit or else…

  16. Jodie on

    Marc was indicted on 3 conspiracy charges related to his seed sales. Conspiracy charges mean there’s no proof you actually DID the crime, but you KNEW about a crime. So, because Marc knew that the seeds would be grown into marijuana, the first indictment was “Conspiracy to manufacture marijuana”. Because Marc send the seeds in the mail, and the law considers seeds to be marijuana, he was indicted for “Conspiracy to distribute marijuana”. And because he said he accepted and distributed the seed money to finance activism and political groups (“drug money” according to the law), he was indicted for “Conspiracy to launder money”. Each charge carried a 10-year sentence, but the case was flimsy because the REAL motivation behind it was exposed when the Drug Enforcement Administration’s own press release about Marc’s arrest had nothing to do with seeds, as it never even mentioned seeds. It was ALL about his political financing and activism:

    “Today’s DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group — is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement.

    His marijuana trade and propagandist marijuana magazine have generated nearly $5 million a year in profits that bolstered his trafficking efforts, but those have gone up in smoke today.

    Emery and his organization had been designated as one of the Attorney General’s most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets — one of only 46 in the world and the only one from Canada.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery’s illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.”

    (Link to the original document is easily found on this website and under ‘Who is Marc Emery?’ at http://www.FreeMarc.ca)

    So, when Marc was offered a 5-year plea deal for one of the charges, “conspiracy to manufacture marijuana”, instead of getting 30 years to life, he accepted it.

    The reason that so many people call Marc the leader of the movement, and know that he was taken down because he was the leader, is well documented in a lot of movies and media, newspapers and magazines, etc. You should take 50 minutes (not a lot of time!) to watch the documentary made by CBC Television (Canada’s national broadcaster) called “The Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery”. It’ll explain why Marc was really taken down… You can find it easily on YouTube by typing “Prince of Pot”, or using this link: http://youtu.be/jg9E2BOEHss

    Enjoy the education! It’s really fascinating.

  17. Anonymous on

    you suggest they went after mr emery because he was the ”leader of the pot smokers”…i thought he went to prison for conspiracy to distribute…if he did go to jail for being the ”leader of the pot smokers” 5 years does seem a tad harsh…can you clear up what the charges were…thanks in advance….

  18. Andrew Kuess on

    Marc Emery is a Canadian Hero, and a national treasure. He has stood at the forefront of fighting for the rights of both Canadians, and people around the world now for decades. His path of fighting for what is right, regardless of the danger it posed unto his own life, has inspired countless others into activism, and has driven forward the path of human history toward better days.

    If not for Marc Emery, the Cannabis Community of the World would not be as it is today. For that, I personally thank him, as we within the community must continue to take up the torch he so bravely lit and carried for so long. The battle is far from over, but the path of one man has driven countless others to take up this fight along side him, and we will never forget nor stand down from this battle toward greater freedom. Like the first domino to fall, all it takes is one push for the beginning of a massive surge of energy and force.
    Marc Emery has by example, shown all of us across the world, how one person can start that domino effect that might change everything we know.

    He is an inspiration to myself, and countless others around the world.
    He is a modern Hero, and a peaceful revolutionary. He has shown that even in the face of what may seem like defeat through his imprisonment, he can still win by what has been said and done, and what has been inspired in others. It takes only one man to light a torch, but that fire can spread, and oh how it has… 😉

    We within the Community, must fight onward, we must push forward. Marc Emery WILL be free, it is only a matter of time. We on the outside, now decide how long by our actions. The more we protest, the more we challenge this act of imprisonment, and the more we demand the legalization of Cannabis; will influence how long into our future we will have to wait until he and this herb, are free.

    4/20 is just around the corner, and surely we will rise up in a great myriad of protests across the globe… but what’s to say that we can’t contact our leaders today, and tommorow, and the day after… demanding this of them: Legalize Pot, and Free Marc Emery.

    I am going to write a letter right NOW, and I challenge any who read this, to join me. Let’s start a new domino effect, right here, and right now. He has taught me, that such is possible, and inspired me to take action of my own.

    I dream of the day when pot is legal and push toward this day, For when that day comes, I forsee many who fought and helped achieve THIS victory taking up other important battles and continuing to make the world a better place.

    Marc Emery, I hope this reaches you personally. I hope it inspires you to keep going in your current struggle. I wish you all the best, and my mind tells me to say one more thing before this letter is done, simply know that “You will be Free, and that Your Path of Change has Inspired The World”

    Be well and prosper,
    Andrew Kuess
    Founder of Canadians for Cannabis & DreadKnight Labz

  19. Suzanne Gracan on

    In September 1996, after backpacking in BC for a few months I ran out of money. My friend Cale and I moved to Vancouver and rented a room in a boarding house in Gastown.

    I was down to my last few dollars and set out to find myself a job. I saw in the classifieds that Cannabis Canada Magazine (as it was known then) was looking for an Advertising and Distribution Manager. I had never heard of Cannabis Canada Magazine but thought…what an incredible opportunity; I want this job.

    The next day I called and spoke with Mike. We chatted for a few minutes when he told me that the job was no longer available and in fact, he was just about to call the lucky person when the phone rang. As I thanked him for his time, a loud siren went off. Mike said, “That was loud, where are you?” I gave him my address and I was just one block away on Water Street. Mike then said, “You’re cool and you have some great experience. Since you’re just down the street, why don’t you come in and meet us?”

    I met Mike and he walked me over to the Grow Shop to meet Marc. Marc didn’t really ask me about my work experience. He asked about my life and wanted to know about me as a person. The final question was…”Do you smoke pot?” Umm…yes? I got the job on the spot.

    6 months later, Marc took me for a walk. He asked if I would like to be the Managing Editor of CC. Umm…yes? So…I became the Managing Editor, Advertising and Distribution Manager of CC Magazine.

    I understand about destiny. Working at CC changed my life. Entirely. I never *really* fit in there (and that was character building in itself!), but I worked my ass off. I learned the job on the job through trial and error. I travelled the world. I met amazing people. I worked with Marc Emery, Dana Larsen, Tia and many other incredible people for almost 5 years. Working there taught me that anything is possible if you have passion and don’t give up. I kind of effed things up for myself in the end and to this day I regret it. In retrospect, that was my destiny too.

    A loud siren and being at the right place at the right time altered the course of my life. I believe it was my destiny…and I’ve recently learned why.

    Marc Emery is by far the most inspiring, intelligent and motivating human being I have ever met. The ways in which knowing him have changed me are still revealing themselves 10 years later.

    What he must go through emotionally on a daily basis breaks my heart. We HAVE to do everything we can to get him home.

    Suzanne Gracan

  20. rik on

    i believe i am here to bare witness to the end[i could not be certain to what end this means] i am only fulfilling what i have been programed to do. not by the conditioning powers of modern ammenities and technology; but by my conscience and my faith which guides me. i have nothing to gain in a world of bells and whistles where only i benifit. i am the king of martyrs according to my mother, and i do indulge a life that i disagree with and choose. Society and peer pressure are my parrameters for my decissions in this life. I have no use for money other than the barebones exsistance it provides my self and family. I want more from humanity than is possible; i want mass empathy with respect to this planet and our universe. I want to believe there is good in every body but politicians still lie to become canidates for elections and parents still protect their children from truths. Evil grows with each seed planted. I pray you are safe. You are certainly in the best position to defend your[big picture] point. GOD Bless us all.

  21. Jodie on

    …then don’t read his blogs, and don’t post hateful, condescending, ignorant and rude comments. Just go somewhere else and watch or read something you like. Negativity and ill-will towards my husband, and slandering or smearing his name, isn’t welcomed here on the website he created, on the blogs that he writes. The rest of the Internet is your playground and I can’t control what you post, but here, on my website, I can choose what to keep and what to delete. It’s my property. People are allowed to doubt and ask critical questions about this, and other blogs by Marc, and I respond to them when they are genuine or valid, but people who come and post cruel or hateful “Fuck you, you arrogant prick” comments ONLY because they dislike Marc are not going to be tolerated. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  22. Officer McSteroids on

    How dare Marc write a book! And what nerve to relate a story that happened to him when 19 – the gall of that lawbreaking marijuana user! If guys like Marc get their way, what are all my praetorian police state buddies going to do for a living? What profit is it – to us, the police – that we should let people use pot? We make real good money – easy overtime – busting pot smokers and grower grandparents – and we don’t want that pork-laden gravy train to stop. No, cops, prosecutors, for-profit-jailers, on-the-take judges, and other drug war camp followers – we don’t want the drug war to end. Too much power to be had. Too much profitable preying on citizens to be done. Never mind the steroids and ignore the taser-murders – but let’s go after pot smokers, starting with their leader, Marc Emery. Since we’re cops and “we know who is wearing the white hats here” – we can safely ignore all that moonbat junk about karma or sowing and reaping. We just think about saving kids from dope and following profitable orders.

  23. Uncle-Viper on

    I had the great privelege of meeting Marc Emery at Hempfest 99 in Edmonton, Alberta. I stood next to him and spoke about my medical use (Health Canada Section 56 Ministerial Exemption) to a small crowd of about 60 or 70. I had no clue who Marc was at the time. Over the years of following his path in the Cannabis Community and fight for our rights I’ve grown to love and respect this man. I’m overwhelmed by Mr. Emerys dedication and vision for our future and the freedom he’s brought to us, in so many ways. I can’t help but wonder what is next for Marc as his incarceration surely will not last. He truly does have an incredible passion for life and our cause. God bless you richly Marc as you continue your journey through our troubled times. I’m sure more great and wonderful things are ahead for you and your sweet wife Jodie.

  24. Mitchy earth on

    And that women was Betty White.. so then what happend?! I can’t stand suspenseful cliffhangers!! Did you end up drafting to Leafs, do you even play hockey?!

    Semi odd; I was just late lastnight detailing to my houseplant how right at City Lights near Bellones (I meant Belairs) I seen a biking girl with child in seat hit by a car and a 2 random attacks. None real serious hurt.
    Maybe not that odd actually, I been trying to make a point to bring up Marc’s Political abuse to everyone of voting age..

    But seriously this makes complete sense. I can’t imagine how odd that would be to have never had an OOB/NDE experience like that then have it last so long.
    Never ending k hole!
    Spending a sleeping night or tired morning in what your sure is not your life is tiring. I’ve have people tell me they’ve had experiences as me.. Maybe this is a London water flashback issue 🙂

    Perhaps she siezed or fainted cause near death and her psyche/ego attached to your half hypnotised certainly quite relaxed, secure? open mindstate.

    Might be the only reason the her mind survived. Sounds like a story of great luck and fortune to me!

    -Or when the curcse started-

  25. smitty on

    After reading The Prophecy…..WOW!

    So far, it appears Marc has indeed refused to give in to despair. We should pray he continues to have the strength to continue to do so.

    Especially now…

    Just this week Marc is being transferred from D. Ray James to a different federal prison facility.

    Most people just stand by while injustice carries on. Marc Emery has had the courage to speak out and act in resistance against authoritarianism and injustice. Even while imprisoned. Even though his activism was the likely instigation that led to his legal troubles with the United States Government.

    So, Marc is a “boat rocker” (for an excellent example of what it means to be a boat rocker, see the film: The Vernon Johns Story: The Road to Freedom, starring James Earl Jones).

    Authoritarians do not like boat rockers, as such agitation often spreads enlightenment to the masses, leading to disruption or an end to the authoritarian program.

    At the very least, Marc Emery must be considered a thorn in the backsides of the administrators of D. Ray James. Though he agitated for just change in the treatment of inmates there, he did so in a courteous manner. But they likely preferred not to have to deal with him, and possibly had something to do with the transfer.

    Or maybe not. As Marc is really just a political prisoner, there can be little doubt that the higher echelons of officialdom have closely monitored his activities. These characters do not appreciate anyone shining the light of truth upon their Prison Industrial Complex or their myriad other unsavory activities. They do not want this corrupt system exposed. The easiest way to disrupt Marc is to send him elsewhere.

    Sadly, there may even be a darker element to this transfer business.

    In one of Marc’s previous Prison Newsletters he noted that compared to the usual federal prisons, D. Ray James had advantages such as a generally decent temperament of the guard personnel as well as the particular inmate population at the facility. The nasty violent behaviors common in many prisons weren’t evident at D. Ray James.

    Such conditions may not be the case at the facility Marc ends up in. The purpose of this transfer may have been to place Marc in a setting much less agreeable to his form of behind-prison-walls activism, as well as his communicating the conditions of incarceration to those of us on the outside.

    I hope and pray he isn’t placed in more horrible conditions and that his treaty transfer request is granted.