Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Cancelled by USTREAM but Will Return

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Culture News LIVE, the one-hour streaming Internet show hosted by CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, has been unceremoniously cancelled by USTREAM for unknown reasons – but probably because of too much marijuana smoking on air.

You can still watch older episodes of CCN here.

At the end of yesterday’s show, which was erased in the process, USTREAM pulled the plug, shutting dow the broadcast then displaying an empty embed box reading “CannabisCultureMag banned due to violating Terms of Service.” The CCN show page was also completely removed.

An earlier incarnation of the CCN show called Weed This Week was also cancelled by USTREAM under similar circumstances.

According to the USTREAM Terms of Service, participating in illegal activity during broadcast can lead to account termination (emphasis added):

3. Termination and Ustream Account Cancellation.

a. Without limiting other remedies, Ustream may immediately terminate or suspend your access to the Site and Services and remove any material (including User Submissions) from the Site or our servers, in the event that you breach these Terms of Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we also reserve the right to terminate the Site, Services or your access thereto at any time and for any reason. In addition, Ustream may notify authorities or take any actions it deems appropriate, without notice to you, if Ustream suspects or determines, in its own discretion, that you may have or there is a significant risk that you have: (i) failed to comply with any provision of these Terms of Service or any policies or rules established by Ustream; or (ii) engaged in actions relating to or in the course of using the Site or Services that may be illegal or cause liability, harm, embarrassment, harassment, abuse or disruption for you, Ustream Users, Ustream or any other third parties or the Site or Services.

Other CC contributors, like activist Matt Mernagh, have also had their accounts cancelled by USTREAM, apparently for on-air marijuana consumption.

Strangely, other popular USTREAM contributors, like Snoop Dogg, smoke openly during their broadcasts but don’t seem to have the same cancellation problem.

In the past, CC and Pot-TV have had our accounts cancelled by YouTube, Facebook and PayPal – the latter two for being cannabis-related.

But they can’t get rid of us that easily – we will be back with another LIVE episode at 4PM Pacific time next week using a new broadcasting service!



  1. andy on

    Hey there gonna be a show tonight???

  2. Anonymous on

    its election time lol

  3. Anonymous on

    Yea, they have been giving others problems. But place like Stickam, has aloud lots of Cannabis Related Shows. This has been by far, one of best FREE Streams.
    Norml, Breal, Hempology,ect Have been using Stickam. Plus it hosts , lots of free chatrooms, that are also Cannabis Friendly.Maybe try to stay, were others have been broadcasting.

  4. wallmandummy on

    free speech is your God/gov given right till you say what they dont want you to.

  5. Dirty Harry on

    In reply to:
    “When on Ustream just don’t say anything like “this is good Cannabis I’m smoking right here”. If you don’t identify what it is you’re smoking then you aren’t breaking their rules, you’re smoking an unidentified substance.”

    Hollywood does it all the times in movies. Smoke fake crap…or do they, e.g. Easy Rider, and we actually pay money to see it. Look at all the Cheech and Chong movies. Millions were made.
    So any plastic pot plant in a shot, or anything pot related when “ANYTHING” is being smoked can be seen as the real deal and dumped? I have a plastic plant and smoke a roll it your own tobacco cig equals a crime or breach of use to them? If they don’t have people there at the time testing things, everything is a prop.

  6. Uncle-Viper (Bob Burrill) on

    We are not ashamed of using this natural god-given herb…which half the population enjoys medicinally and recreationally. You miss this point. We are peaceful activists bucking the system…because the feds are wrong…and we are right.

  7. Anonymous on

    What were you trying to do, see who would get shut down first for openly smoking herb on Ustream, you or Matt Mernagh? Matt won, getting shut down shortly after the show started. Pretty simple to avoid, though. When on Ustream just don’t say anything like “this is good Cannabis I’m smoking right here”. If you don’t identify what it is you’re smoking then you aren’t breaking their rules, you’re smoking an unidentified substance. Could be Cannabis, could be lettuce. It is still illegal, you know, unless you have a card. I wonder if they ban people for using medicine on air. Kind of a weird policy. We don’t really need to watch people smoking up anyway. We’ve seen it a few times before and, frankly, it’s not that entertaining. It’s like watching other people eat. It’s not quite the same. Try sticking to actual content instead. We can watch a Cheech and Chong movie if we are jonesing to watch other people getting high.