Save Canada’s Cannabis Culture: Vote Out The Conservatives on May 2

CANNABIS CULTURE – Calling all Canadian marijuana users! A federal election has been called and Canada needs your help. It’s now time to stand up and rescue our country from Stephen Harper and his anti-democratic, pot-hating Conservative Party. Vote against the Conservatives on May 2, 2011 and SAVE CANADA!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are the most regressive and dangerous government our country has faced in the modern era. On March 21, they were found in contempt of Parliament for refusing to disclose the true costs of a host of big-ticket items, and a unanimous no-confidence motion from opposition parties brought down the government and sparked an election.

May 2, 2011 is the day you can take your country back by voting for whoever can beat the Conservative MP candidate in your riding from the Liberal, NDP, or Bloc Québécois parties.

This is not the time for party politics – the stakes are quite literally life and death for the cannabis community. All three parties have been significantly more progressive and sensible about drug laws than the Conservatives, and we must do anything we can to stop the Cons from winning seats in the House of Commons. If Harper and his party manage to win a majority of seats, we face a near-dictatorship that will undoubtedly do everything it can to wipe the cannabis community off the map.

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Harper has been the cannabis community’s greatest nightmare; shortly after winning a minority government in 2006, Harper and his party declared an all-out war on Canada’s cannabis community and have been waging weed battles on several fronts.

Conservative Bill S-10 (and before that, Bill C-26 and Bill C-15) threatened to imprison non-violent Canadians for small amounts of marijuana with mandatory minimum prison sentences, including 6 months to 2 years in jail for growing 6 plants, and 18 months in jail for making and sharing cannabis edibles or extracting hash. The bills even included life sentences for non-violent marijuana offences.

These bills and other “tough on crime” legislation proposed by the Cons would cost Canadians billions in tax dollars for new prisons and increased enforcement. We can’t be sure exactly how much, because the Harper Government would not disclose the numbers. This callous act of disdain for transparency led to the government’s historic contempt of Parliament charges, the first time in Canadian history a government has faced such charges. Luckily, Bill S-10 died when an election was called, but not before being passed by the Conservative-controlled Senate.

The Conservatives have also tried several back-door methods in targeting pot users, including changing what constitutes a Serious Offence in regulations relating to marijuana and organized crime – so if three or more people trade a few grams of pot amongst each other, this could be a ‘serious offence’, and these people would face 5 years in prison. This was a process Harper’s cabinet manipulated without the need for Parliamentary approval.

As well, on the Harper government’s watch, Health Canada’s medical marijuana access program has deteriorated into a confused mess. Long delays in processing applications and renewals are turning patients into criminals overnight, leading to unfair police raids and harassment of sick Canadians.

Significant evidence shows that Theo-Con Harper, a devout Evangelical Christian, sees the War on Drugs as a Holy War, and marijuana users as un-Godly sorcerers and witches; and he isn’t afraid to appoint his religious buddies to important posts.

One thing is for sure, if the Conservatives win the election, we will see similar or worse attempts to destroy our community. If they get a majority of seats this time around (which is quite possible), it could even mean the extinction of the medical marijuana program.

“This is a government that’s introduced mandatory minimums every single term they’ve had the last four years,” activist Jacob Hunter of, told Cannabis Culture. “With a majority government, Harper would be able to pass bills like that within as little as a few weeks. There will be no opportunity for amendment and no opportunity to delay substantially or to block them. Harper could pass whatever crazy mandatory minimum bills he wanted to right away.”

With a majority, Harper wouldn’t have to call an election for another five years, giving him plenty of time to do serious damage through more regressive policies on drugs and many other issues. It would also allow him to make long term, fundamental changes to our justice system.

“Within three years Harper would have the ability to have a majority on the Supreme Court and major appellate courts in this country,” Hunter said. “In the past, Harper has been absolutely willing to politicize even the most basic of government appointments. There’s no reason to believe he would be any different in his judicial appointments. This of course could lead to the removal of the medical marijuana program, the removal of same-sex marriage rights, and even the removal of abortion-rights. I don’t think its outside the realm of possibility to talk about forced bans on paraphernalia – and say goodbye to Insite and needle exchange programs.”

With voter turnout rates in Canada at historic lows, a concerted effort by even a moderate group of marijuana users and young people could make a serious difference in the outcome of this election.

The stakes are HUGE, so get out there and VOTE on MAY 2, 2011. It may be our last chance to reclaim our country from the draconian Conservatives before irreparable damage is done!

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UPDATE: An amazing NDP surge – the Orange Wave – is rolling across Quebec and the rest of the country, making strategic voting more difficult. The NDP is doing so well, OUR PREVIOUS LIST IS NO LONGER VALID.

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  1. Anonymous on

    For the record, the greenhouse effect HAS been demonstrated in studies via modelling. As well, a large component of cow farts are CH4, methane, another “greenhouse gas”. Or were you being too much of an ignorant redneck to realize that there is more than one greenhouse gas? Granted, that’s not to say there are not any other factors, but the greenhouse effect is real. Just look at Venus. Please don’t quote “scientists” when you are so clearly ignorant of science in general.

    And nuclear science being emission free? Are you out of your overly-indoctrinated skull? Fission plants use a uranium isotope for fuel, which is partially converted to a radioactive and highly dangerous plutonium isotope, which has to be buried in sealed waste drums. Not the mention the heat emissions, which cause yet more environmental problems. Maybe when (if) cold fusion is invented, we can have a source of energy that is much closer to emission free. As far as I know, there’s only one such environmentally friendly source of energy: photosynthesis. And that’s not emission free, either.

    Klein (note the spelling) was simply an opportunist who came into power at a good time. Everybody is happy with the people in power at a boom time. Peoples’ satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the government is, in large part, related to the status of the economy. But if you want ol’ Ralph in power, sure, let’s get a Prime Minister who fights with hobos when he’s drunk (which is a lot of the time).

    Also to note, China is in the process of transitioning itself into a First World Country. Why do you think more of the crap manufacturing is moving to India, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.? It isn’t an overnight process. Canada is already in a position where we are living much higher off the hog, and can maybe make a few small sacrifices to look into better environmental options. China isn’t as far yet.

    Yes, let’s get those new fighters out there to “protect Arctic sovereignty”. Are you really dumb enough to not see the fact that he’s using this BS excuse to divert peoples’ attentions from more important issues, like his lack of a platform. Harper’s platform can be described in one word: reactionary. I’ll define it too, to save you the trouble of looking for a dictionary: ultraconservative to the point of trying to resurrect once traditional, now defunct, ideas and values. Hmmm… repealing same sex marriage much?

    I responded to this post, as I too live in Alberta, and am appalled at what people might think of Albertans, should they read your post. People, not all Albertans are reactionary rednecks who dropped out of school in Grade 9, and have a complete lack of any form of rationality. I just want the public to know that.

    As for you Justin, I like your idea of “preserving the genetic gene [redundant] pool”. Please help me in preserving the integrity of the gene pool by not procreating. EVER. We don’t need more ignorant assholes running around. Alberta’s got enough rig pigs, the majority of the aforementioned assholes, as is. And please learn how to spell. God forbid someone think this is an American forum 😛


    We don’t need any more conservative people pushing Abrahamic morality and tradition upon us with the intensity of Nazi propaganda, albeit with the sole intention of securing power and captial for themselves. We need a leader who willl allow us to think and act (within as few as possible limitations) freely. Canada is not truly a democracy. It’s a country that pretends to be a democracy. Want proof? Why don’t we just examine a few of Harper’s acts of government… Proof concluded. Truly I think we’re so mired in shit, our only possible saviour is V. Goddamn it, why does V for Vendetta have to be fictional?

  2. Anonymous on

    actually the liberal justice minister
    Irwin Cotler it the one who officially
    signed marc over to the U.S. not the

  3. Justin de Man on

    I’m from Alberta, I work in oil and gas. I don’t buy this climate change Hogwash. In good old UNCLE RALPHS words “It’s like saying dinosaur farts caused the ice age.” with that being said I firmly believe other X factors besides carbon dioxide emissions have more of an effect on the enviroment.

    Allow me to explain, There is some crazy stuff going on out thier. A lot of scientists now speculate the sun is getting hotter and releasing more gamma rays and say the solar winds are a changin. Other people are monitering underwater volcanic activity thats picked up recently in the arctic regions. And lets not forget thanks to reforestation efforts there are now more trees in North America than ever before. Hell some other people say we eat to much beef and cow farts have an impact. Now do you see where I’m coming from

    I dont agree in changing the planet into a wasteland either, there are deffinetly some areas we can improve on like not dumping garbage into the ocean and preserving the genetic gene pool of the planet. Many anaimals today are being hunted to extinction for selfish reasons. I think we overfish the oceans and leave to big of a footprint by taking the habbitat away from the creatures. Oh yeah and China could modernize it’s coal fired power plants like we have.

    Besides humans have always looked to new cleaner ways of doing things and thanks to nuclear science we now have a true emmisions free energy source. Dont worry about the waste soon we will be able to use it all so there is nothing left to contaminate. Lets face it nuclear power is the ONLY thing that can be ramped up fast enogh to stop using oil. But that’s not going to happen because greenpeace bites off more than they can chew. They call our oil DIRTY, but really it’s not when you factor in emmisions from shipping that oil from sadi arabia to here.

    What I really want to say is I dont buy this carbon tax crap Michael Ignatiuf keeps pushing it seems like a tax grab to bring more money to the east while hurting business in the west, It’s kind of like killing the goose that lays the golden egg, especialy after all the recession hogwash, the oil that pumps through Albertas veins is giving life to this country.

    I also want to say I dont buy this Crap about Stephen Harper needing more taxpayer dineros to build more prisions for non violent offenders, his avoidance of critical issues such as health care. I will say I like how he is pumpin some more money into the national defence, We definately could use those new F 35 joint strike fighters.

    I think we need a fresh view on being conservative, “A conservitive party that allows more room for change” What we need is a new ‘Ralph Klien’ on the national scale, someone that will cut the current goverments defficit while restructuring critical things.

    As Mark Emery told me once “Plant the seeds of freedom, Overgrow the goverment”

    Free Mark Emery

    Justin de Man

  4. end war, fedres, industrial complex, stuffthatbreaksfast... on


  5. Anonymous on

    canservatives GOTTA GO. LIBERALS WILL DO NO BETTER. MICHEAL IGNATIEF IS JUST AS MUCH OF A GLOBALIST.. green party may sound like a good choice BUT THEY’RE STILL COMMUNISTS. QUEBECOIS are SEPARATISTS they’re do more harm aswell.. NDP NDP NDP jack layton may be a bit devious BUT ITS THE CLOSEST TO DEMOCRACY WE MIGHT EVER SEE.

    vote NDP.

  6. Robert on

    Yes I think the NDP perhaps have a social viewpoint that coincides with a lot of our issues>

  7. Mike on

    Isn’t it usually the Liberals or Conservatives that win though? Does NDP have a good chance?

  8. FreeCanadaFreeMarc on

    Hi Mike, Jack Layton has on several occasions supported Canada-wide decriminaliztion and legalization of Marijuana. In my opinion voting NDP is the best way to get rid of the ridiculous laws that resides over Marijuana poesssion, and in the process giving Canada not only a serious boost in Health care sectors, but other sectors aswell.

  9. Mike on

    Who should I vote for? I don’t know much about this stuff or who’s even running. Is it best to vote green or is it best to vote liberal or NDP just so they have a chance of beating the conservatives?

  10. Balyyhoo on

    This creep is not a born- again christian. He is, and always was, a first born idiot. I am quite sure Harper was ridiculed in grade school. Most likely, the rockers used to taunt him and beat him. It shows. Everything about him screams ”I WANT TO GET BACK AT SOCIETY” If he wasn’t a politician, he would have been in law enforcement, probaly a C.O. ! Ha!

    VOTE Liberal/NDP MAY 2nd, 2011.



  11. Brian Kerr on

    Vote for what you believe in. The cannabis movement won’t die if the dark occultists of the conservative party get in. It didn’t and has not died in the USA with much more evil laws than in Canada.

    If they do get in grow more weed and give it away for free !

    I’m voting Green. As far as I am concerned it is the only moral thing to do.

  12. Anonymous on

    Take a good look through History.
    Religion is the main cause of war.
    People who choose to run for any position in a Government should be sworn to NOT display any religous beliefs.

    Harper is definately NOT the man for me.

    GO GREENS!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous on

    maitres chez nous means the quiet revolution. Harpy is a piece of shit. Anything but conservative on May 2nd!

  14. Anonymous on

    Here’s the real Stephen Harper. I picked out some good ones from this page

    In 1997, Harper delivered a controversial speech for a conservative American think tank in which he said, “Canada is a northern european welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it”, “if you’re like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country. Which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians”, and “the NDP [New Democratic Party] is kind of proof that the Devil lives and interferes in the affairs of men.”

    In 2000 Harper penned several controversial pieces including the “Alberta Agenda” in which he called on the province to reform publicly-funded health care, the Canada Pension Plan, and “build firewalls around Alberta” in order to stop the federal government from redistributing its wealth to less affluent regions. Later that year, Harper also wrote an editorial praising the values of Alberta while Canada “appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country”.

    2001 – 2004 Throughout 2001, Stockwell Day, the leader of the Canadian Alliance Party of Canada, the former Reform Party of Canada, was facing increasing criticism. Bowing to pressure in early 2002, Day called a new Canadian Alliance leadership race in which Stephen Harper emerged as Day’s main rival. In his bid for the Canadian Alliance leadership, Harper described his potential support base as “similar to what George Bush tapped”.

    After winning the party leadership, Harper announced his intention to run for parliament in a by-election in Calgary Southwest, and officially became Leader of the Opposition in May 2002. Later in the same month, Harper said that the Atlantic Provinces were trapped in “a culture of defeat”. The Legislature of Nova Scotia unanimously approved a motion condemning Harper’s comments which were also criticized by New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord, federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark and others. Harper refused to apologize, and said that much of Canada was trapped by the same “can’t-do” attitude.

    In 2005-2006, Stephen Harper won his first federal election and formed a minority Conservative government in February, 2006. After the election he tried to get rid of same-sex marriages but due to lack of support flip-flopped on the issue. He started using the RCMP as his personal gestapo squad, backed down on Kyoto and denied the existence of climate change in Canada, threatened to sell the CBC, censored homosexuality and violence in Canadian films, and has basically ignored issues like poverty, health care and the economy.

    In October 2008 Stephen Harper held another election which cost Canadians $300 million CDN and won another minority government, enlarging the size of his caucus slightly.

    During the first week of December 2008 Harper decided to prorogue parliament when his government lost the confidence of the House of Commons due to his lack of an economic plan and was going to be replaced by a Coalition government composed of the Liberals and NDP. It was the first time a Prime Minister had ever prorogued parliament in order to save his political career. The delay means he has until January 2009 to come up with a compromise and a new budget.

    Harper quotes;

    “I think in Atlantic Canada, because of what happened in the decades following Confederation, there is a culture of defeat that we have to overcome. …Atlantic Canada’s culture of defeat will be hard to overcome as long as Atlantic Canada is actually physically trailing the rest of the country.” (Stephen Harper, New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, May 29, 2002)

    “There’s unfortunately a view of too many people in Atlantic Canada that it’s only through government favours that there’s going to be economic progress, or that’s what you look to …That kind of can’t-do attitude is a problem in this country but it’s obviously more serious in regions that have had have-not status for a long time.” (Stephen Harper, Toronto Sun, May 31, 2002)

    “I’ve taken my position and frankly it’s the same position that I took all through the [Alliance] leadership race. I delivered [speeches] everywhere I went, including in the Maritime provinces on several occasions, about the spirit of defeatism in the country and what drives it and how we have to address it.” (Stephen Harper, National Post, May 31, 2002)

    “If Ottawa giveth, then Ottawa can taketh away… This is one more reason why Westerners, but Albertans in particular, need to think hard about their future in this country. After sober reflection, Albertans should decide that it is time to seek a new relationship with Canada. …Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status, led by a second-world strongman appropriately suited for the task …Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it. It is to take the bricks and begin building another home – a stronger and much more autonomous Alberta. It is time to look at Quebec and to learn. What Albertans should take from this example is to become “maitres chez nous”. (Stephen Harper, National Post, December 8, 2000)

    “I don’t know all the facts on Iraq, but I think we should work closely with the Americans.” – Report Newsmagazine, March 25 2002

    “We should have been there shoulder to shoulder with our allies. Our concern is the instability of our government as an ally. We are playing again with national and global security matters.” – Canadian Press Newswire, April 11, 2003

    “On the justification for the war, it wasn’t related to finding any particular weapon of mass destruction. In our judgment, it was much more fundamental. It was the removing of a regime that was hostile, that clearly had the intention of constructing weapons systems. … I think, frankly, that everybody knew the post-war situation was probably going to be more difficult than the war itself. Canada remains alienated from its allies, shut out of the reconstruction process to some degree, unable to influence events. There is no upside to the position Canada took.” – Maclean’s, August, 25, 2003

    ” This party will not take its position based on public opinion polls. We will not take a stand based on focus groups. We will not take a stand based on phone-in shows or householder surveys or any other vagaries of public opinion… In my judgment Canada will eventually join with the allied coalition if war on Iraq comes to pass. The government will join, notwithstanding its failure to prepare, its neglect in co-operating with its allies, or its inability to contribute. In the end it will join out of the necessity created by a pattern of uncertainty and indecision. It will not join as a leader but unnoticed at the back of the parade.” – Hansard, January 29, 2003

    “Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.” – The Star, January 30, 2007

    “Let’s forget about this unworkable treaty…. Kyoto’s never going to be passed.” (Stephen Harper, Toronto Star, June 10, 2004)

    “My party’s position on the Kyoto Protocol is clear and has been for a long time. We will oppose ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and its targets. We will work with the provinces and others to discourage the implementation of those targets. And we will rescind the targets when we have the opportunity to do so.” (Stephen Harper, Ottawa Citizen, November 22, 2002)

    “No, what I am supportive of is, frankly, not ratifying the Kyoto agreement and not implementing it.” (Stephen Harper, CTV News, September 6, 2002)

    “Kyoto [is] the worst international agreement this country has ever signed and I don’t think they have the guts to implement it because it would have severe impacts on the economy and on the ordinary people from coast-to-coast.” (Stephen Harper, CTV News, September 4, 2002)

    When Harper was asked in a news conference how he can reconcile using the courts—on the one hand—to oppose a bill passed by Parliament [Gag Law – 3rd party election spending]; and then making the case that the courts have had too much say on the same-sex issue, he said: “Well quite easily, because the right of free speech and right of religion are in the constitution. Sexual orientation is not.” (Stephen Harper, CBC Newsworld, September 4, 2003)

    “I do not support the special legal recognition of same-sex relationships, the compulsory provision of marital benefits to same sex couples, or a number of other possible implications of such legislation.” (Stephen Harper, Letter to the Editor, Calgary Herald, December 14, 1994)

    “These proposals included cries for billions of new money for social assistance in the name of “child poverty” and for more business subsidies in the name of “cultural identity”. In both cases I was sought out as a rare public figure to oppose such projects.” (Stephen Harper, The Bulldog, National Citizens Coalition, February 1997)

    “After all, enforced national bilingualism in this country isn’t mere policy. It has attained the status of a religion. It’s a dogma which one is supposed to accept without question. … [M]ake no mistake. Canada is not a bilingual country. In fact it is less bilingual today than it has ever been…As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions.” (Stephen Harper, Calgary Sun, May 6, 2001)

    “Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.” (Stephen Harper, BC Report, January 11, 1999)

    “It’s actually not a label I love…I am more comfortable with a more populist tradition of conservatism. Toryism has the historical context of hierarchy and elitism and is a different kind of political philosophy. It’s not my favourite term, but we’re probably stuck with it.” (Stephen Harper, Hamilton Spectator, January 24, 2004)

    “You’ve got to remember that west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from eastern Canada: people who live in ghettoes and who are not integrated into western Canadian society.” (Stephen Harper, The Report newsmagazine, January 22, 2001)

    “I think people should elect a cat person. If you elect a dog person, you elect someone who wants to be loved. If you elect a cat person, you elect someone who wants to serve.” (Stephen Harper, Interview with Kevin Newman, Global National April 5th, 2006)