Keys Group Pissed at Scott, Sends Him Urine

When people in the Keys say they are pissed off at Gov. Rick Scott, they really mean it.

A new political action group started to combat Scott’s new drug testing policy for government employees plans on sending the new governor a jar full of urine to save officials the trouble of traveling south.

The Committee for the Positive Insistence on a Sane Society, or PISS, is calling the smelly “gift” a peaceful protest, Naked Politics reported.

It’s unclear when or how the jar will make it to Tallahassee, but we’d be quite interested in the results if it were drug tested. Our guess is it didn’t take very long to fill up the jar in the Keys.

“In one breath our CEO professes to be focusing on cutting wasteful government spending and laying off tens of thousands of state employees, while at the same time he announces a program to drug test state employees without any legitimate basis for such an invasion of privacy,” a PISS press release stated.

Last month, Scott signed an executive order allowing random drug testing of state employees and a bill is currently working its way through the Legislature that would require welfare and food stamp recipients to undergo drug testing.

Hopefully the jar of urine is marked fragile.

– Article originally from NBC Miami