Toronto Hash Mob Hits City Hall Today

Watch me present to Toronto city council’s Yonge and Dundas Square management board today at 3 p.m city hall committee room 3 on the second floor. We thought the issue of amplified sound was solved. A few days ago I learned it wasn’t. This is my letter requesting to speak at today’s meeting.

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Toronto Hash Mob I’m requesting an opportunity to speak at the upcoming Yonge & Dundas board meeting to discuss a comprise regarding this years Apr. 20 marijuana protest. Firstly, Toronto Hash Mob is simply a loose collection of friends who are politically motivated to end prohibition. We are not an organization. We don’t have formal meetings. We have no funding. However, we are somewhat organized. With seven years experience planning protests.

In the interest of public safety we would like to use our self powered mobile sound system as the Apr. 20 smoke out may have up to 7000 protesters attend. The sound system comes complete with its own power and is excellent way to engage protesters. The sound system is small, one speaker and microphone. Perfect for anti-prohibition speakers. Unfortunately, I’ve been informed a sound system is a violation of a city bylaw, not the good neighbor policy.

The application I’ve been asked to fill out is for events not protests.Toronto Hash Mob is unable to afford the fees associated with Yonge and Dundas Square. Nor are we willing to become an event when marijuana remains illegal. We request a comprise be reached. Allowing us to plug in a mobile self powered sound system Apr. 20. The sound system would be used for speakers and to ensure public safety.

I’m requesting an opportunity to speak at the March 31, 2011 meeting.


Matt Mernagh, coach Toronto Hash Mob

Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains ( by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.