Drug Prohibition: 50 Years of Profit for Organized Crime

Who have been the main beneficiaries of the United Nations’ 50-year international treaty to prohibit certain drugs? These thank-you videos to the UN from (fake) organized criminals give us a few illustrations of the rich and powerful monsters created by prohibition.

From Drug Reporter, the drug policy website of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union:

50 years ago the United Nations adopted the first international treaty to prohibit some drugs – particularly drugs used by non-Europeans such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin. The logic of the system was simple: any use of the drugs listed, unless sanctioned for medical or scientific purposes, would be deemed ‘abuse’ and thus illegal. As a result of this convention, the unsanctioned production and trafficking of these drugs became a crime in all member states of the UN. It is now clear that punitive drug policies have several unintended consequences: they fuel the global HIV epidemic, undermine public health systems, result in a crisis for criminal justice systems, lead to severe human rights violations and create a massive illicit market worth an estimated annual value of almost 400 billion USD. There is a small group though that benefits from the global war on drugs: organized criminals and terrorists. (Read more about the global drug war!) […]

The HCLU initiatied this public advocacy campaign to raise awareness on the costs of the global drug war – the costs we pay not only in money but in human lives and human rights. We join the call of other like-minded NGOs on the United Nations and the national governments to undertake a transparent review of the effectiveness of current drug policies.

A Russian Heroin Trader Thanks the UN for 50 Years of Prohibition

Mexican Drug Lord Thanks the UN for 50 Years of Prohibition

Taliban Leader Thanks the UN for 50 Years of Prohibition

Girlfriend of a Drug Kingpin thanks the UN for 50 years of prohibition

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Son of Sam Walton on

    Can you think of any ethnic group whom implemented capitalism the way the white race has done . . . capitalism is about everyone for him or herself . . . build a factory in some land based on early European trade –and force people to buy what already belongs to them . . . teach people to make garments, instead of teaching them how to farm. It is the white race’s fault and I can prove it: go to the nearest field you can find and build yourself a little teepee (for nomadic reasons right) and grow your own food and we’ll see if you get arrested because some goon thinks it’s private property when no such thing exists in the first place (unless they made their own dirt and land –and in that case –private property exists) . . . see all these large houses with a family and but one child and go to Mexico to a small house with five children. Islam is the only ethnic group I can come across in history that had similar economic expansions as the Europeans, but even Europe (America too) places many companies on their soil . . . we were even a model for the Japanese whom wanted to be more western sometime around the early 19th Century . . . Opium Wars and Hong Kong or Macao, need I say more. In 1907, America contracted with some of the tribes in Iran to take some of their land and it became an oil field. Regardless of what you think, you can’t eat plastic –I’ve never seen a man or women gain daily nutrition off of plastic –yet we pay people less than a dollar a day to work with and build plastics . . . Its not a job or place of work if it doesn’t produce shelter or food. Civilization is where I say this is mine and you can work for me on my land or in my factory because we killed some people for this land . . . Remember in ancient Greece: the more moral or good a person is –the more slaves he has since wealth and status is the number one sign of being a good human being (Nietzsche). It’s the desire to have more and more and not take one for the team and starve a little so all whom will work for it can have enough to live on. How about this –I’ll give you some beads if you give me your house and your car. Stop snoozing through your college classes and use your free tuition while it’s still available –take advantage of all the money you make and actually visit some 3rd World Nation to see how it was affected by the white race –paying people in money (you can’t eat it) and not food. Us crackers aren’t perfect, but we have so much potential to do better.

  2. Anonymous on

    That was really racist. You need to stop blaming white people for your problems.

  3. Anonymous on

    That was really racist. You need to stop blaming white people for your problems.

  4. Anonymous on

    Thanks to America and Canada for defining viable Cannabis seed as an illegal narcotic. Of course, you would have to go through a lengthy extraction and concentration process to get any usable amount of THC, which is why the UN didn’t include seeds in the Single Convention, but since America and Canada have decided to call something a drug that the rest of the UN doesn’t, it opens up a whole new black market. Now we can sell simple Cannabis seed for 5, 10, even more dollars for each one, instead of a whole package of them for a couple dollars like poppy seeds. There’s no way those countries can ever stop seed sales now, since the companies are so numerous and spread out, so all their genius idea of calling a seed a drug accomplished was making massive profits for anyone smart enough to see the obvious opportunity generously provided by our governments. They might arrest and prosecute one seller every 5 years or so but I like those odds. The other thousand or more sellers are still raking in profits. So one or two people dumb enough to sell seeds from a storefront get busted, who the hell cares. Oh yeah, that really scares us. A seed seller has more chance of getting struck by lightning than getting prosecuted. Actually, I think Canada and the US should start calling Morning Glory seeds a drug too, considering they contain a form of LSD. Then we could start charging $5 a seed for them too.

  5. Anonymous on

    The last sentence says it all. Furer Harper is on the same track with a real christian twist up here in Canada. He won’t be quite as prejudice because his pool of mixed race is not quite as populus.

    Mega jails being built as we type.

    The UN IS a US puppet.

    Is history repeating itself on the western hemishpere?

  6. Son of Sam Walton on

    Yep. Thank you U.N. for half the Muslims killed each year from drug money induced bombings in Pakistan and the rest of the Middle East . . . thank you U.N. for keeping the black man in the ghettos like some Polish Jew before 1941 . . . Thank You U.N. for recognizing how dangerous Martin Luther King Jr. is by imprisoning more blacks for drugs than whites, which is a form of the Jim Crow Laws (can’t vote if one has a felony). Seems like the White Race receives less destruction in comparison to all the violence from drug money in Africa (Darfur, Rwanda); Asia (Indian Bombings and wars in the Middle East); and the death of thousands of Latin Americans in South, Central and North America and the incarceration of thousands of Native Americans for possession. Just one of the Manny ways the U.N. is looking after the White Race to remain power . . . if drugs were never illegal, what are the odds that Timothy McVeigh wouldn’t have felt threatened or paranoid by the Feds to the point of blowing up a Federal Building with children in it . . . TV, Movies, Music and the Department of Justice and Corrections showing how minorities break the law, instead of doing the White sanctioned drugs of booze, pills and tobacco . . . now certain segments of the American White Race can keep on seeing blacks kill blacks in the name of drug money induced gang violence, blacks being busted more often than whites, Mexicans giving themselves a bad name in the form of drugs, gangs and illegally immigrating for sanctuary or for jobs because hemp is not permitted to create Millions of jobs in Mexico . . . it allows segments of the White Race to see how drug laws makes non-Whites look uncivilized, while the waste of prohibition money threatens our economy, while keeping millions of jobs out of America (hemp) to the point that foreigners look guilty of destroying America. I wonder how many fewer Neo-Nazis would be in America if drug laws didn’t make fearful and impressionable minds fear for their way of life, when they only hear about black on black crime, racial profiling (he’s black –bust him for crack), war in Mexico and the loss of our economy and jobs from bad taxes and bad policies? Can I get a Sieg Heil U.N.