WhyProhibition.ca Temporary Outage Notice

This morning, WhyProhibition.ca suffered an outage while its domain name provider, Netfirms Inc was migrating its systems. During the migration, Netfirms failed to transfer our domain’s update correctly and accidentally registered WhyProhibition.ca as expired.

WhyProhibtion.ca wants to assure everyone that the site has not expired, and we are not going anywhere.

This is entirely a problem at Netfirms, and we contacted them within minutes of the changes being registered. Netfirms was unable to fix the problem in time, and the error has begun propagating throughout the internet.

As of now, our traffic has been reduced by 2/3 and we expect the domain error to be fully propagated by tomorrow (at which point WhyProhibition.ca will be entirely inaccessible)

As of now, Netfirms is working on the solution, though once they implement it, it will take 24-48 hours for WhyProhibition.ca to be fully working again.

We hope to have this situation resolved shortly, thank you for your patience.

Go to WhyProhibition.ca (when it comes back up) to find out how to help reform drug laws in Canada.