Spring Tune Up

A clip of me taking rubbings in a fantastic light-deprivation garden!

It was part of my Spring Tune-Up at Oaksterdam University last weekend on March 19, 2011.



  1. Montana Biotech on

    Come see Ed Rosenthal in Missoula Montana April 9-10 at the Garden City Cannabis Expo. There will be over 50 exhibits informative talks / lectures. And, Ed teaching his type of cannabis cultivation!!! Hope to see all there!! It is FREE to the general public no MMJ card necessary!!!


  2. Anonymous on

    Ed taught me every bit of knowledge I would ever need to make my small time dreams come true. Not Cervantes or who ever else. Ed is the man. Thanks to Ed my new motto became No Sharks and No Narks. Thanks Mr.Rosenthal.

  3. Anonymous on

    why is the physical appearance of a 60+ old guy relevant? JJEEEEEESUS

  4. Craig on

    Yeah, he’s grown a fuckin ponytail and obviously let himself go a bit, but he’s earned every right to- let him be. As for public image, I don’t really see Ed as a mainstream player in cannabis law reform; he takes more of an underground/background role, I’d say. Cheech and Chong are more mainstream, and do far more harm than good, that’s for sure.

    As for “rubbing” AKA “ruining”, isn’t that harmful to the plant? I take extra precautions not to even bump against my plants, much less mangle them with my bare hands before harvest…

  5. Anonymous on

    If he was like the politicians and the public view he wouldn’t be real, he’d be an actor and someone who really, isn’t who he is now. Unfortunately society forces actors into office and everything is an act! Although his 90’s pics were not bad but now he looks like he’s got cancer worse than all the other cancer patients here. He must have done something other than weed, because I didn’t see his pic for almost a decade and then….. OUCH, Ed, come on, stay with us here!

  6. Anonymous on

    He’s a swell guy but probably not very good for public image… the slow-ish demeanor, the semi-monotone speech which conjures Chong… totally swell guy, good work, good message, but in superficial terms of public image/politics he is an easy target for even pundits with the stupidest of views to make fun of and sway public opinion further against ethics.

    Scary, false claims about brain damage and ruined families shouldn’t be rebutted with sarcasm (like, “ooh, the big bad DEA is so powerful”) and repetition of, “it’s only a plant… it’s only marijuana” and the like, which is Rosenthal’s sort of approach (apparently).