DEA Targets Cannabis Sacrament ‘Pot’ Churches

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has its sights set on a surprising target – churches.

Cannabis sacrament or ‘pot’ churches believe cannabis sativa is a sacred plant that can be used for religious purposes to expand consciousness and draw people closer to God.

While cannabis has been used in rituals throughout history by religious sects like Rastafari and Central Asian shamanism, modern pot churches are typically a strange blend of Rastafari, Gnostic Christianity and New Age philosophy.

Is smoking pot in church legal?

Sacramental cannabis sects claim they should be exempt from current marijuana laws because they use cannabis for religious purposes. Cannabis sacrament church leaders believe marijuana makes the mind more spiritually aware, and therefore it is their right as ministers to provide marijuana to those who want it

For example, a post on the Cannabis Culture Marijuana Magazine makes the argument sacramental cannabis users “are environmentalists, medical marijuana providers, and human rights activists. The war on cannabis is not new, it is an ancient battle between those who wish to explore the full dimensions of human consciousness, and those who want to control and limit the minds of others.”

The War on Drugs and Cannabis Sacrament

While the “for religious purposes” line of reasoning has worked for some on occasion, the DEA has beencracking down on cannabis sacrament users and their churches. One case in particular was in the spotlight after series of raids on The Hawaii Cannabis (THC) Ministry, founded by Roger Christie.

Christie, along with 13 other members of the THC Ministry, were charged last year with conspiracy to possess, manufacture and distribute marijuana. The DEA claimed Christie’s church was actually a major growing and distributing operation.

Pot Church Websites

Although more marijuana-smoking church arrests are being made in the U.S. and other countries like Canada, cannabis sacrament church sites are still springing up on the Internet.

A search for “pot church” yields interesting results. URLs like “,” “” and “” are scattered across the Web. Some pot churches even have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Should marijuana be legalized?

The debate over whether marijuana should be legalized has always been a heated one. But, should churches be allowed to use marijuana for religious purposes?

Aside from the obvious moral questions, most traditional churches would probably rather avoid the cannabis sacrament debate, and focus on something a little easier — like whether to use real wine or grape juice for communion.

Kim Linton began her writing career in 2001 as a contributor for, a Christian ministry webzine. Kim’s work has since been published on a variety of websites including Woman’s Day and Intel, and featured on several news sites including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

– Article from Yahoo! News.



  1. Anonymous on

    How can the US feds keep up the pretense that Americans need to spend a bunch of money to battle medical Cannabis when Canada is just on the other side of the border and has had a federal medical weed program for about a decade and doesn’t appear to have fallen into a state of chaos. In fact, nobody even notices the medical use of Cannabis at all. Also, how is it that Canada’s constitution is violated by prosecuting medical Cannabis users while the US’s isn’t? Do they have different standards of rights and freedoms? Not really, except for the right to bear arms. I guess the US feds are just in more control of their Supreme Court judges and are able to prevent them from making sensible rulings.

  2. Anonymous on

    How long are Americans going to tolerate being squeezed for tax money only to have it squandered on shit like this? Considering the country is utterly bankrupted by it’s own wars, Iraq, Afghanistan and drug, it amazes me that its citizenry is still letting the President and Congress throw a bunch more of their money away on more of the same. Is Cannabis really such a threat to society that Americans have to pay all those idiot DEA agents to go around trashing churches and medicine dispensaries? Seems quite a stretch to me. Maybe take a few million out of the DEA Cannabis oppression fund and give it to some of the people who have to eat milk powder from a food bank while Obama and his DEA army of ignorance feast on steak and Obama goes around with that big ol’ grin on his face like he’s not taking food out of babies’ mouths to fund his idiocy. For that matter, how long are they going to tolerate paying for 10 year prison sentences for growing or selling Cannabis? What’s that cost, about $500,000-$1,000,000? Oh yeah, Americans can afford to pay a million dollars to house and feed every American who grows Cannabis. That’s only billions upon billions dollars. They have that right on them. I can see how that might be worth it to keep a serial killer out of society but to keep Americans from competing with Mexico for their own weed supply? Naw, I don’t think so. But that’s just me. I’m sure the President has a perfectly reasonable explanation. Hasn’t bothered to provide it yet, that’s all.

  3. Pastor Ray Christl THC Ministry on

    All THC Ministry pastors that have been selectively prosecuted by DEA smashing faith in creedal rights…We are still fighting Nixonian death parade.

  4. joe on

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