Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (for Drug Legalization)

CANNABIS CULTURE – Zach Galifianakis smokes so much pot, sometimes he forgets to smoke it. At least that’s what he told the audience of Saturday Night Live last weekend during his opening monologue.

Actually he wrote it – or displayed it – on a large pad of white paper after he tore off his clothing to reveal Annie‘s little red dress underneath and started singing “Tomorrow” (is only a day away).

A few sheets of paper before, he wrote “Clap if you endorse legalized marijuana” and then “I am ashamed of this audience” and then “There should have been a lot more clapping”.

Watch the video from NBC’s SNL:

This isn’t the first time the bearded funnyman has pulled a pot-related stunt on television to make a political statement.

“It’s a tricky thing politically to jump on that bandwagon, cause I think that maybe people see it as taboo still,” Galifianakis said during a discussion about California’s 2010 legalization during an October appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, before he pulled out what looked like a joint and sparked it up.

Watch the video from Real Time:

Zach stars in the recent films The Hangover and Due Date, the latter of which features a pot-smoking scene where he is transformed into a wolf.

The issue of psychoactive drugs popped up in another recent episode of of Saturday Night Live hosted by salvia-smoking teen celebrity Miley Cyrus.

During a sketch, “The Miley Cyrus Show”, featuring SNL regular Vanessa Bayer playing Miley Cyrus and the real Miley Cyrus playing pop star Justin Bieber, Bayer remarked, “so your growing up – like me doing salvia. Did you know I smoked salvia?”

Cyrus (as Bieber) replied, “Well you know there’s no reason why you wouldn’t, because it’s totally legal yo!”

Watch the video from SNL:

Saturday Night Live has undoubtedly been a forum for political expression over the years, and references to marijuana litter the shows archives. Check out this advertisement for the American Dope Growers Union from an April 1977 episode of SNL:

Galifianakis didn’t try to light up any joints during his SNL appearance; maybe he remembered when Cypress Hill tried that during an October 1993 appearance on the show and were banned.

Oddly, the part of Galifianakis’ monologue that feature him singing and advocating marijuana legalization was cut out before being posted on the NBC website because of music clearances issues.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.