B.C. Cannabis Crusader Jodie Emery Invited to Speak in Washington State on Legalization Bill

B.C. Green Party politician and cannabis crusader Jodie Emery has been invited to speak to the Washington State Legislature on a bill to legalize cannabis.

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The wife of Prince of Pot Marc Emery, who is serving a five-year prison term in a U.S. federal penitentiary in Georgia, Jodie Emery said she was honoured to have the chance Wednesday to speak with American law-makers.

She is a strident advocate for the reform of marijuana laws on both sides of the border and she is keenly interested in the Washington initiative, which has become the focus of attention after a similar attempt to legalize pot in California narrowly failed in November.

State politicians in Olympia are conducting hearings on House Bill 1550, which seeks to regulate the production, distribution and sale of marijuana.

The law is intended to take profits from the sale of marijuana away from drug cartels so it can be sold in liquor stores and taxed.

Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, a sponsor of the bill, estimates $200 million a year could flow into state coffers.

And the measure is receiving broad support.

Even former Seattle police Chief Norm Stamper, for instance, has written a letter to lawmakers promoting it saying the cannabis prohibition doesn’t work.

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.

Read more about Bill HB 1550 on Cannabis Culture.



  1. Uncle-Viper on

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  2. Anonymous on

    A Bong would look more like a CRACK-PIPE than anything to view that T-shirt! A vaporizer is another form of the economy scam artists!, It must be perfectly safe before it can be advertised and legalized…. too bad a decent Vaporizer costs $300-$800, good luck getting everyone to use one at these prices!!!! ANOTHEr SCAM!!! $800 = That is a Quarter Pound of weed at top price in some areas? DO YOU THINK A TOKER WILL BUY A Q.P. or A Vaporizer?

    The joint Marc is smoking in the tshirt pic is a straight small joint, it should be a canon, a cone or baseball bat shape, the first time I saw the logo I knew it was the wrong joint….. They should roll a bigger dube for any future photos like this….

    I KNEW it, FIRST GLIMPSE = JOint too small and straight like a cigarette!!!! I knew it would become an issue! Wrong shape, get the artist to change it for any future prints, BIG FAT CONE!!!!!!!

    Why would Marc be smoking a small joint?

  3. Anonymous on

    Let people suck back as much carbon monoxide as possible…. THEN YOU’RE PHARMA Corp won’t go out of business!!!!
    Bong water is Garbage, tastes like crap, breathing through a bong is disgusting, one hit then blahh!…. A Tobacco cigarette is a nasty addictive HAND HELD DEVICE for A.D.D. sufferers!!! Too lazy to do a sport or find a hobby,….. maybe they’ll get a chance to QUIT smoking if weed is legal…. how’s that? Oh, no more carbon monoxide!!!!! Screw voters, as long as you vote for the most opposite party to question who’s in charge! LET CIGARETTE COMPANY’S PERISH, What the F would you want in defending that!????? You a Smoker?!!!

    More like Camel Toe, not Camel nose in tent!? Idiot, ‘Camel’ has its pun!

  4. Jodie on

    That photo is definitely NOT from Marc being in Seattle. He’s never been there until he was extradited and imprisoned in May 2010.

    The photo we used for the FREE MARC logo was one that I took at Toker’s Bowl 2004. We were on the boat cruise and I snapped the shot of him taking a toke. Our artist Gary Wintle was given a bunch of photos of Marc for the FREE MARC logo and chose this one to artify.

    You don’t know why Marc’s in prison? It was for his political activism and seed sales out of Canada for the benefit of the USA — please, instead of having me write it all out, read the very basic “Who Is Marc Emery” fact sheet at http://www.FreeMarc.ca, it’s the tab at the top. Can’t miss it. Very important.

    The photo used in this article was for a newspaper article in Vancouver last year about me taking over Marc’s store “Cannabis Culture Headquarters” after he was extradited. It’s taken inside out store.

  5. Anonymous on

    Not just on this site, but on a lot of sites I have noticed that people never seem to comment on what an article is ACTUALLY about, and pinpoint things like in this case, the joint vs. bong debate over the image used on the T-Shirt.

    Hope all went well yesterday with Jodie and her trip. More of us cannabis users need to step it up though, we can’t rely on the few marijuana warlocks that we have while we sit around arguing over an image on a shirt. Cannabis is safer than alcohol in almost every way, and for them to both be sold at a location like a liquor store is a big step in the right direction.

    In regards to the shirt though since it seems to be such a hot topic, a bong or a vaporizer would be too inflammatory for a cause and would potentially be damaging to it. I don’t think people need to be reminded that its not a cigarette, just like cigarettes dont need the warnings for people to know that it’s bad for them. I smoke both, I know what they do, not stopping me.

    I own this shirt and wear it proudly!

  6. Lygeia on

    I think the purpose of the picture (although I could be wrong) of Marc Emery on the t-shirt is that it was taken at the rally in Seattle where he took a puff from a joint that was handed to him and then he passed it on. This was used as the pretext by the U.S. Government to arrest him for drug trafficking and sentence him to five years in an American for-profit prison.

  7. Anonymous on

    Change it up to a bong or something but keep it up to date

  8. Anonymous on

    I wish Jodie the best of luck of course. But with this picture of a t-shirt showing a paper-rolled cigarette being smoked (even though we’re supposed to know it’s a joint), and the same picture appearing perennially atop this website, Marc’s image is thus made into essentially a cigarette advertisement, benefiting the oligarchs in the tobacco industry.

    One of the main reasons Big 2WackGo hates cannabis is that cannabis users have led the way in converting from hot burning overdose carbonj monoxide cigarette format to vaporizers, one-hitters and the like. If tobacco users eventually started to follow suit, the profit margin in the megadeath cigarette industry is doomed.

    Under present-day prohibition, cannabis is expensive– yet the image of Marc suggests blissful unconcern about the waste of smoke trailing away– “Well, those potheads care nothing about economy”.

    My final point: 80% of the US voting public– and Canada similarly– is NON-CIGARETTE-SMOKING and most of those non-smokers now hate cigarettes. To win friends for cannabis, show a picture of Marc with a one-hitter!