B.C. Cannabis Crusader Jodie Emery Invited to Speak in Washington State on Legalization Bill

B.C. Green Party politician and cannabis crusader Jodie Emery has been invited to speak to the Washington State Legislature on a bill to legalize cannabis.

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The wife of Prince of Pot Marc Emery, who is serving a five-year prison term in a U.S. federal penitentiary in Georgia, Jodie Emery said she was honoured to have the chance Wednesday to speak with American law-makers.

She is a strident advocate for the reform of marijuana laws on both sides of the border and she is keenly interested in the Washington initiative, which has become the focus of attention after a similar attempt to legalize pot in California narrowly failed in November.

State politicians in Olympia are conducting hearings on House Bill 1550, which seeks to regulate the production, distribution and sale of marijuana.

The law is intended to take profits from the sale of marijuana away from drug cartels so it can be sold in liquor stores and taxed.

Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, a sponsor of the bill, estimates $200 million a year could flow into state coffers.

And the measure is receiving broad support.

Even former Seattle police Chief Norm Stamper, for instance, has written a letter to lawmakers promoting it saying the cannabis prohibition doesn’t work.

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.

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