Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Tommy Chong Fires Up Vote Dana Campaign

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Pot activist turned political candidate Dana Larsen joins the show to discuss the latest on his BC NDP leadership campaign and recent fundraisers featuring comedy legend Tommy Chong.

VOTE DANA! Former CC editor Dana Larsen joins current CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer to talk about his plan to shift control of British Columbia’s medical marijuana regulations from Federal to Provincial.

We also discuss the latest fundraising events for the Vote Dana Campaign featuring Tommy Chong and play footage from Monday night’s Intimate Evening with Chong & Chong at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver.

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Photos from An Intimate Evening with Chong & Chong

Articles discussed in this episode:

Marijuana Activist Dana Larsen Announces Bid For BC NDP Leadership

Tommy Chong Joins BC NDP to Support Dana Larsen

Legalizing Marijuana “Most Important Thing” for B.C., NDP Leadership Hopeful Dana Larsen Says

Pot Activist Political Candidate Dana Larsen Pledges to Eliminate SkyTrain Fares

Pot Activist Politico Dana Larsen Wants To Curb Unhealthy Munchies

Dana Larsen: BC Should Decriminalize, Unionize Sex Trade to Save Lives

Dana Larsen: Eliminate BC’s Deficit by Reversing Corporate Tax Cuts and Taxing Super-Rich

Tommy Chong to Host Fundraiser for BC NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen

The MoneyBomb Fundraiser for the Vote Dana Larsen Campaign

Tommy Chong Backs NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen

BC NDP Candidate Dana Larsen Wants Province To Control Medical Marijuana

The Vote Dana Larsen Campaign Presents “Jams in the Key of Chong”



[email protected]

Dana accepts Cheques and Money Orders by mail.
Please make payable to: “Dana Larsen Campaign”
Send to: 814-207 West Hastings, Vancouver BC, V6B 1H5

Office Hours: 11am – 7pm, Monday-Friday
Office 814, 207 West Hastings (at Cambie)

* Dana cannot accept anonymous donations, donor’s name and address are required with all donations.

* All donations over $250 are publicly reported on the BC NDP website.

* Maximum donation is $2500 per person or business.

* Donations are not tax deductible.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.




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