LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Notified They Must Close Immediately

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has stepped up its drive to close illegal medical marijuana dispensaries, notifying operators and landlords of 140 pot shops that they must close immediately.

In a letter sent Monday, the office targeted dispensaries that did not file applications to participate in a lottery to choose 100 that will operate in the city. The city clerk received 228 applications from dispensaries and is reviewing them to make sure they meet the qualifications for the drawing, which include having been in business since Sept. 14, 2007.

Asha Greenberg, the assistant city attorney who has overseen the enforcement efforts, warned in the letter that the city could sue violators and seek financial penalties, as well as pursue administrative actions “to discontinue the use and padlock the property.”

“The next step for us is to wait and see if these places close, and if they don’t close, LAPD will investigate them, and we will take legal action against the ones that remain,” she said.

The move restarts a process that began 10 months ago when the city sent warning letters to 439 dispensaries. That effort was disrupted when scores of dispensaries sued to challenge the city’s restrictive medical marijuana ordinance. A judge declared parts of the law unconstitutional in December and the City Council adopted a new ordinance in January.

Greenberg said the 140 dispensaries were identified from the earlier list. “We basically whittled it down to these that are currently open and operating, which doesn’t mean that there aren’t more out there,” she said. “We keep getting information that places have reopened or new ones have opened up.”

– Article from The Los Angeles Times.



  1. Davesnot Here on

    The so-called “War On Drugs” isn’t a war on drugs, it’s a war on marijuana. And more specifically, it’s not a war on marijuana, it’s a war on stoners, on heads, on people that use reefer: YOU and ME – peaceful, job holding, tax paying, otherwise law abiding citizens.

    “Booze is GOOD and reefer is BAD”: that’s the message that’s been pushed on Americans for the past several decades, and mainstream America has drunk the kool-aid.

    It’s way past time for change.

  2. Ozlanthos on

    Where are the thousands of people who benefit from California’s medical marijuana laws now? Oh, I know, they are safe in the comfort of their homes (or the home of a friend) blissfully baked. You have no reason to protest right? You got what you wanted, and so now you feel you can just sit back, fire up a bowl and call it good right??? WRONG!!! You need to understand that the level of liberty you have attained is finite in comparison to what you actually deserve and finite, in that it is on borrowed time.

    You must read stories like this as being what they are!!! You are building a brick wall of a legitimate RIGHT (perhaps the most solemn and sacred right of any human…the right to alter your consciousness as you see fit) AND THESE ASSHOLES ARE TEARING THE WALL BACK DOWN AS YOU ATTEMPT TO BUILD IT!!! They don’t want you to have access to “medicine” (if in fact you are using it as such rather than just an excuse to be able to get high…legally)! They want to continue to be able to arrest you and seize your property at THEIR discretion! They don’t want to ever legalize it! They want to continue to exert the power over you that total prohibition allows!

    If you want to protest something, rather than protesting for the rights of illegal aliens to be treated like Americans, you ought to be protesting the right of Americans to be treated like HUMANS! Rather than protesting for state union members to be able to dictate to the state what their medical coverage, or salary compensation ought to be (whether or not the state has the funds to afford them in the budget) you ought to be protesting for your right to not have to give more money to Mexican drug cartels for your drug of choice!!!

    You’ve got a few more bricks stacked than the rest of the states. Rather than admire them before the mortar is set, you need to keep building, or these schmucks will knock it down brick by brick while planning to take it all down, and use your abuse of it as justification as to why you should not be able to build it ever again!!!


  3. Dave on

    All this pot is not good for the US economy; folks won’t support the war machine!

  4. Anonymous on

    That was an unethical decision by the city attorney. A marketplace should be well regulated but this limiting of dispensaries is misinformed and/or sadistic (probably more of the former).