The Grow Show with Marijuana Man: Visualizing Legalizing

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Grow Show with Marijuana Man is back on Pot-TV. In this episode: Marijuana Man talks about efforts to legalize cannabis and how that might actually come to be in our world. Tax and regulate? But how……

Marijuana Man, also known as Greg Williams, was one of the BC3, the employees of Marc Emery Direct Seeds accused of selling marijuana seeds to US citizens over the Internet. Greg is the editor of Pot-TV and long-time host of The Grow Show. Check out his latest videos every week on Cannabis Culture.

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Peace and Pot!

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  1. Darral Good on

    c’mon not another all volunteer effort !

  2. Anonymous CC member on

    Thanks Marijuana Man, for all you have done….. great videos, hope there are many more to come…. peace and pot to you and yours…..

  3. lakua on

    Actually, MJ man, Prop 19 got slightly over 46% of the vote (not 44% like you said).

  4. Opus on

    …and the cost of gas to transport your product… just like the cost of living has gone up for everyone, so the cost of cannabis remains high as well…

    I would love to see the cost come down some and it be more regulated by the quality of the weed… but that’s a ways off me thinks.

    Cultivate your freedom, grow your own 🙂

  5. Opus on

    Here in BC you have to realize that the cost of growing indoors has gone up at least 40% in the last 10 years… Hydro is talking of a 50% rise in price over the next 5 years… I now pay $12 more for a bale of soil than I did 7 years ago, the price of high end plant foods has skyrocketed and new equipment costs such as digital ballasts at $300+ a pop compared to an old magnetic one at around a $100. True, the price should come down some you would think but you also seem to forget the law of supply and demand, people will pay for what they want… and will pay well when they are not sure where the next bag is coming from.

  6. Anonymous on

    It is so good to see Marijuana Man again. He is right, if it were not for Marc, we would not be as far as we are now, Marc has been so generous over the years helping so many people begin their organization, or business, as well as paying the legal fees of court cases for many unfortunate victims of cannabis prohibition, or sending seeds for free to medical marijuana patients.

    We are in the process of getting an initiative ready to legalize cannabis in Washington state in 2011, check out for details. The initiative is simple: it removes all criminal penalties for possession, use, manufacture or delivery of cannabis among adults.

    History shows that the best way to end prohibition is to simply repeal prohibition language. In 1932 Washington was one of the states that repealed prohibition on alcohol through a statewide initiative. The initiative removed all state laws criminalizing alcohol, leaving the Legislature the task of creating regulations, which it did. Their initiative language gave nothing for the Federal Government to attack since it simply removed state prohibition laws and nothing new was being added that would conflict with Federal law.

    That’s what our initiative does. Signature gathering begins mid-march, so anyone that can help gather signatures to legalize cannabis can join us, please.

    Great to see you again, Greg!
    Allison Bigelow