Police Are Twice As Likely To Sexually Assault You And Five Times As Likely To Murder You

IT’S true! According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, between January 2010 and September 2010, 31 kops per 100,000 committed homicide and 73 committed sexual assault. In comparison to 100,000 of the general population (this includes blacks, whites, Mexicans, gang members etc) only 5 citizens committed homicide and 29 committed sexual assaults.

If you have a choice to mingle with a crowd of 100,000 kops or 100,000 citizens, it’s more dangerous to hang out with the police.

I’m still amazed at the number of Americans (mostly the older) who still trust persons wearing a uniform of authority. The older demographic was brainwashed so well they do whatever their preachers, police officers, politicians or judges tell them to do. It’s this “authority worshiping” and blind obedience that led America to its current police state that houses 25% of the world’s prisoners but contains only 5% of the world’s population. Our parents and grandparents were duped into giving away our freedoms for a pretended security.

It’s not the Muslim community or some non-American police force jailing all these Americans. Unfortunately, it’s our own Christian people and courts that are responsible for these mass social injustices and civil rights violations. If the Muslims were caging over 800,000 Americans per year for non-violent marijuana crimes, our Christian army would label the offenders “terrorist” and immediately begin bombing.

I’m currently authoring an E-Book instructing citizens how to handle the first 72 hours after getting busted. A section of my book deals with police, judges and prosecutors having no conscience. The new FBI statistics reported above supports my claim. Here is an unedited excerpt from the book:

“I recently read the national best seller, The Sociopath Next Door, by Dr. Martha Stout, PH.D. I totally agree when she states 1 out of 25 Americans is secretly a sociopath. A sociopath is a person with no conscience. Sociopaths won’t necessarily murder you but if they do, they won’t feel bad about the crime and will justify their actions. There are millions of sociopaths who have never committed a crime but they have murdered reputations, families and lives as they lie, cheat and manipulate to advance their personal agenda. Sociopaths are exactly what you are dealing with regarding police, jailers, prosecutors, judges and most lawyers. I’m teaching you this so you know your enemy. You must get it through your head that these people do not have a conscience and they don’t feel sorry about ruining your life by unnecessarily torturing you in the hands of their Christian courts.

My mother instilled a strong sense of conscience in me and then I was separated from her at an early age. I have since regained my conscience that was seared during my tour as one of our nation’s top drug enforcement agents. This sociopathic attitude was echoed by my cop friends, prosecutors and judges who would privately announce “Fuck them. They are trash and shouldn’t be breaking the law. I don’t feel a bit sorry for them. Lock ‘em all up and do God a favor.”

It’s so embarrassing for me to share this because my behavior was mean and evil and I’m not that person any longer. I’m sorry for what I did so it’s my duty to share this with you so you realize who and what you are dealing with in terms of American law enforcement. Don’t’ expect any mercy during your arrest and the lengthy court process because sociopaths have no mercy.

I cringe every time I hear the following lie that has been repeated so many times, it’s accepted as truth: ‘There are only a few cops, prosecutors and judges who make the rest look bad.’ This simply isn’t true. The reason all cops, prosecutors and judges are bad is because they enforce a penal code that is archaic, unfair, racist, biased, cruel, and designed to control the masses. Any adult who receives a paycheck and props themselves up as a community leader while enforcing such a cruel system is “bad” or sociopathic.

The large concentration of sociopaths in the American criminal justice system is a generational phenomenon created when a patrolman in the 1930’s was rewarded for his conscienceless behavior and promoted to Chief of Police who then hired and promoted other sociopaths and fired and demoted the officers who have a conscience. This pattern was repeated for several generations and has led to a large number of mindless, overweight murderers and molesters who are in charge of our sacred American justice system.”

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  1. Davesnot Here on

    Don’t get busted. If you get busted you will have less weed and the cops will have more, which they get for free. You will have less to share with me and your other cool friends. The cops don’t share with anyone but their cop friends, and that doesn’t do us any good, unless you’re a cop. If you’re a cop, don’t read this, it doesn’t apply to you. You can do whatever you want and because you’re above the law, it won’t matter. For us non-cops, read on.

    Lesson one: If you have weed in your vehicle, don’t get pulled over. Don’t speed. Don’t drive too slow. Don’t leave your weed in plain view. Don’t put your joints on the dash. Don’t leave your bong on the seat. Don’t leave your package of weed on the back seat. Don’t let the cops see you toking, for that matter don’t smoke while driving. If you must drive stoned, don’t drive too slow, don’t run off the road, don’t have an accident, don’t get pulled over for any reason. Busting us is big business. (See “Prison Song” by System Of A Down.) Every time you see or talk to a cop, they are looking for an excuse to search you and your vehicle, bring out the dogs, and steal your weed.

    Lesson two: If you grow weed at your place don’t tell anyone that might snitch on you. That means don’t tell anyone that you wouldn’t trust with your life. That might mean don’t tell anyone at all. If you live with someone, don’t have a domestic disturbance. If you live with someone that you fight with, don’t grow weed. If you must grow weed, and you live with someone that you fight with, get rid of them. Don’t have a domestic disturbance. When they call the cops, the cops will steal your weed and smoke it with their cop friends. You can grow weed, or have a contentious partner, but not both.

    Don’t call the cops to your house because the bike was stolen off the front porch. Don’t let your neighbors smell your weed. Don’t smoke it out front, don’t let them see your weed through the window. Don’t throw a pound of fan leaves, seeds, and stems in the fireplace. The cops are looking for an excuse to search you and your place, bring out the dogs, and steal your weed.

    Lesson three: If you mail your weed, don’t get busted. Wrap the weed tight and triple bag it in plastic. Use brown paper to double wrap it so you can’t see the weed. Shape the package of weed so it will fit snugly in a standard USPS mailer. Don’t mail it to ‘Grandpa Jones’, this is suspicious. Try to make your package look, weigh, and feel like something that is commonly mailed, other than weed. Don’t get busted. If you get busted that means more weed for the cops who don’t share and less weed for us cool people that do.

    If you don’t get busted, you’ll have more weed. There will be more weed for us, and less weed for the cops, who don’t share with non-cops. The more weed there is for us, the lower the street prices will be. Don’t get busted, I’m tired of cops getting our weed and bogarting it. Don’t get busted.

    Happy smoking!
    Google Marijuana news

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    I understand both your point and Barry’s about the whole Christian Thing. My experiences in Mexico, Iraq, Europe and the American Ghetto has led me to the strong belief (backed up by research and the Bible itself) that any cop, judge or DA practicing Drug Enforcement (with that exception of only going after meth labs because of the kids and meth labs only) will not enter heaven because said human would not accept Christ or truly believe in the first place (regardless of how many times he or she goes to church) –the only exception is if they quit law enforcement because of drug prohibition or realize that they must give up at least 80% of all their earnings and property to charity to even get a tiny bit close to making up for all the lives they destroyed . . . they must realize that being a cop in of itself was a sin, like being a porn star or director of Child Pornography. The exception is if we physically see cops whom believe drugs are bad like alcohol and tobacco and bust people for both drugs, booze or tobacco –which means that officer is not a hypocrite (being lukewarm will cause God to spit one’s self out of his mouth) –though he may be an officer who gets fired for going after ‘legal junkies’. Iraq taught me that any cop who goes after users and dealers is also attempting to blow up and kill U.S. soldiers and Muslim Civilians, while gathering up people to fly airplanes into buildings due to the nature that actively perusing drug prohibition is the total 100% equivalent of aiding and abetting an enemy who is mostly needy on drug money to fight a war against America, especially in a society that uses money and pays people for work . . . if we didn’t pay cops, judges or the DA or give them any benefits, then maybe a Cop etc. (volunteer) might be just some guy doing his job, but if any Department of Justice workers get pay or benefits and they go after drugs and users, then they are not Christian . . . Christ in the Bible talks about cops not being Christian if they go after drugs “Better to drown with a millstone tied to your neck than to hurt the innocent . . . .If you love me (become a Christian that is), you will keep all my commandments” and Christ’s big commandment (since he changed up the Covenant as predicted) was love thy neighbor (which directly works with and strengthens the 10 Commandments and many other Old Testament laws) and any cop who will arrest one for drugs and not arrest one for driving over the speed limit (drivers kill more people than dealers or dope) or booze or tobacco is not a Christian . . . this means a police officer whom engages in prohibition is isn’t loving his neighbor . . . when you know prohibition kills innocent people in the Ghettos, Iraq, Mexico, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Israel, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Columbia, Darfur etc –this is not loving thy neighbor . . . the best thing a cop can do is let drugs be and only bust those whose drug use hurts others (like cooking in a bath tub, driving under the influence, being violent on drugs, robbing to get one’s fix etc). So, according to the realities of the real world, Barry is wrong about Christians busting people for drugs or wanting drugs to stay illegal . . . its physically and spiritually imposable and improbable that any Christian keeps drugs illegal or goes after drug users . . . remember the bible quote when it said its easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven . . . any American or human who makes more than $2-3 an hour for work is filthy rich according to real world standards when compared to the much less amount of money the majority of the world earns in a day . . . so it is only heathen, wealthy sinners whom keeps drugs illegal and busts folk . . . remember the rich young man who wouldn’t follow Christ because he didn’t want to give up his money. How many white American Born men and women do you see running around calling themselves African Americans? If the answer is none or very few –then that will prove that no cop or DOJ or DOC employee working around drug offenders can be a Christian if they practice drug enforcement –a real Christian will let a non-violent and non-thieving drug user out of prison (regardless if its against policy or he may get fired or face criminal charges) asap as commanded to us in the book of Philemon and its anti-slavery rhetoric . . . if it was even remotely possible that a Christian can be a prohibitionist cop, Judge, DA or politician –then I’m probably a brain surgeon because I stayed at a Best Western once. What kind of human will waste a nation’s money on prohibition, which will hurt us and hurt the amount of any aid we do send to countries during disasters? Answer –An anti-Christian who hates their neighbor and believe me, I go to Protestant churches jammed pack with folk who outright hate Christians . . . I’ve even met a pastor or two who hates Christ . . . but hey, if a lost man can help another lost man not be lost –I won’t complain -even Pharos and Rome did God’s work.

  3. 1st smoked at 11 in 64 on

    sorry again

  4. 1st smoked at 11 in 64 on

    Aorry Barry….I was stoned. : )

  5. 1st smoked at 11 in 64 on

    Your “all inclusiveness” in your anti-Christian rant really hurts Berry.
    I am a Christian but I do not support the idea that my country must be made to “be Christian too.”
    Me and my ol lady consume a pound every 3 months. Between the 2 of us we have over 80 years of experience with hemp.I wake n bake every day.
    I fully support you and all other whom work towards real justice in this matter and love you n yours absolutly.
    Berry, there are a lot of us, A LOT of us who are not in agreement with the professional christians and are not the sheep whom do nothing but bleet back what some guy tells them. I wouldn’t set foot in a common “church”.
    This is prejudice.
    Yes, Berry,…..these guys are screwed in the head and are no more christian than my dog… and I am glad you are on their asses. I’ll even help you do that. But Please, don’t wrap a canna-bro up in this package with these knotheads.

  6. David762 on

    No wonder that LEOs continue to hound and persecute Barry Cooper; not only does he help civilians avoid getting busted, and set up sting operations against corrupt LEOs, but he also speaks truth to power. He is a national hero, and it’s pretty obvious he’s walking around with a bulls-eye on his back.

    While statistics can be manipulated, the data that this report is based upon has validity. It looks like the best organized, best equipped, most corrupt and violent street gangs in the USA are the LEOs themselves.
    Quell surprise. (NOT!) Worse yet, they are in alliance with corrupt District Attorneys, judges, and politicians; and with the amount of money involved in this “war on some drugs”, the swath of corruption is more firmly entrenched than it ever was with the prohibition against alcohol.

  7. The BallyHoo on

    Dear Barry! Thank you so much for being not just a man, but one helluva an amazing dude. All is forgiven, my brother. For someone involved in the sick and twisted world of the American Justice System to come forward speaking the truth, is not only admirable, but absolutely awesome. Thanks, Barry!

    You fucking rock.


  8. The BallyHoo on

    Dear Barry! Thank you so much for being not just a man, but one helluva an amazing dude. All is forgiven, my brother. For someone involved in the sick and twisted world of the American Justice System to come forward speaking the truth, is not only admirable, but absolutely awesome. Thanks, Barry!

    You fucking rock.


  9. foam on

    Canadian Border Services -Assholes with a capital A. Molesters with a capital M. Pedofiles with a capital P. Seems like the few good ones would insist on this cesspool being cleaned up but it’s clearly Harpers policy to have dirty LEOs. Oh yeah they’ve planted cocaine on me too.

  10. David Wood on


  11. Davi Wood on

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they commited more physical assualts then the american public, or had a high statistic rating of domestic abuse in that time period either.

  12. Chuck on

    It’s true, if your lucky enough not to have even been sexually or physically abused by an officer. Then I say you some how you did extremely well, as for many of us I can say that I survived exactly that. It didn’t kill me but as a child I sure knew who NOT to trust! Religious police are the same as junkies, and to never trust a junkie still hold true today. And if you don’t know what I mean by junkie, then start looking into the differences between toxins and not. Yes that would also mean donut dunking idiots, who need to go out side to have a smoke in between refills. Just because it’s legal or not, doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a junkie.

  13. Son of Sam Walton on

    When one listens to Rap music which only exists because illegal drugs created a kind ghetto never-before seen -as seen in movies, music videos and the lyrics -you know that cops are generally against the LAW. Look at all the police scandals and movies and TV shows that show cops being corrupt or do corrupt things to get the ‘bad guy’. The FBI will only show numbers and not expose the job of said violator . . . kind of like it doesn’t talk about how many more folk whom work for fast food kill more than those whom are in retail etc. Just look at the State of Oklahoma with a OKC cop being looked at for child molestation . . . a judge whom exposed his private parts and has threatened his ex-girlfriend . . . a hillbilly town with a sheriff that was busted with pills . . . The huge Tulsa Police scandal which has released over 15 inmates and over 30 inmates are possibly now getting the benefit of the doubt because of an ATF agent and another cop who will receive no bond have been found guilty making violent threats against citizens and officers, while lying and planting evidence . . . remember all those text messages that one may have got with a list of all the snitches or informants’ names working in Tulsa -and how one name received gun fire at her house in retaliation by possible gang members or dealers. Tulsa is one example -but that means its also in El Paso or Atlanta or Green Bay etc . . . just by them obeying the law and doing their job -they are breaking the LAW and reinforcing Barry’s numbers (rough estimate) . . . remember a little Vietnam village that got destroyed because soldiers were obeying orders to wage a kind of war that the North and Cong themselves did -though un-American to us and wrong in our eyes.

    If I was to tell you that I worked in a POW prison camp in Iraq that housed children –you wouldn’t believe me unless you were there. You wouldn’t believe their were children as young as 9 in that prison until you walked the CAT WALK with me –hearing little Muslim boys yell out “What’s up my nigga?” to the black soldiers or telling the black soldiers “hay 50” or “What’s up 2Pac”. The most unrealistic is normal in War Zones and we are technically at war here in America with Law Enforcement against America and if that’s not valid –then there is no war in Mexico right now (the largest war in North America since 1865) . . . did you forget all about smoking pot with all those old bitter and injured Vietnam Vets whom saw so much shit that they can’t talk about anything –whom will tell you that ‘Apocalypse Now’ or ‘Platoon’ is accurate with a capital A . . . a simple College Logic Class will tell you Barry is right when we take what is known and add it to the unknown to get a roughly accurate answer. Anybody whose ever been to Europe or the Middle East will tell you that the first image to come to mind of someone selling Cocaine isn’t a Mexican or South American, but in fact a Muslim whom in fact is the most accurate depiction of coke dealer in this current world, since Islam sells the most drugs in comparison to Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Whites, Mexicans, Jamaicans etc.

    If you look at 9/11 after reading the factsheets from the DEA, FBI, War College, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, BBC etc. will all tell via numbers that the Department of Justice was involved in directly giving aid to the terrorist and are still doing so –especially when you add “The 1961 U.N. Singles Convention” to that list . . . that Cops gave terrorist permission, control and money (taxes we pay to hire police to bust drugs –therefore keeping the cycle of prohibition and her drug money and not the legality of drugs) to wage war against the Western World. If the cops didn’t have a huge hand in 9/11 and our current wars (Drug money kills and injured/s half of us) –then any book out there and report will all tell you that 9/11 was a freak accident –glitches from the airplanes computes doing what they did. The sad thing is –most Cops, judges, and DA’s don’t realize they have as much responsibility in killing and wounding U.S. soldiers and 9/11 victims as the insurgents and terrorist do . . . if you give a man a gun and know he’s going to kill a good person with it –is that not aiding in a crime –even if you didn’t know that person was going to use the gun? Lest we forget the DEA’s funding of the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and the early release of American born prisoner to become an informant in a Pakistani case (just research it).

  14. Anonymous on

    please link to your numbers. This is a blog, the whole point is to offer a link, along with your opinion, and i would love to be able to use a real source for my research papers, but you are no help to me, how can i verify anything you say when the FBI doesnt appear to have these numbers visible.

  15. andy on

    Barry I’ve heard a new tactic of the stock market penal system may be to put child porn on people’s computers which would really screw a person, have you heard of this tactic? It can be done and there’s no way to prove your innocence from this really!

  16. Mago on

    YO BARRY. I am trying to form hard arguments to help show others the reality of the police state. Could you please help by providing links or info as to where you found those rates in the uniform crime report? It is a bit dense and i dont think the FBI is making it easy to come across officer committed crime info lol

  17. Mago on

    YO BARRY. I am trying to form hard arguments to help show others the reality of the police state. Could you please help by providing links or info as to where you found those rates in the uniform crime report? It is a bit dense and i dont think the FBI is making it easy to come across officer committed crimes lol

  18. NHTeapotParty.org on

    You said the C-word….’Christian’. If you’re going to speak this TRUTH and reality, which it is, prepare for the backlash.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    We got your back 🙂

  19. MindExpanding on

    Dang, Barry! I love your guys’ shows and articles-so informative and true. This one is insane in the membrane, though! I agree with you 100 percent because I fear police and know COUNTLESS people who have been harassed-some sexually-by KOPS. I feel I could protect myself better against a citizen than a cop, you know what I mean?

  20. Anonymous on

    In my youth, I worked as a jail guard for the para-military Canadian federal police agency RCMP. My first instruction in the lockup was that these people in detention “were no better than animals, and to treat them that way”. I soon grew to hate the way the police treated these unfortuneate indidividuals. Granted, some of them deserved to be behind bars because of their actions, but many did not. A small percentage of them were actually violent. I can never forget those years, and could not see why human beings had to be treated this way, especially the peaceful cannabis consumers. Barry and Candi are doing good work in exposing corrupt kops.