The Jodie Emery Show: Marc Still Fighting For People’s Rights in Jail

CANNABIS CULTURE – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. This episode: Jodie shares the latest news on Marc Emery and his fight for prisoner’s rights in a US jail.

Jodie discusses changes happening where her husband Marc is locked up in the D. Ray James Correctional Institution in Georgia. Read Marc latest blog for more.

Also on the show: Marc’s bad spider bite is getting better!

Jodie shares an amazing present from Marc, a purse made out of folded-up chip bags, done by the artist inmates.

The Toronto Freedom Festival is not so free – it has been denied a permit for the first time ever. Cannabis Culture will still be there with 40,000 others marching in the Global Marijuana March, which is still happening at the same location as the Freedom Festival, as always.

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Jodie Emery is Executive Director of Cannabis Culture and CCHQ. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – or read her CC Blog.