Dank 2.0

The quest for the very best continues…

I am known as Subcool. I have been involved with cannabis for many years and played many roles: Pothead, Grower, Activist, Breeder, Photographer, Journalist, Caregiver…. This book is not the story of my life, but the story of the search for the ultimate strain and the quest for Dank.

Info about the new book:

Take a rich, visual journey into the world of gourmet cannabis, into one breeder’s garden and mind. Come behind the scenes with Subcool, the creator of TGA Seeds and the award-winning Vortex strain that placed first in the 2010 San Francisco High Times Medicinal Cup

Sub breeds for quality and uniqueness. His strains are potent and aromatic. Some are extremely colorful like the Orange Velvet pictured on the cover of DANK 2.0, an enhanced version of his original book. He is a talented a photographer and a connoisseur breeder. Both aspects of his work are the subjects of DANK 2.0.

DANK 2.0 continues Sub’s genetic odyssey and search for the perfect plant. The addition of 6 new varieties brings the number of strains covered up to forty. Complete descriptions provide the lowdown of each unique strain: its aroma, taste, high, how it grows and what it looks like. Subcool’s enthusiasm for the cannabis plant overflows the pages.

Some new photos in the book use the latest photographic technology, the FX format that provides greater clarity than the older formats. Subcool says, “This allows me to take full size cola shots and actually get more of the total bud in the frame of the picture.”

Luscious full-color photographs throughout make DANK 2.0 more than just high-quality information: the book is beautiful to look at and provides vicarious thrills!

You can learn more about Subcool, his genetics, his grow methods and keep up with his exploits at tgagenetics.com.

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