Colorado Medical Marijuana: House Bill To Regulate Edibles Gets First Hearing

A bill that would effectively ban edible medical marijuana products is scheduled for its first hearing on Tuesday. While the bill seems unlikely to pass, it is nonetheless engendering passionate protest from medical marijuana advocates.

House Bill 1250, sponsored by Republican Cindy Acree, would would “prohibit medical marijuana-infused consumable food and beverage product manufacturing and sale.”

Acree, however, stresses that the bill would do nothing to prevent patients from making and consuming edible marijuana products.

She told Westword that she thinks the bill is necessary to prevent confusion among consumers. “Things like ‘pot tarts’ are showing up on school grounds. And they don’t have regulated doses. I think even patients are misled by some of these things,” she said.

Writing Tuesday morning in a release from a medical marijuana advocacy organization called Compassionate Pain Medication, dispensary owner Shaun Gindi said she thinks the bill will actually help her business, but hurt patients.

“There are plenty of patients that rely on edibles,” said Gindi. “Doing away with edibles would do nothing but boost MMJ sales. From a business perspective this would be better for any MMC. But from the ethical, moral and plain ‘ole common sense point of view, this is an absolutely ridiculous law to try to pass.”

The AP reports that Acree is likely to ask her bill to be shelved. Regardless, the hearing is expected to draw a large crowd of medical marijuana advocates.

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– Article from The Huffington Post.



  1. Rgator53 on

    Since I was one of the licensed Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients that was there almost two hours before the House Judiciary took testimony and been involved in the industry for some time, I would like to make some corrections to this article.

    First the bill’s sponsor told the press that the testimony would start at approximately 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. With nearly 100 MMJ Patients there at 11:00 AM to testify, a hand written paper sign was taped to the door stating that the testimony for HB 11-1250 would not start until 1:00 PM. This caused many Patients and advocates that planned to testify to leave, realizing they had to make their other commitments for the day as well.

    When the testimony finally did start, the entire public found out for the first time that the bill’s sponsor, Representative Cindy Acree decided to entirely change the bill’s purpose and wanted to add amendments that would continue to allow edibles and the bill would only be about the labeling, packing and marketing of edibles! This is quite a change at the very last moment to inform everyone.

    Rep. Acree at the beginning of the testimony brought out commercial products to show how this can affect children. She presented a box of Quaker Oats brand Capt. Crunch, Sparkling Lime Soda made by Izze of Boulder, CO, Crispy Marshmallow Bites and Soakers Fruit Snacks, both made by Target. There were no actual examples of any MMJ edibles! (So we are lead to believe that these products can be associated to MMJ edibles!)

    The pictures of the “Pot Tarts” and the “Cap’n Chronic” were brought up repeatedly by Rep. Waller. He seemed to be deeply troubled by these pictures. The odd thing about these two products was the fact that no one in the audience was actually aware of these products. None of the dispensary owners sold the product, no Patients had ever seen the products in question and no one there could produce an example. Fortunately there is WiFi for the public to use and quickly research was done. Apparently more research was done during the next hour than had been done by Rep. Acree before she wrote this bill!

    Come to find out that the “Pot Tarts” had never been sold in Colorado and the picture came from a 1986 DEA bust in California! The “Cap’n Chronic Cereal” image is of a famous stoner T-shirt and has NEVER been sold as an edible anywhere! These two items were harped on time and time again by Rep. Waller. If these House Representatives want to make laws for real Patients, they had better get their facts correct first!

    Being in the MMJ industry here in Colorado, I can assure the public, as well as the many business owners that testified, this industry is pretty well self-policed. This was said over and over. It was also pointed out by Matt Cook of the Department of Revenue and some of the other representatives, as well as by Patients and advocates that HB10-1284 already includes six pages of rules and regulations about labeling, packing and marketing of these edibles and is far more thought out than this bill. This new bill is nothing more than over reaching and redundancy.

    Rep. Acree said that there probably would be future amendments and that the bill may change again entirely. The Committee did not vote on the bill or the amendments, which means that the edible ban is still on the table too. So it was unclear why Rep. Acree moved forward with the bill and wasted 6 hours of testimony from the public on a bill that really hasn’t even been written yet.

    As stated, I got there just after 11:00 AM and it was not until about 5:25 PM before I was able to testify myself! I pointed out how this bill was nothing more than fear mongering and redundancy.

    The next step will be for the House Judiciary Committee to meet again and consider all amendments to the bill, including new ones not yet written. However, they will not take any more public testimony before they vote.

    Having said all this, I think the People of Colorado could be far better served by our Public Servants, those we voted into office, if they would actually be doing something that is creatively good for the public. This bill was obviously ill-conceived and never should have been brought before the House.

  2. Worm on

    Must have come from a republican.