NY Drug Bust Yields Year’s 11th Drug War Killing

CANNABIS CULTURE – An as yet unidentified man in Lackawanna, New York, has become the 11th person killed in US drug law enforcement operations this year. He was shot and killed during a confrontation with undercover officers attempting to arrest four alleged drug dealers in a gas station parking lot early Thursday evening.

2011 Drug War Killings

According to police Friday, 10 undercover officers, six from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and four from the Lackawanna Police, converged on the parking lot to make the arrests when one of the suspects drove his van into a police car, hitting two Lackawanna officers between the vehicles. One unidentified officer then opened fire on the suspect, killing him at the scene.

But an earlier version of the story, again relying on police sources, painted a slightly different picture. According to that first account, an officer shot and killed a suspect and “an officer was then crushed between the suspect’s vehicle and a police vehicle, but the suspect wasn’t driving.”

Two injured officers were briefly hospitalized, but have since been released.

Police said crack cocaine was seized at the scene. Three other men were arrested on drug charges.

[Editor’s Note: This year, Drug War Chronicle is going to try to track every death directly attributable to drug law enforcement during the year. We can use your help. If you come across a news account of a killing related to drug law enforcement, please send us an email at [email protected].]

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  1. Jenn Smith on

    Using nasty language, name calling and no real point to your comment. Did you realize that you’re providing fuel for the fire of those who say people who smoke pot are stupid punks? If that was your intention – well then kudos! If not you might wanna put down the weed and let your brain actually work at full capacity for a while.

  2. Big Baby Jesus on

    What a fucking asshole! Do you think the DEA agents wouldn’t have murdered this man, who has a wife/mother/father just like everyone else, if he was selling cannabis instead of cocaine? Do the world a favor and stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you piece of shit. Yeah blame one guy trying to make a buck instead of a morally bankrupt system. Dick!

  3. Anonymous on

    This is supposed to be “Cannabis Culture” I understand the relation to the drug war… But why are we supposed to care about some low life crack dealer getting’ shot by the pigs down in the states. Seriously, he probably had it coming and would have ended up dead or in jail anyways… Moral of the story… Don’t sell crack…