The Jodie Emery Show: Prison Lockdown and Health Concerns

CANNABIS CULTURE – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. This episode: Jodie gives the latest news on Marc Emery and discusses a recent lockdown at Marc’s prison and strange sore bumps on Marc and other prisoners.

In this episode, Princess of Pot Jodie Emery discusses a prison lockdown at D. Ray James, the warden getting fired, Marc getting a bad spider bite (or worse?), and more.

She also shares a wall hanging made by inmates, and a beautiful piece of art from a supporter.

Read Marc’s latest prison blog prison blog for his review of improvements made at the prison after he filed complaints.

Jodie also begins planning ahead for the Toronto Freedom Festival and Global Marijuana March on Saturday, May 7th!

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Jodie Emery is Executive Director of Cannabis Culture and CCHQ. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – or read her CC Blog.



  1. mike smith on

    MRSA! Looks like a spider bite but staph is nasty thing, check it out.

  2. a PATRIOT on

    hey now just waitaminute, it may not be spiderbite, it might be the spiders penis …in fact its probabl a spider penis poke, the sperm of a horny spider can be very dangerous …u should send me a picture of the spiders penis and let me examine it, otherwise I’ll be havin a talk with the warden and if i have to suck off every spider in the building just to get a sperm sample then i will and i will bring this “government” “establishment” “money maker spider raping” prison system to justice …and this “warden” can suck my ass in a spidermans suit and go to sleep in a candaian flag suxkin his thumb like a baby cuz he didnt do anything to “save” a decent canadian citizen who all he was doing was selling BOOKS and SEEDS – give the guy a f-ing break!

  3. Anonymous on

    To think that some can be doing time for selling seeds I still find it hard to believe.
    All the bad that has happen to Marc I’m sure it gives him some comfort to know there’s an angel like Jodie wanting for him.
    Stay strong Marc.

  4. Troy Campbell on

    If it was a spider bite that caused a sore like that he had better get it looked into fairly quick a friend of mine had a spider bite on her leg last summer and within three days she had a massive infection that required them to put an electric pump thing into her leg to drain the infected area and all in all she also had to have almost 1/2lb of infected flesh removed from inside her leg.

    On the other hand I wouldnt be to sure its not just bed bugs considering the amount of them around this year and it being a prison where the mattresses are prolly years old.