WIKILEAKS: Mexican President’s Guard Leaked Secrets To Drug Cartels

A Mexican army officer assigned to guard President Felipe Calderon leaked military intelligence to drug cartels, trained hit men and supplied military weapons to Los Zetas, according to a U.S. Embassy cable recently released by Wikileaks.

Read the cable from Wikileaks.

The U.S. Embassy cable, dated Jan. 20, 2009, says the case was the most serious security breach during the Calderon presidency and indicates that Mexico’s powerful drug cartels have infiltrated large parts of the security apparatus.

One of the main reasons that the Mexican government relies on the army to fight the cartels is because the military is thought to be less corrupt than state and local police forces.

The document says Mexican officials had “sought to downplay the seriousness of the breach.”

Calderon lashed out at senior American diplomats Tuesday, saying their “ignorance has translated into a distortion of what is happening in Mexico.” He accused U.S. agencies of not doing enough to help Mexico combat the drug cartels.

“The institutional cooperation ends up being notoriously insufficient,” Calderon told El Universal.

The comments were Calderon’s first public criticism of the U.S. in response to a recent Wikileaks cable dump that highlights U.S. concerns over the depth of Mexico’s drug-related problems.

His remarks came as mourners gathered for the funeral of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who was shot and killed by Los Zetas hitmen in Mexico last week. The incident threatens to further strain cross-border relations.

– Article from Business Insider.



  1. joe on

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  2. David762 on

    This article is a perfect example of why WikiLeaks is considered so dangerous to the Government. It isn’t the release of Top Secret information — the WikiLeaks documents merely aggregate in one place the public but buried by MSM information that either embarrasses the Government, or reveals information that directly contradicts the chosen policy paths that the regime has decided to follow.

    Embarrasses the government, like displaying just how wrong-headed and illogical that many Government policies are, and usually to the benefit of crony corporate interests rather than the citizens as a whole. Of course, this also has a tendency to destroy all those expensive efforts of Government allied with Big Business to indoctrinate the population with their lies (aka Operation Mockingbird).

    Institutionally, the Mexican government is corrupt from top to bottom, from one political party to the other. Special crony interests hold nearly total sway over the Mexican government. Quell surprise! The USA has been deeply involved in Mexico’s businesses, finances, and corruption of their Government for many many decades. Mexico’s institutions have become a mirror of the USA’s, also corrupt from top to bottom, from one political party to the other. The USA’s economic stratification has not yet reached the level that has existed in Mexico for a hundred years, but when it does the level of violence in the streets of the USA will ultimately exceed that of Mexico’s. Mexico’s population has already been disarmed. The Obama regime hasn’t gotten around to that policy goal, yet.